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Dallas, TX | Established. Jan 01, 2009 | SELF

Dallas, TX | SELF
Established on Jan, 2009
Band Rock Alternative


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Heavy Glow @ Red Brick Bar

Norman, Oklahoma, United States

Norman, Oklahoma, United States

Heavy Glow @ Leftwoods

Amarillo, Texas, United States

Amarillo, Texas, United States

Heavy Glow @ Continental Club

Houston, Texas, United States

Houston, Texas, United States



"Assorted "Pearls & Swine and Everything Fine" Press Clips"

“…a modern sound that will be music to the ears for fans of THE WHITE STRIPES and THE BLACK KEYS. Their music was recently featured on the Stephen King show “Under the Dome” and you can see why it fit perfectly: it’s dark and moody melodic hard rock that sounds like it was meant for listening to on a summer night.”
-Maximum Ink

“after 1 listen through I already had aspirations of making claims that this album would be in my top 20 favorites of the year.”
-Ripple Music

“Pearls & Swine and Everything fine is the cream of the crop!”

“The band is currently touring in support of the Foo Fighters-like single “Mine All Mine,” which includes the groovy, guitar-driven “Headhunter” as a B-side.”
– Cleveland Scene

“The soul influence comes out more on this album although I think it’s on all the albums. The new songs are a lot different than the songs on our first album. The first album was more murky. It was muggy and a lot darker and this one’s a bit more…happily dark.”
-Phoenix New Times

“steeped in psyche-soaked proto-metal, gutbucket garage rock and bone-deep 70s blooze”
– Classic Rock Magazine UK

“…Heavy Glow delivers a compelling, tuneful sound that mixes elements of head-nodding blues, swirling psychedelia and guitar heft.”

“The shredding guitar licks that reverberate over the course of this album suggest these guys could have a future as Guitar Hero spokesmen.“
-Cleveland Scene

“…straddles the line between Soundgarden rumble and the sandblasted psychedelics of the Queens of the Stone Age…”
– Agit Reader

“Shades of Deep Purple, Jimi Hendrix, and The Guess Who abound, particularly in Mullins’ trebly, echo-and-wah drenched leads. But we also hear a bit of retro-rock, a la Matthew Sweet, and modern guitar histrionics and unpredictable rhythmic stop-starts not unlike Smashing Pumpkins or Queens of the Stone Age (witness that dreamy, Josh Hommes-like falsetto).”
– Examiner

“Headhunter” was recently played by the local disc jockey character in CBS’s Under the Dome, which resulted in a virtual tidal wave of attention for Heavy Glow, a perfect publicity metaphor for the band’s volume, power and intensity.”
– Cincinnati City Beat

“These crunchy psyche rock hits not only grow on you…they glow on you!”
– Roctober

“…heavy early 70s rock with strands of blues, psychedelia, and proto-metal sludge.”
– Cool Cleveland

“songs that are heavy on the swagger and grit”
– Buzz Bands LA

“Marching the line between the desert crunch of Queens of the Stone Age and Foo Fighters‘ fluid pop delivery, Heavy Glow‘s “Headhunter” is coolly atmospheric and engagingly grooving at once.”
-The Obelisk - Various

"Heavy Glow Review"

Heavy Glow - Heavy Glow
Review by Laurie Lonsdale

San Diego power trio Heavy Glow teamed with legendary guitarist/producer Stevie Salas in order to create their recently released six-track, self-titled EP. Comprised of Jared Mullins (guitars/vocals), Joe Brooks (bass), and Dave Rollans (drums), the band recorded the EP live off the floor in a mere four days at Velvet Revolver’s studio. An undeniable psychedelic sensibility is present throughout the EP, yet mixed with a modern understanding of progressive rock with riff-heavy guitars. The result is an effective blend of old and new. The upbeat lead track of “It’s Too Late” is relatively short at only 2 minutes 45 seconds, but it seamlessly leads to a somewhat similar opening melody on “Grinning in the Dark”. At six and a half minutes “Grinning…” has an epic feel, but not just due to the song’s length – it’s more owing to the extensive and impressive guitar soloing found toward the end of the track, as well as the false fade out, fade in, and abrupt finish. All considered the song is a standout. The intro to “Trailin’ St. Judas Blues” exudes a sexy swagger before giving way to soulful bass and the type of guitar work indicative of Salas’ influence. And rounding out the EP is the title track of “Heavy Glow”, which contains a Hendrix-like riff that drives the song, as well as an unexpected touch-of-jazz bridge. With all songs written by Mullins and the golden touch of Salas at the helm, Heavy Glow has found a winning combination

http://www.fazer.ca/2009/02/17/heavy-glow-heavy-glow-review/ - Fazer Magazine

"San Diego City Beat Local Music Issue"

Seventies rock swagger and crunchy guitar hooks abound on this rock trio's polished debut EP, recorded at Velvet Revolver's studio. Sounds like a band that would claim L.A. as home, which they do. - Soutyhland Publishing Inc.

