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HEAVY EP (Kindred Spirits 2004)
HEAVY Remix EP (Kindred Spirits 2005)
"We Can Change The World" - DJ Spinna feat. HEAVY (Papa Records 2006)
"Fire" - HEAVY (Soul In The City Compilation - Glory Records)
"Unbelievable" - HEAVY (New York Soul Compilation - Unisex Records)
"Wonderlove (Jazzanova Remix)" - HEAVY (Jazzanova Remixes 2002-2005)



The dynamic duo of Nicky Guiland and Casey Benjamin - - aka HEAVY - - are busy breathing fresh new life into music with their vibrant synthesis of soul, pop, hip-hop and rock.

Hailing from the rich hotbed of musical heritage that is Jamaica, Queens, NY, the two have seized the baton from their wide range of influences, from Rotary Connection and Herbie Hancock to N*E*R*D and No Doubt, mixed in a bit of '80's nostalgia and emerged with an undeniably unique and timely sound. With Nicky drawing favorable comparisons to a young Chaka Khan (and of course Minnie), and Casey playing off Nicky's etherealisms on keys and with his distinctive production, HEAVY updates the Groove Theory model of the 'power duo' to fantastic results with seemingly limitless possibilities.

Nicky, of Trinidadian Jamaican heritage, demonstrated from an early age that she was destined to be a performer, dancing around the house and in home videos from two years old. Her mother had danced semi-professionally growing up in Jamaica and it was no surprise to her when both Nicky and her older sister showed interest and precocious talent in dance. After early years of neighborhood training, at ten years old Nicky moved onto The Professional Childrens program at the Broadway Dance Center. BDC offered a demanding curriculum in a competitive environment and Nicky studied and worked alongside ambitious young Broadway and television/film professionals such as Savion Glover, Melissa Joan Hart and Brittany Murphy. Even as her skill and interest in dance continued to grow, by the time she was eleven, Nicky could often be heard singing around the house and at school. The broad mix of Broadway standards, jazz, classical arias and radio hits of the late 70s and early 80s (Donna Summer, Janet Jackson, Blondie, Barbra Streisand, etc.) she heard in her dance classes and at home enraptured her and she began to dream of becoming a singer. Her family took notice and encouraged her to pursue this additional interest. At twelve, Nicky auditioned and was accepted into the vocal department at the prestigious Fiorello H. LaGuardia High School of the Performing Arts - - widely known as the school upon which the hit TV show FAME was based. Thereafter singing became her main focus and she spent the four years at La Guardia immersed in music, collaborating with fellow vocalists and instrumentalists. One of whom happened to be a quirky dressing young man with a highly sheened blow-out-afro named Casey Benjamin.

Grenadian/Panamanian Casey also began his musical career at a young age. Growing up in a house full of sound, (his father was a part time bass player and neighborhood DJ) Casey would rummage through his fathers enormous vinyl record collection. Listening to the eclectic sounds of artists such as The Bar-Kays, Chicago, Art Garfunkel, Pat Metheny, Quincy Jones, and Emerson, Lake & Palmer sparked an interest which lead to teaching himself to play the piano. At the age of eight when instruments were passed out at school, Casey received the saxophone and quickly displayed a prodigious command of the instrument. A few years later, his father heard that some of the neighborhood kids were forming a band and encouraged Casey to join as the bands keyboardist. The band, Legacy, soon became a local favorite, winning talent shows and performing at adult nightclubs, offering Casey his first tastes of performing. After winning Amateur Night at Harlems World Famous Apollo Theatre, Legacy was signed by Andre Harrell to Uptown Records and Caseys introduction into the harsh realities of show business and the recording industry began in earnest. In developing their debut album for Uptown, Legacy worked with some of the top hit making producers and music industry movers-and-shakers of the mid-90s including, Track Masters, Easy Mo Bee, Reese Johnson, the Lost Boys, even a young intern named Sean Combs. However, before Legacy could release its debut, Uptown folded and the project was shelved by its parent company, MCA. Not long afterwards, Legacy disbanded and Casey returned to normal teen age life, enrolling as a student at Fiorello H. LaGuardia.

The story doesnt end there though

The shear enormity of talent and ambition of their peers at LaGuardia initially made it difficult for Nicky and Casey to connect with one another. It was quite a challenge to stand out in a school where future stars such as Kelis, Marlon Wayans and Sarah Michelle Gellar were also walking the halls, also serving their apprenticeships. And since the vocal and instrumental departments were separate and resided on different floors, Nicky and Casey didnt even actually begin working together until their junior year. Casey was in the Jazz band; Nicky in the New Music Singers. However by their senior year, Nicky had become the Canary for the Jazz band and Casey was widely recognized as the star saxophone player. A great friendship and partnership had been bornThe next year they followed each other to