heavy feather

heavy feather


we are a young band in lancaster pa,we are mostly rock but branch off into many other sub genres,we are all just about having a good time and hoping to make one for some other people,so woopdy doo(ps we have no music on here cause we dont have any copies in mp3 format)


we are just 4 friends that piced up insturments and it worked,we play local gigs and have been playing for over a year now,we always talked about starting a band when we were kids but it took a while till we got around to it,lets see influences...primus,rush,THE SKETTIES,pixies, this and that


we are recording our first ep right now "this is better than christmas" but alot of songs are on it cause we have alot but never recorded anything so were just throwing them all on there

Set List

well our set list usualy just goes off were we are playing,how long we get,censorship but we have plenty of material and time to waste playing it