Heaven Havnot

Heaven Havnot

 Detroit, Michigan, USA


The ominous musical collaboration christened Heaven HavNot incorporates three principal members, Wilem West, Scott Hixson (aka Skoat), and Rob Rude.

The HHN- nucleus have realized a modicum of success with their previous respective musical endeavors. In the Mid 1990's Skoat joined the darkwave electro-industrial outfit Heavy Water Factory and formed a camaraderie with founding member Wilem West. Flash back to the mid 80's Detroit Underground Punk scene, where Wilem West crossed paths with Rob Rude as musician, producer, and compatriot. The late 90's found Skoat creating a new musical concept in a progressive rock vein which led to a collaboration with Rude.

Today HHN- gives rise to the dawning of a beautifully dark aural concept that flows from the primal part of man's eternal quest for perfection.

HHN- continue their sublime musical expedition on a quest to realize the perfect studio release.


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