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heavy on the heart.

Northport, New York, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2023 | SELF | AFM

Northport, New York, United States | SELF | AFM
Established on Jan, 2023
Band Alternative Rock




"Alternative Rock from heavy on the heart."

Emerging band heavy on the heart.‘s debut single “Mr. Know It All” is a powerful and passionate track that showcases the band’s raw and energetic sound. The Long Island-based alternative rock outfit has been making waves with their charged and hook-filled pop writing, and “Mr. Know It All” is no exception.

The track is written from a personal experience of lead vocalist Nikki Brady, who shares her story of a toxic relationship with a man who was also dating multiple other women named Nicole. The song captures the frustration and anger she felt in that situation, as Nikki’s soaring vocals bring a sense of attitude and passion to the lyrics.

The band’s sound is characterised by pounding, blistering drums and crunching guitars, creating a driving and energising energy that propels the song forward. The production by Gary Cioni at Sound Acres Recording Studio is perfect, capturing the raw power of the band’s live sound while still maintaining a polished and professional finish. - Plastic Mag

"Enjoy a great listening experience with Heavy on the heart's original single titled "Mr. Know It All""

Composed of Nikki Brady, Costas Themistocleous, Nick Kolokathis and Andrew Nicolae, the alternative rock music group Heavy on the heart is a talented group that always reveals interesting titles that make us happy. This time, it is with an exceptional single that these guys have decided to please us, and in turn, it is with open arms that we welcome it. The song is now unveiled in the form of a quality music video, which we recommend.

Heavy on the heart presented us with "Mr Know It All" on April 20, 2023 and it's a magnificent sound that rocks us. From the start of this title, we are enchanted by the electric guitar riffs which mark the introduction. The "Hey" which intervenes to mark the beginning of the vocal performance is of a strong resonance in our ears. It's like a call to our attention to what is going to be said.

The superb drums, guitar and bass offering us a unique and particular melody make us see the love in the air. With Nikki Brady on vocals, we get a sensational voice that even stands out among 1000 other voices.

With the magic of their music, they manage to captivate us and thus make us think of the exceptional pieces of the Disney film Camp Rock. - Iggy Magazine

"Heavy on the Heart's 'Mr. Know It All' Revives the Post-Punk Era with Bold Attitude"

Smashing drums? You got it. Punchy riffs? Got that too. That classic 00s rock sound that took the world by storm simply faded away… I personally don’t think that anyone was done with it. There was still so much to discover. Thankfully there are trendsetters taking steps in the right direction like heavy on the heart. Their latest single, ‘Mr. Know It All,’ is a smashing example of why 00s rock, and post-punk for that matter, should never have faded away in the first place. It’s full of flavour and has an attitude that will keep you coming back for more. The verses dip low and keep you in the thick of it while the chorus, well — it explodes with all the force of that unforgettable 90s angst.

When ‘Mr. Know It All’ began I had one second to decide whether I love it or I love it. Everything is where it should be, the risks are in the melody, in the power. There is a personality here, not just loud guitars, and heavy on the heart aren’t afraid to show you their tender side. All in all, a perfect track. - TJPL News

"heavy on the heart. Debuts with Fierce Punk Offering ‘Mr. Know It All’"

Short, punchy and sweet – just like we like it! Emerging from Long Island, heavy on the heart. is the latest modern pop-punk outfit to bless our pages. Part of the new generation, the four talented upcomers seem to be determined to scramble an industry that’s clearly too complicated – doing so with fierce and rebellious slices of exciting guitar action. Made up of Nikki Brady (Vocals), Costas Themistocleous (Guitar), Nick Kolokathis (Drums) and Andrew Nicolae (Bass), heavy on the heart. are not your typical chart-longing group: instead, they appear to be pursuing a highly personal and authentic artistic journey, setting them up for a brighter career.

‘Mr. Know It All’ is their latest single, a short yet hard-hitting gem that feels fast, furious and energetic, also clocking at the 2.30-minute mark – a feature that seems to be particularly relevant these days. In a world where our attention span is getting constantly reduced, heavy on the heart. knows how to squeeze their creative juices for maximum rendition.

Lyrically, ‘Mr. Know It All’ was informed by lead singer Nikki, following a bad experience dating a man who apparently had a knack for women called Nicole. In the track, she’s able to reverse all her frustrations, perfectly pairing the already gritty sonic matter. - Mesmerized

"heavy on the heart – Mr Know It All"

heavy on the heart is a four-piece alternative rock band formed in 2021 from the US and Mr Know It All is their new single, released on 20/04/2023.

A superb blend of alternative rock, emo pop rock, pop and just about everything else, this is a high energy, upbeat track that is certain to get you bouncing around the living room.

With its musical roots firmly in the alternative rock / emo rock genre, the track does take influence from other styles, making this a track that blurs the lines between genres. The guitars are heavy and full of riffs, the emo punk influence really showing through here. The drumming has the energy of punk rock/pop and the basslines are strong, keeping everything tight and together.

The female vocals are powerful, and she really does command the track, not letting the music behind her overshadow her. She has a great range and perfectly suits the style of the track. Slight distortion at various points in the track gives her a hint of grunge in her voice but she maintains the punk rock / pop style superbly.

This is a great track, one that will definitely get stuck in your head as the chorus is extremely catchy and for a relatively new band, these guys have a great sound.

Awesome stuff guys and I look forward to hearing much more from you in the very near future. - The Metal Asylum

""Mr. Know It All” by heavy on the heart. a rock full of vitality and fun to talk about disillusionment"

A dose or more to relieve tension, warm up the muscles and provide courage to face betrayals and assume the consequences, are described by the talented band heavy on the heart. in the colors and fervent notes of the song and clip “ Mr. Know It All ”.