"Heavy Glow"

You ever go pub crawling and just run into one of those fantastic bands that is just pure and straight up rock and roll? Something you’re not really looking for but just by pure happenstance run into and fall in love with? Well that’s what the guys from Heavy Glow are; just pure and simple rock music. Catching them at the Radio Room the other day, playing to a rather undeservingly small crowd for a Saturday night, still managed to blow me away while I was sipping my traditional rum with a dash of coke. They managed to be one of those bands that just makes you want to tip the brim of your hat way down low and bob your head as the guitarist, Jared, fingers away and his mates Joe (bass) and Dave (drums) keep a steady driving hard beat. Now there are a lot of bands in San Diego. A lot of great bands, a lot of solid tight sounding bands but Heavy Glow is one of the few that you really want to keep an eye out for. Their six track self titled EP is simply amazing is transitions into a fantastic live performance. You know how some bands are great on the tracks and are kind of “so so” in the live aspect, or vice versa? Well these guys managed to capture some of that live attitude to their recordings. And no wonder, having recorded and produced their EP with local guitar great Stevie Salas, if you don’t know him look him up kids. A little deeper into the bands style, if you listen closely you’ll find a literal hodge podge of sounds and influence, as reflected on their myspace page (www.mypsace.com/heavyglowmusic). You’ve got a guitarist/singer (Jared Mullins) who captures a late 90s alt rock spirit but plays like a literal bat out of hell. You’ve got one of the quickest drummers (Dave Rollans) I’ve seen who brings a very funky yet heavy side to the mix and a basest (Joe Brooks) who just brings it all together in a progressive stream. Honestly an impressive lineup of talent that has yet to be recognized in the state, but apparently the mates down under have taken notice, having signed to an Australian distribution label, Stockxchange Music. Go figure that one out. To put it bluntly in the end though Heavy Glow is pretty much everything you look for in a solid rock band. A dynamic driving force of riffs both old school and progressive, a dash of experimental and over all straight up soul. It’s a band you have to check out, a CD you have to pick up and just a sound you have to love. - Latitude 32° music = culture (Jul 10, 2009)


By: BC Blonde MUEN Magazine Jan. 2010


Heavy Glow is: Jared Mullins – Guitar/Vocals Joe Brooks – Bass Dan Kurtz – Drums

Heavy Glow is a master band at the art of recording. I say this because these three guys were in a newly formed band that entered the studio and recorded their material in as little as four days. If and when you listen to their CD you would not know that they had this baby done in such a short time. But when you’re this good, and under the direction of renowned producer Stevie Salas (guitarist for Rod Stewart, Mick Jagger, George Clinton, Justin Timberlake) you can make anything happen in any amount of time.

These three make up quite the blues/rock band with sweet guitar riffs throughout their entire CD. Their music is upbeat, but not overly “happy” with a little spice on the side. They like guns and knives behind backs and getting even with wrong doers. They also give off at times, a psychedelic feel in their music. Some sections of guitar remind me of Jimi Hendrix. I get this purple haze experience in a modern time of music. They have a classic quality with their own sound. Especially Jared on guitar. People have compared them to The White Stripes, Cream and The Black Keys so if you’re into any of those bands, you will love Heavy Glow.

So, let’s get started!

MUEN: I am so pleased to be able to have this interview with you and I want you to know that I am now a fan of your music.

HG: Haha it worked! I’m glad we caught ya! But in all honesty we really appreciate it.

MUEN: I love your sound, the edginess, the sauntering feel to the music, it’s so catchy and it leaves you wanting more. You have me singing your songs, especially “Grinning in the Dark.” Ha! But it’s true.

HG: Well, thank you. I think you hit the nail on the head. “Grinning” is one of my favorites as well. It has a very happy way of introducing unhappy themes. It strikes home for me.

MUEN: You wrote that song right Jared? I have a certain someone that comes to mind when I am listening to that song. Did you ever square up on that situation? I’ll tell if you tell! :grins: You do all the song writing?

HG: Haha. Yes I write all of the lyrics. Generally I write the songs on my own, introduce them to the band, and then the band shapes it, polishes off the corners, and makes it presentable. Stevie was a big help in the studio as far as giving the song a very epic build-up. It just kind of took off. In his opinion it has a “timeless” feel to it.
I started writing the song when I was going through some serious relationship issues. I didn’t know it was about that at the time but eventually I think it came to sum up some off my post-college angst. Bridges burnt. People that have come and since said goodbye. That sort of thing.

MUEN: I have to ask right away, how did you record that EP in 4 days?

