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London, England, United Kingdom | Established. Jan 01, 2014 | SELF

London, England, United Kingdom | SELF
Established on Jan, 2014
Band Rock Indie


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"Heavy Heart unveil their latest lush alt-rock single, “Pretty Thing”"

London-based quintet Heavy Heart are dropping a single every month in 2016 and their latest, "Pretty Thing," expands on the band's tremendous promise.

In a modern culture where entire seasons of shows are instantly available for binge watching on demand, it's nice to see art released in a way that moves with you over time. If you head over to Heavy Heart's Soundcloud page, you'll find four beautiful singles, of varying styles but still moored in the dreamy aesthetics of their overall sound, for each month in 2016 so far. Each comes with accompanied with individual, narratively tethered artwork that makes each new release its own moment now, which will eventually serve as a time capsule for what just might be the major jump start to big things for the band.

Whereas North American upstarts like Bully or Dilly Dally are challenging gender expectations with indomitable howls, Heavy Heart's Anna Vincent stands tall with an ethereal vocal take as the band work through off-kilter grooves and high octane grunge riffing.

"'Pretty Thing' is about someone who is only concerned with appearance, who has let everything under the surface wither away, Vincent says.

"I get so bored with the way beauty and youth are increasingly held up as if they're talents or achievements. The way girls, in particular, are encouraged to turn themselves into these weird living dolls with perfect pouts. I wanted to write a song reminding girls they need to show their teeth once in a while too, even if they look ugly doing it."

Steam Heavy Hearts' "Pretty Thing" and keep a look out for a new single from them each month in 2016. - The Line Of Best Fit

"The Matinee June 3rd"

RIYL: Lush, Black Honey, Moving Panoramas

Heavy Heart reminds of all of the awesome parts of the 90s. The minimal yet powerful grungey rock sound that you just can’t seem to get enough of. “Pretty Thing” is full of airy, dreamy, shoegazey goodness.

“Pretty Thing” is the perfect amount of reverb with sweet yet strong vocals and jangley guitar.

We are also impressed to find out “Pretty Thing” is the 5th installment of a song-a-month project by the band (released at the end of May). So far each one of the tracks are great in their own right and none of them sound thrown together or rushed which demonstrates the creative talent of Heavy Heart.

We are actually looking forward to the end of June to see what this month’s gem will be. - The Revue

"Heavy Heart | Time Will Stand Still [GFP Premiere]"

While you’ll often find pre-debut-album bands staggering their releases out across a long stretch of time, buying themselves some time while they sharpen and refine their craft, London five-piece Heavy Heart are taking matters in to their own hands, aiming to release one song a month for the duration of 2016. Kick-starting the project their first ever video, we’re very pleased to unveil the quietly brooding ‘Time Will Stand Still‘ today.

A collaboration with director Ross McClure and designer Marina Esmeraldo, the video was filmed at Coney Island last October, while the band were in New York to play some shows at CMJ. Full of colour, the new film clip is a suitably vivd accompaniment to a song that also positively blossoms. Buoyant but always underpinned by a sense of melancholic wandering, ‘Time Will Stand Still’ makes for a stirring four-minutes, the emotion-charged atmosphere framed by that beautiful lead vocal which does indeed seem to slow the mechanical workings of the day down to a crawl.

Another impressive stride forward, you can watch the new video below now. - GoldFlakePaint

"HEAVY HEART – Menacing Passion Pop with New Track ‘Pretty Thing’…"

Track Of The Day: HEAVY HEART is a thrilling passion pop band out of London introducing their muse to the world, this year, with one new track per month.

PRETTY THING is their May song and their most gripping one so far with a haunting, repetitive guitar riff as energetic pulse throughout this astonishing trip going stronger, heavier and more threatening with every second just like the tone of the lyrics.

Quite tense and menacing. ‘I’ll show you all my teeth again’. Think Belly and Throwing Muses with the awesome Tanya Donelly on vocals, having a dynamic jam together. This is a splendid effort that will get under your skin on first hearing. Here’s the irresistible groove… - Turn Up The Volume!

"Mid-June MP3s: Happy Friday! article"

“Pretty Thing” – HEAVY HEART. Continuing their song-a-month project, HH drops a low-slung rock track that reminds of Silversun Pickups with a female vocalist. - Independent Clauses

"SOUNDCLOUD WEEKLY: 5 tracks you need in your life"

Heavy Heart – Pretty Thing

This London five-piece have been dropping a new single every month this year and they seem to, astoundingly, be getting better and better. Considering we’re nearing the year’s halfway mark, it’s amazing that they’ve managed to continuously top themselves on five separate occasions (it’s also super exciting that there’s another seven to come).