Releasing the chords in the air, the tones expand into great rhythmic arrangements that fill the listeners with energy, instigating their will to do the right things and provide a beautiful bath for the senses.

In the best rock style, full of vitality, fun and powerful riffs.

The lyrics portray a failed relationship, based on real events of many lives, of a guy who swears eternal devotion to several girls at the same time, painting himself as prince charming, when, in fact, he is the prince of illusions.

The clip uses all its excitement to portray that certain someone that the verses talk about, in a fun and self-explanatory way, interspersing the scenes with a nice performance by the band.

All the vigor to transcribe the tricks of being.

“ Mr. Know It All ” is an active work with hints of humor to report a type of situation that has already broken many hearts. - Music For All

"heavy on the heart - Mr. Know It All"

heavy on the heart. is an alternative rock band from Long Island, New York. Combining post punk with hard hitting rock and passionate vocals, the band resurrects the 90s angst and edginess in a contemporary setting. heavy on the heart has just released their debut track, “Mr. Know It All”. The track introduces the band’s sound. With engaging riff breaks and torrential beats driving up the energy, the vocals soar with emotion. Listeners of Talking Heads, Green Day, and The Killers are sure to enjoy the work of this band.

The song has a lot of vintage elements that make the listener nostalgic. Embellishing these dated flavors with new wave rock atmospheres and modern themes create an enjoyable and memorable listening experience. The 90s beats house and cultivate the electric riff vapors and the wiring bass lines. Its ricocheting thumps set the perfect rhythm for the loaded vocals that are reminiscent of Avril Levigne.

heavy on the heart. is Nikki Brady on vocals, Costas Themistocleous on guitar, Nick Kolokathis on drums, and Andrew Nicolae on the bass.

The track is available for streaming on popular sites like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music! - Good Music Radar

"“Mr. Know It All” by heavy on the heart."

“Mr. Know It All” by heavy on the heart. checks all of the genre-defining boxes of a good pop-punk track. The vocals are powerful. The melodies are infectious. The lyrics are clever and memorable. Plus, this group has an incredibly distinctive sound thanks to the idiosyncratic, bright tone of the singer. If you’re not humming this under your breath for weeks, you did something wrong.

A covered set of electric guitar chords plays out in one ear, implying the coming explosion of texture. When it comes, both ears erupt in drums, bass, and even more electric guitar. Having an intro with a small build always intimates something dynamically exciting for the rest of the song. “Hey, get a load of this / I said your knight in shining armor is just nothing but a little b*tch,” this lyrically arresting first line tells us everything we need to know about the message. We’re getting a “Misery Business” or “Gives You Hell”-style piece of delectable character assassination. There’s nothing more cathartic to a mid-2000s rock fan.

After we chug through more distorted power chords, we arrive at the chorus. Harmonies envelop the lead singer’s powerful, high-pitched belts and add to the climactic, ambiance of the hook. Guitars strum through vibrant counter-melodies as the bass and drums uphold the structure. Though short, this moment satisfies the previous anticipation perfectly.

Stay tuned for a breakdown, a bridge, and the obligatory, gritty guitar solo. Everything about this piece screams brilliant rock songwriting and arrangement, so be sure to follow heavy on the heart! - Rising Artists

"heavy on the heart. - Mr. Know It All"

No one quite brings lyrical charisma like heavy on the heart. Their lyrics are like the internal workings of a mind misunderstood. The four-piece alt-rock band from Long Island, NY bring their epicenter for the ripples that are to follow. Very soon, I’m sure. This is their debut single, Mr. Know It All.

Everyone knows one of these guys in their life. They are an obnoxious kind, almost gaslighting you into submission from feelings and instinct. Sadly, that happens to be me in my life. Jokes aside, heavy on the heart kick it into 5th gear immediately with their song. Their lyrics bring the goodness and fantastic paint palette of the 90s alt-rock scene, bands like Sum-41ringing through their bones. If they grew up with that music, you better bet they’d honour it. Tight and composed to the harmonics, they make a catchy single that will be their stadium chant very soon. The tones and rhythms have been mastered to perfection, I have never heard engineering like this for a debut single. Imagine the power they bring and are going to harness for future releases. To understand their music is to look at a younger version of yourself, when all feelings were spontaneous.

My mind immediately went to (500) Days of Summer (2009). It also aligns with the wave of rock that was sweeping the world, just like heavy on the heart are about to. There is no doubt what they have presented is the beginning of something great. Listen to their single and make sure you follow them for a massive line-up of some catchy music! - Indie Music Flix

"HITS OF THE MOMENTHeavy On The Heart Brings You Their New Single “Mr. Know It All”"

heavy on the heart. is a Rock'n roll group that shines thanks to their talent. They have mind-blowing creativity and their lead singer has a unique and recognizable voice among a thousand others. Their performance is constantly increasing.

In their title "Mr. Know It All", they give us a very small part of their talents but enough to make us happy. On electric and bass guitar riffs associated with percussion, they offer us a superb melody. The unique strand of voice of their main singer conveys to us the beauty of a musical masterpiece. - Info Music

"Mr. Know It All by Heavy on the Heart"

Heavy on the Heart. are just getting started, yet the Long Island-based four-piece are as seasoned as rockers at their peak. - Rock Era Magazine


Mr. Know It All - Single - 04/20/2023

Not Now, Love - Single - 07/21/2023



Melodic Rock Inspired by the Soul & Drive of 4 Misfits with Nothing to Lose. heavy on the heart. is from Long Island, NY consisting of Nikki Brady (vocals), Costas Themistocleous (guitar), Nick Kolokathis (drums) and Andrew Nicolae (bass).

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