HG: Oh man we were all hell-bent upon it. We didn’t have much money but Stevie believed in us, brought us to Matt Sorum’s (Guns-n-Roses, Velvet Revovler) studio and just cracked the whip. It was the best four days of my life by far.

MUEN: What was it like doing it in that time span? Did you plan on having it all said and done or did it just happen that way for you all?

HG: We had to have it done. Joe and I recorded in the console room with Dave in the live room. I had about a 2x2 foot space to play guitar in with Stevie Salas---fantastic guitar player---sitting next to me. Talk about nerves. The space was great and surprisingly cheap. Played some of Slash’s guitars on the album. One of the takes I remember in particular was that middle-break down in “Grinning.” We recorded it all in one take---all three of us. Magic really. We’d do about 2 songs a day before dinner then come back and do vocals/vocal overdubs afterward, harmonies, that sort of thing. Our engineer/mixer Alex Todorov was amazing.

MUEN: OK and then you guys ventured to go at it again by making another to have out in circulation within months of this one. Dubbed live in a single day? Is that right? You like to be busy I take it. Fill me in.

HG: Yeah. The new EP is called “The Filth and the Fury.” We did it in one day with a new drummer Dan Kurtz. Recorded it all live in one room in about 6 hours. We wanted to cut a record that had a raw, visceral vibe to it sort of like Black Sabbath or Zeppelin’s first albums.

MUEN: What was Velvet Revolvers studio like to record in?

HG: It was awesome. We had celebrities coming in to check out what was up. Michael Wincott from The Crow. Matt Sorum. The studio had a great sound for tracking drums naturally. Stevie was of course great with the guitar tones. Whenever the guys from Velvet Revolver are looking to get together and cut some tracks they go there. In fact they were there the night before we started our sessions. Great energy.

MUEN: And outside of spending time recording you are receiving airplay as well on what you have produced, What stations are you affiliated with? Where can we listen in?

HG: MySpace obviously. Anywhere mp3s are sold. Ummm…Honestly since we’re from San Diego we get a lot of airplay from San Diego stations, 94.9 FM especially. Tim Pyles is great and plays us quite often. The label in Australia is looking to undergo a radio campaign in the next few months so we’ll see what happens.

MUEN: You have some really good tracks. REALLY good. Which ones are receiving the most airtime and what songs would you like to see more promoted? Or do you care about that?

HG: Oh yeah. I wish “Grinning in the Dark” would get some play but it’s almost 7 minutes long so I understand. “It’s Too Late” from the first EP. “I Almost Prayed” and “Hot Mess” from the new one are getting some good play. I’m hoping that “Love Ghost” from our new EP will get some attention. It’s by far my favorite even over “Grinning.” It sums up a lot of what 2009 was like for me.

MUEN: Do you feel that this next CD coming out may surpass the first as in popularity of sales? I mean if people are getting to know HG then they are more than likely going to get the next CD when it is released. Which CD do you think is better of the two?

HG: I think it will now that we have some more support on our sides. We’re still quite a new band. I think “The Filth and the Fury” is better than the first one mostly because it captures what we can do as a band----play live. It’s uninhibited, honest, raw, visceral, irrationally happy, and suggestively deals with unhappy topics and emotions. I’m not into being over-the-top really.

MUEN: And your other CD is now going to be launched at a January 31st CD Release party? Congrats on that! Are you expecting a big crowd or a small gathering?

HG: Yes yes…it’ll be packed. We’re having it at The Casbah in San Diego with a live broadcast from 94.9. It’s free to get in actually. Come one, come all…

MUEN: Where is Heavy Glow going from here? Two CD’s in circulation, reviews and radio airplay worldwide…what is next Jared? Touring? Where?

HG: Awesome question. Well, we’re looking for some good management and a booking agent that can get us out on the road. If you know anyone (wink wink.) We’re the kind of band that could and should be playing 150-200 shows a year.
The label in Australia is looking to compile both EPs and release them on Sony Music Australia. So we’ll see what happens. We’ll also be in talks with a label out of Montreal here very soon. Like I said, I’m looking to find the kind of management/booking agents that can get us out on the road and establish a bigger name for ourselves.
We’re in talks about an Australian tour but money makes the world go round..haha

MUEN: Why no videos? Are you planning on making a video or two for us to watch? That sounds “funny” :laughs: I just want to see how you play that guitar. It’s great to listen but I’d like to see this handy work you do on it!

HG: I’ll tell ya what. I’ll make you a video but it’ll be our little secret. God that sounded creepy. Ummm…yeah we just haven’t found anyone half-interesting to do it. I’ll probably throw some live footage up there at some point if the camera sound comes off right.

MUEN: And just so the other boys don’t jealous I should let them know that they are both really talented too! Drummer boy has skill and speed and your bassist well he can back this whole show up that’s for certain!