Another band centred around some powerful female vocals, but this time there’s a distinctive grittier edge to their sound. With a heavily guitar based production that could easily slot into pretty much any 90’s grunge track, but paired with the dreamlike and unsettlingly delicate sounding vocals; Pretty Thing will grab your attention and keep a deathly tight hold of it throughout.

Front woman Vincent has stated that the track “is about someone who is only concerned with appearance, who has let everything under the surface wither away”. - The Metropolist

"Adventures In Music – 29.05.16-04.06.16"

Returning to these pages with their new single is one of my favourites, Heavy Heart. ‘Pretty Thing’ is a transcendental, mesmerising alt-rock track that will have you wearing out the repeat button. The song reminds me of 90’s band Madder Rose and that is certainly no bad thing. Considering how good their previous songs have been I do not say this is their best yet lightly - Adventures In Music

"SIMGE Survey: Getting To Know Heavy Heart // Stream “Late To The Party”"

I’ve always been fascinated with the idea of a band releasing singles over stretches of time not necessarily married to the traditional conceits of LP/EP pre-releases. In the case of London-based quintet Heavy Heart, that strategy will bear fruits once a month, every month in 2016.

Their latest cut, the gorgeous, dreamy “Late To The Party” marks their finest work yet this year, with six more months of promise to look out to. If Heavy Heart can manage this level of quality consistently, expect them to be a major buzz name at SXSW next year.

We sent Anna of Heavy Heart the SIMGE Survey to get to help further introduce the band to us listeners stateside. Stream “Late To The Party” and check out her responses below. - Speak Into My Good Eye

"Milk Crate #33"

Solid songwriting through and through. “Late to the Party” sees Heavy Heart fall in line with great indie acts like Guster. What more can you ask for? - Milk Crater

"The Matinee March 31st"

Like a cool, light breeze on a hot day is “Yellowbird”, the latest single by London-based quintet Heavy Heart. This summery, melodic single echos the time when ’90s pop-rock was made with heartfelt lyrics and a warm sensibility – music that made you recall your favorite memories while swaying gently to the lush melodies. It’s Mazzy Starr meets The Jesus and Mary Chain, and like these two iconic bands Heavy Heart have created a memorable single.

The band is releasing one song a month, and you can check out their past singles on SoundCloud. - The Revue

"Heavy Heart - Yellowbird"

I honestly thought I'd written about Heavy Heart before but I cannot find any proof of that in my blog archive so consider this short post a belated apology, the band, a quintet based in London are currently releasing a track a month (much like Oh Wonder did last year which much success) and "Yellowbird" is March's entry, the third in the series.

It's a real beauty too, a wistful, floating melody that soothes and reflects amongst its introspective lyrics and softening vocals before slowly reaching a wonderfully climactic instrumental finale which elevates the slow burning track to another level. Similar impressive is earlier track "Time Will Stand Still", it glistens delightfully and soon becomes a shimmering indie-pop gem that combines the alluring melodies of Camera Obscura with dreamy contemplative emotions.

If you're new to Heavy Heart, there's much to be found on their debut EP This Season too, the sweetness of "Daisy Chain" and the creeping, thudding rhythms of the guitar led "Another Wave" particularly impress - you can grab that via Bandcamp now. - Just Music I Like

"Track Of The Day : Heavy Heart - Fruitfly"

Heavy Heart's latest single Fruitfly is part of a series of songs that they're revealing one a month, Wedding Present style, through 2016, with the presumed intention of releasing an album at the end of the year.

We met Heavy Heart's lead singer Anna at last month's Belly gig at the Forum and if you're looking for a comparison to hang your hat on (we don't like doing it usually), Belly are not a bad one and Fruitfly wouldn't have felt out of place if they'd revealed it as a new song on their recent tour.

Fruitfly sits one leg in the rock pool and the other swaying playfully in the pop camp. The song starts with a driving momentum propelling it along and it never takes its foot off the pedal throughout with Anna's softly sung vocal breathlessly giving the sage advice "Be yourself, by yourself" in the chorus.

