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Heaven's Basement

| Established. Jan 01, 2014

Established on Jan, 2014
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"Heaven’s Basement Album Review"

Back in 2009 I went to witness one of my all time favourite bands destroy the Brixton
Academy, this band being Papa Roach. This venture resulted in me discovering one of
my now favourite bands…Heaven’s Basement. My heart was well and truly won by these
UK hard rockers opening set consisting of drumstick tricks, insane behind head solos
and captivating riffs. Buying their debut self-titled EP from then singer Richie Hevanz, it
became a irremovable resident on my i-pod. Their relentless touring schedule enabled
me to get my Heaven’s Basement fix quite regularly, but they were plagued with line up
issues. With original singer Richie being replaced by Johnny Fallen (singer of York band
theFALLEN) for a while.

Now minus guitarist Jonny Rocker, but with (hopefully long term) vocalist Aaron Buchanan,
they seem to have settled long enough to record this amazing EP. Completed by guitar
hero in the making Sid Glover, bassist Rob Ellershaw and drummer Chris Rivers, hopefully
they are finally about to get what they deserve. A shot at the big time! When I first heard
of the original vocalist change, doubt plagued my mind as I loved Richie’s style. But being
a huge fan of ‘theFALLEN’, I knew what Johnny Fallen was capable of, and seeing them
live..he didn’t disappoint. Then he was replaced by Aaron Buchanan, and after seeing him

perform live with the band, the original doubts were violently evicted from my brain!

This magnificently crafted 7 track EP does what it needs to do. It highlights EXACTLY why
Heaven’s Basement should be a fuckload bigger than they currently are!! All 4 members
are astonishing musicians, and collectively they make some of the huge bands they have
spent the past few years supporting look amateur in comparison. All of this comes across
so strongly on this EP. Packed with what can perfectly described as ‘rock anthems’, not
one track makes the skip button look the slightest bit tempting. The advantage of an EP
over a full length is that there is no room for filler. Just 7 tracks of pure stadium hard rock

Opener and title track ‘Unbreakable’ rockets from the gates, grabs you by the balls and
gives them a mighty pull. With a chorus so catchy it forces all other songs in my head to
evacuate the premises..they’re onto something already. And they don’t let go of the tightly
gripped testicles until 27 minutes later when the EP comes to an end. Closer ‘Leeches’ is
the ultimate standout track for myself, being the heaviest offering on here, giving the EP
the perfect send off.

Never heard of Heaven’s Basement? Where the hell have you been hiding?? The
basement? Ah sorry that was poor! Well the basement is not where these guys are gonna remain for much longer thats for sure, they will soon be exploring the rest of the house, getting the success they deserve!

8.5/10 - Clink Music Magazine


Unbreakable (2011)
Heaven's Basement (2009)



First impressions count.  The impact made by Heaven’s Basement’s debut album on first play is not unlike standing on the runway as a fighter jet screams off the tarmac and into the air: you’re left breathless by the rush, by the roar, by the energy and the neck-snap dynamics of their ferocious rock n’ roll.  The second play is much the same, though you’ll find yourself helplessly playing along on air-guitar this time round.

Third, fourth, fifth plays, the details start to emerge from the melee, and the bigger picture falls into place: that behind their face-melting attack, the sure-footed and sharp-eyed strafing of killer, classic rock moves, lay songs of fine craftsmanship; choruses that ring out like football chants and live for heavy radio rotation, guitar gallantry super-heroic enough to goad a generation into dropping their smartphones and picking up an axe, a rhythm section that powers on like a bullet train, and a singer whose rough-house wail will convince you he is ten foot tall and breathes fire.  Impressive work, for a debut album no less.

Like their sound, Heaven’s Basement’s line-up was honed on the road.  Original members Chris Rivers on drums, and guitarist Sid Glover, led the charge.  The road was hectic and unforgiving, and its toll could be measured in the members who fell by the wayside; singers, bassists and guitarists who couldn’t match their pace, who weren’t the perfect fit.  But the result was a stronger, leaner line-up, following the arrival of bassist Rob Ellershaw and vocalist Aaron Buchanon.

The band worked hard and played harder, touring as support to megastars like Bon Jovi, Papa Roach and Buckcherry, and winning notice at festivals like Sonisphere, Download, Bloodstock and Hard Rock Hell. 

The group wear their influences on their sleeves, but in their own style.  The album conjures the greats – the high-wire swagger of Led Zeppelin and the outlaw chaos of Guns n’ Roses – without ever copying their moves.  “Don’t be like your heroes, be as good as them” seems to be Heaven’s Basement’s motto.  “We wanted to take the ambition of all the great rock n’ roll that came before us, the essence, but make it sound completely modern and relevant,” explains Glover.  “I want people to say, ‘Fuck man, I haven’t heard an album that’s made me feel this pumped up in ages.  I haven’t seen a band with this much energy and ‘Go fuck yourself’ attitude…’”

It’s hard to imagine the album stirring any other kind of reaction, to be honest, and for Heaven’s Basement, this is clearly only the beginning.  They’re itching for it to happen, desperate to get back on the road and make it happen.  “We’re really confident,” says Rivers.  “We wanna go to as many places as we can, play to as many new faces as we can, and put ourselves into situations we’ve never been before.  We want to give ourselves as many challenges as we can.”