HG: Absolutely! That’s the great thing about a three-piece: everyone has room for expression. Joe is a phenomenal bassist---very soulful and tasteful. I couldn’t be happier. Dan is a mad man on drums. He holds it down and loves turning the beat up on its head---very rare. He’s a modern-day Al Jackson or Bonzo if I may say so.
- MUEN Magazine (January 2010)

"Berkley Place Blog"

"Are they like The White Stripes? A little. But their music is tighter, better organized. Are they like Black Keys? A little, but the vocals are much better and they focus on extended 1970s-style guitar solos."
- Ekko, Berkley Place Blog (March 3, 2010)

"Bill's Music Forum"

"Their new 7 track EP... will transport you to a bygone era. Heavy Glow has mastered the tones and styles that dominated the crunchy and fuzzy psychedelic sounds that permeated freedom rock. Combined with the smokey soul of the vocals supplied by Jared Mullins, you have a win-win situation. " - Bill, BMF (Feb 5, 2010)

"The Rock and Roll Guru"

"Check out the track Love Ghost from Heavy Glow... This is great stuff with nice guitar work that has a Santana feel mixed with some Kenny Wayne Shepherd. Love Ghost hits hard with a funk and blues/soul rhythm. Definitely worth a listen or three. "
- RyoVie, The Rock and Roll Guru (Feb 2, 2010)

"FM 94.9 San Diego"

"Heavy Glow will rock your world! Reminiscent of days gone by, Heavy Glow has the uncanny ability to transport you to a time when bands ruled and auto tune was not even a concept! Classic rock without sounding dated is a great way to explain the Heavy Glow experience!" - Tim Pyles (DJ 94.9 FM)

"Hot Mess/Heavy Glow from The Filth And The Fury"

Led by vocalist-guitarist-visionary Jared Mullins, Heavy Glow are a new power trio from San Diego steeped in psyche-soaked proto-metal, gutbucket garage rock and bone-deep 70s blooze. Recorded in just six adventurous hours, The Filth And The Fury is the band's second EP." - Classic Rock Magazine

"Heavy Glow's The Filth & The Fury EP Review"

Their EP does absolute wonders to the loins of women and I finally understand why Jimi Hendrix was getting laid all the time....despite the fact he was black, created timeless music, and had really long fingers...If this band doesn't become a house hold name, it is a travesty. They cherry picked the cool aspects of the 70's rock scene, and left the disco pants for the assholes of Studio 54. - Blogs N'Roses (Craig Wettner)

"Jump On the Time Machine"

The EP offers generous treats of boiling hot, finely crafted, heavy psych blues/hard rock vibes recalling the masters from the roaring 60-70’s and mixed with an attractive, a tiny bit sleazy, “acid”, desert touch where an influence of QOTSA has been widely recognized...gosh, those long, hard-driven riffs induce pleasant shivering along your back, and have the power of kidnapping you, transporting you back in time and throw you among the stoned hippy mob in front of the Woodstock stage … - Doomed To Be Stoned In A Sludge Swamp


Heavy Glow EP (2009)

The Filth & The Fury EP (2010)

Midnight Moan (2011)

Pearls & Swine and Everything Fine (2014)



Some of rock's greatest bands share an interesting quality: Soul. Cream, The Stooges, The Jimi Hendrix Experience, Afghan Whigs and Vanilla Fudge all played glorious rock at concussive volumes but were also swinging to an unmistakable beat, filtering their thunderous bluster through a soul crooner's sensibility. Heavy Glow qualifies for that exclusive roll call.


Pearls & Swine and Everything Fine is potent proof of Heavy Glow's deep influences. Heavy Glow constructs Pearls & Swine on a foundation of fuzz-fueled hard rock, appointed with psychedelically-tinted blues and beautifully textured washes of Motown/Memphis soul. Simultaneously, a punkish verve cattle prods the retro rock vibe squarely into right now.


For this album Heavy Glow teamed with infinitely talented producers Michael Patterson (Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross, Beck, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, P. Diddy, Notorious B.I.G., Duran Duran) and Nic Jodoin (BRMC, The Morlocks, Nightmare Air). Patterson and Jodoin's concentrated methodology resulted in an album that is black hole heavy and as cohesive as the '89 Detroit Pistons.


Pearls & Swine and Everything Fine (with brilliant cover design by renowned artist Darren Grealish, whose work includes gig posters for Queens of the Stone Age and the Melvins and graces the walls of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame) features Jared's totally now perspective, his innate ability to focus his love of rock/soul/psychedelia through a contemporary lens to create Heavy Glow's modern classicism, placing the band into the sonic realm shared by QOTSA and Foo Fighters.


~ Brian Baker (Cincinnati City Beat/Magnet Magazine)

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