However, the warmth in her voice is in contrast with the words she's singing elsewhere in the song as the song comes to an end with the following dark line "It's feeding time, family. Cyanide and saccharine. Bitter, happy poisoning. They're calling all your children in." - Even The Stars


Heavy Heart consist of four boys and a girl from Southeast London, formed in 2014. Their sound has been described as “dreamy, guitar-led indie rock with lush melodies”. They’ve recently played shows in London, Barcelona and New York (evidently we just missed them at CMJ) and are releasing a new song a month in 2016.

Take “Pretty Thing” for example which belongs in a Sofia Coppola movie. Fantastically laid back, raw and noisy, The track is everything that guitar rock should be, and delivers a hypnotic vocal melody as sweet as \the swagger of The Cardigan‘s Nina Persson and possessing the balls of Chrissie Hynde. I haven’t heard a song like this in a long while and damn I’ve missed it.

Elsewhere “What Became Of Laura R?” comes across with the ferocity of the Pixies early on before settling into a a superb dirty indie pop verse that lulls you before introducing a chorus that will follow you for months.

Recent release “Fruitfly” is the 7th release in the series and the band have yet to run out of the steam. The track is another driving indie number that sounds both new and instantly familiar with vocalist Anna Vincent dueling excellently with some fantastic guitar lines.

Do yourself a favour and listen to all the material the band has released so far. These are songs that deserve to have a back drop of teenagers all over the world doing all the things that are bad for them. - Cougar Microbes

"Adventures In Music -24.07.16-30.07.16"

Off to the capital next and a new track from one of my favourite bands of 2016, HEAVYHEART. ‘Fruitfly’ is a swoonsome, alt-rock number that firmly lodges itself in your brain and proceeds to throw a party. It’s gorgeous, shiny and totally addictive - Adventures In Music

"Song of the Day - Fruitfly by Heavy Heart"

Londoners' Heavy Heart are back with with another episode in their "Song of the Month" project. On their 7th release of the year, the band continues to mine the darker seams of societal ills with great success. Fertile ground for those brave enough to dig deep. And Heavy Heart has shown an eagerness to find the mother lode, that rich and pulsing dark vein of misery that's black as coal, and wrapping it in a easily digestible pop music buffet.

Oddly enough, the inspiration for July's track came from a headline almost 40 years old, Reverend Jim Jones and the Jonestown Massacre. But it fits with today -- the unrest, the violence, the unbelievable, the insane, and the turbulence it all leaves in its wake. When we listen to 'Fruitfly', we're reminded of February's offering in which the band presented 'What Became of Laura R?'. Vocalist Anna Vincent sang "Listen, listen/I am not afraid of/all the disaster/always surrounding me." How fitting as it seems the world is crumbling all around, kicking free of the comfort of the cocoon, bracing for the uncertain change.

Sometimes, art makes sense of all the disaster surrounding us, or tries to, as we all do, but we can never truly make sense of all the heartache in the world. It's impossible, the world isn't purely black and white. It's often guided by false hope, lies, hate, and the feeling that the grass is greener over the horizon. Heavy Heart's Anna Vincent had this to say about 'Fruitfly'.

"The song was inspired by some reading I did about the Jonestown massacre, about the nature of control and cult mentality. I was fascinated about what could be powerful enough to cause someone to give up everything, to poison their own children and then themselves. It's easy to feel immune from the safety of a laptop, but in a different way I'm brainwashed and compliant too, obediently following trends and social rules, safe inside the group, absorbing feeds of toxic news. None of it seems dangerous on the surface, in fact it's very enticing, but then so much of what's bad for us is coated in sweetness. We're attracted to it like flies."

Aimless Skylarking is attracted to 'Fruitfly' like flies. It's a head bobbing, toe-tapping pop masterpiece with a heavy heart. Find it below. - Aimless Skylarking

"Heavy Heart – High Dive"

We do like to bring our indie side out every now and then, but if we go by the schedule of London’s Heavy Heart, that may have to be once a month at the very least. With every 30 days comes a new track, and High Dive is their latest – it’s a melancholic but robust bit of guitar-driven rock, one that’s sweeping enough for you to get totally lost in. Check it out below. - PressPlayOK

"ADA Spotlight - 7/6/2016"

I have been following this southeast London group closely this year as they have been releasing a new track every month for 2016. This is May’s release that features a gradual build that bursts into an alt-rock burner. - Another Dying Artform

"New Sounds #71 July 5 2016"

Releasing a song a month in 2016, this is the latest of 12 from the London five-piece. Glittering layers of Anna Vincent's vocals are accompanied by airy percussion and washed-out guitars, as they want you to, “Dive in with me/swim so deep.” - Little Indie Blogs

"Heavy Heart – High Dive"

Heavy Heart are spreading out the aural love as they release a single a month – much more consumable in this modern GIMMEGIMMEGIMME world than throwing a double album or whatever at the wall and hoping that something sticks or you’ll have to go back to your day job at Hobbycraft.

