Heavy Creatures

Heavy Creatures


We are a beautifully loud and fervent foursome inspired by late 60s and early 70s psych/rock but we are our own animal completely. Our live shows offer an astoundingly epic and organic experience. One difference we offer is a strong double-female fronted instrumentation/vocal presence.


Heavy Creatures, a beautifully loud and fervent foursome, started making music together in 2004 in an old decayed factory in Brooklyn NY. They are still there - and are now on the verge of releasing their second album: The Cymbal and the Skull. Inspired by bands such as Shocking Blue, early-Heart and Led Zeppelin, the double-female fronted band invokes a psychedelic sound and threads it through with their own personal influences, ranging from old Americana, sea shanty choruses and ROCK.

The Cymbal and the Skull is a vibrant exploration of the band's quest for its own sound. Their debut album, Loaded Sky, (which was recorded live on an analog 8-track in their practice space by engineer & boutique pedal designer John Schumann) was released in the fall of 2006. That album hints at elements of psychedelia and late 60s inspired riffage but it's The Cymbal and the Skull that is clearly bringing the Creatures into their own. For this album, the band recorded analog again at Brooklyn's Metrosonic Studio with engineer George Dugan, who has recorded other off-the-fringe bands such as Yoke, The Phenomenal Hand Clap Band and New York Howl. Each song style on this recording is unique, and has a different story to tell; almost as if they are a collection of short stories in a large volume. With subject matter that explores different paths of intensity stemming from basic human emotions, it is easy to relate to each story. Sarah and Kelley, both lead vocalists, take turns singing with the softest of harmonies and the loudest of melodies and each contributes her own particular energy to the band's sound. The first track, "Family Tree" is a wall of solid droning keyboard and bass sound with intricate guitar lines that are fast becoming a Vaughn trademark. With vocals by Sarah, "Family Tree" describes a lover's efforts to convince the object of her affections to give up the chase. "Crimson Canyon", with vocals by Kelley, is a seven minute epic, and tells the story of a duel between two forces of nature; an ocean and a mountain. It being a fight song, "Crimson Canyon" speaks of how equally matched opponents will lose everything once they decide to pit their strength against each other. "Nightwitches", a sonic exploration that describes the phenomenon of female Soviet fight pilots in WWII, features Pat's fluid and explosive drum beats, a consistently driving presence throughout the album. "Honey", a song written and recorded in the studio in just a few takes, flows directly from Chris's bass line and is a prime example of his role as the foundation upon which Heavy Creatures resides.

Heavy Creatures hails from a wide musical background. Kelley Vaughn (guitar-vocals) is from a family of southern gospel piano players and this is her first musical project. She, a former graphic designer first picked up the guitar at 28. Sarah Blust (keyboard-vocals-percussion) (also ex-Marmalade) has been in a cornucopia of musical projects since her days at Oberlin College. She is also currently in the political marching band The Rude Mechanical Orchestra and plays drums with the band Flaming Fire. Patrick Kauffman (drums) is also an accomplished songwriter who completed his own stellar solo release, On The Mysterious Other in 2004. Patrick, a tube amp technician at Brooklyn's Main Drag Music has also been drumming for The Big City Stompers and studying drums with Jim White of the The Dirty Three. Christopher Peifer (bass), who also plays with Another Saturday Night and Grande, has earned his stripes on several international tours (last with The Kowalskis), and in the NYC music scene since opening for Soundgarden at CBGB in '89. “By day” Chris is a sound designer and composer for theatre.

Heavy Creatures has played in and around New York City for the past 3 years and contributes its own powerful sound to the diverse music scene.


The Cymbal and the Skull CD - 2008
Loaded Sky CD - 2006

Set List

Our typical set lasts about 40 minutes. We have a variety of songs that range from quiet and mysterious to loud and mighty. We cater our sets to the particular venue. Only originals. No covers- (unless it is a very specially chosen cover).