Their latest outing sees them take a big ol’ leap into the unknown as glittering delight ‘High Dive‘ gets your mind jetting off around the globe in a kind of un-terrifying freefall. You know you’re in safe hands as the voice of what might as well be your guardian angel takes the range, leaving you to gaze aimlessly at your shoes in the hope that they might be more than a standard pair of loafers – at least that means they can be untied, I guess. Keep an ear out for some of the truly delectable guitar-work on offer as you find yourself falling truly, rapidly, deeply in love with these cool cats and wishing that you could see them, be them, or even just go out and get blind drunk with them.

Don’t forget to check in online for your monthly dose of something new – each time it will be just like taking a funny little pill that’ll make you feel really good inside. This isn’t peer pressure, this is just telling you to do the right thing. Besides, all the cool kids are doing it. - We Close Tonight

"Heavy Heart: ‘High Dive’"

London quintet Heavy Heart have potentially released one of the most addictive songs of 2016.

The band have ambitiously decided to release a song for every month of 2016 and ‘High Dive’ is June’s instalment. An unassuming and gentle dream-rock anthem, both melodic and atmospheric in equal measure, it easily works its way into the subconscious.

‘High Dive’ is a quietly powerful and fully realised masterpiece. - Podcart

"Singles Club #136"

Being a Heavy Heart fan in 2016 is like having a birthday every month. The London quintet have been releasing a track every month and the mathematicians amongst you will have figured out that July’s is the band’s 7th of the year, and by far my personal favourite.

Fruitfly is a no nonsense taste of kraut infused shoegaze that sounds somewhere between the blissful Slowdive and a Sonic Youth that adhered to some pop conventions in a parallel universe. The track glides along magnificently, lyrically grueling yet musically soothing; I can’t wait to hear next month’s track. - GetIntoThis


I’d like to take a brief second of your time and introduce you to this up and coming band from London called Heavy Heart. The group has been releasing a song every month this year and they just sent over their August song entitled “Fever Dream”. I’d liken the band to haze pop greats POBPAH but also with a little bit more bite with that heavy break down about 2 minutes in. This guy can’t wait to hear what they put out next month. - Austin Town Hall

"NME Radar"

Peckham boy-girl duo Heavy Heart have only two gigs under their belts and barely a few months spent being a 'band'. Their lush, guitar-led tracks, however, suggest a wealth of artistic talent that belies their short history. 'Daisy Chain' and 'Another Wave' are the first two sumptuous tracks from a forthcoming EP that will be the band's first release - it promises to be a graceful and rewarding listen. - NME




London duo Heavy Heart sport “new vague”, but they’re not fucking around with abstract nonsense on ‘Daisy Chain’ - the message is clear. Sharp, piercing guitar notes rinse the scene, and it’s backed by vocals that fly straight up to the top of the mix. For a song about dealing with constant change, the day-by-day slog of trying to keep up with things, this does well to stay ahead of the pack. - DIY

"Introducing | Heavy Heart"

Softly enticing and suitably alluring, ‘Daisy Chain‘ is the latest track from new London-based duo Heavy Heart and it arrives with a somewhat resigned sense of melancholy running through it’s veins. But through veins it travels, no matter how pensive its blood might be, and it slowly extends an elating sense of fervency that could only ever be a created by the weight that hangs in the centre of a human chest.

The vocals are teasingly sweet, drawing you in with settled tones before revealing their hidden message, something darker than previously imagined. In fact, the whole thing has a captivating subtlety to it that is difficult to escape from; a seemingly endless sense of enchantment, an unbroken pattern of flowers in a daisy chain. - GoldFlakePaint

"Tracks Of The Day – Heavy Heart – ‘Another Wave’ and ‘Daisy Chain’"

Two songs from a band that apparently only formed a few months ago, but who have crafted a sound that is already beautifully realised and perfectly delivered.

‘Another Wave’ is a wonderfully agitated urgent slice of dreampop which recalls the urgent melodic rush of Stereolab at their most accessible whilst song two ‘Daisy Chain’ although lacks urgency of ‘Another Wave’ it loses none of the emotional punch and twinkles with a reflective wistful sense of regret.

At the, erm heart of Heavy Heart are Anna and James, who, to quote Anna started band “because I had some songs that I’d been playing around with on an acoustic guitar, and I wanted to get out of my bedroom and be able to make more of a racket. I guess there are probably other bands called Heavy Heart around, but the name kind of brought the whole thing together, and seemed to sum up our musical ideas. Plus I’m a bit of a misery so if felt like a fitting nom de plume!”

She makes it sound so easy doesn’t she? So effortless and graceful which pretty much sums up the Heavy Heart’s music. Music, which packs an emotional punch, tinged with longing and regret but conversely also manages to be gloriously uplifting. The band are recording songs at the moment for an EP, which they hope to put online in October or November. - The Von Pip Musical Express

"Song of the Day - This Season by Heavy Heart"

Do you know that moment when discover an artist and you go all in? You follow them on Twitter and Instagram, Soundcloud and Bandcamp too, and then you like their Facebook page too. Even have a look around their website, of course with their music playing in the background. Yeah, I've never done that either. Ok, yes I have, just recently too. And it was all because of one song.

Searching for new music on Soundcloud and Bandcamp can be fun, but it's not something I get to do all that often. With submissions and keeping my ear to the ground, I have far too much material than I could ever use on Aimless Skylarking. Sadly, even some really great artists and tracks get passed over in the essence of time. I try to do as much as I can, but it's never enough.

Anyway, earlier this week, during one of those times I was having a look around Soundcloud, I happened across a London band I'd never heard of, Heavy Heart. I skimmed through their 5-track EP, This Season, and was stopped in my tracks when I heard the title track. 'This Season' is subtle and composed, but utterly devastating made all the more so by the vocal delivery. There's a sense of frailness in the end of all things, it really is sad when it's over, and Heavy Heart truly lives up to their name. I'm captivated and anxious to spend some time with the rest of the EP, which I just ordered. Stream the wistful 'This Season' below, it's my Song of the Day!

Heavy Heart are a boy/girl music duo from Peckham, London. After some digging around, I found their names on another blog, James and Anna. Their debut EP is available on their Bandcamp page, free for you skinflints but I don't recommend that, or £4 for cassette. - Aimless Skylarking

"Heavy Heart Hit The Right Notes With Debut EP 'This Season'"

We first mentioned South-East London duo Heavy Heart back in August here with their first introductory tracks, and how an EP would be coming later in the year.

And lo and behold...

Released last week, 'This Season' is a quite heavenly, mellifluous five-track dreampop collection from Anna and James, which also includes 'Daisy Chain' and 'Another Wave', along with 'Shell', 'Blood from a Stone' and the title track. Unfolding one delectable delight after another, it's hard to pick a particular standout, but if pushed, 'Shell' just tips the balance with its lush guitar and vocals that seductively caress the ears.

Listen and purchase (on limited edition cassette) via Bandcamp.

Heavy Heart play Sebright Arms, London on December 18. - Little Indie Blogs

"Songs To Learn And Sing – Sophie Jamieson, Heavy Heart, I Am The Mountain, Tara Priya,Victories at Sea, Pretty Sad"

Heavy Heart – Shell

We featured Heavy Heart a few weeks back on both the site and podcast and they return armed with a shiny new and hugely impressive debut EP. And it’s an EP in which they confidently unlock their potential to showcase songs that shine with a subtle but heartfelt poignancy. - The Von Pip Musical Express

"20 East London bands you need to hear now!"

From heavy rock to Heavy Heart. Sounding like something that just missed out on being included on C86 and releasing their own EP on red cassette tape, this male/female duo make heart shaped indie-pop with a high sugar content. And there's nothing wrong with that! - Fred Perry Subculture

"Pips Tips – THE VPME Tips For 2015"

Heavy Heart are Anna and James, who, to quote Anna started band “because I had some songs that I’d been playing around with on an acoustic guitar, and I wanted to get out of my bedroom and be able to make more of a racket. I guess there are probably other bands called Heavy Heart around, but the name kind of brought the whole thing together, and seemed to sum up our musical ideas. Plus I’m a bit of a misery so if felt like a fitting nom de plume!”

She makes it sound so easy doesn’t she? So effortless and graceful which pretty much sums up the Heavy Heart’s music. Music, which packs an emotional punch, tinged with longing and regret but conversely also manages to be gloriously uplifting. - The Von Pip Musical Express

"Heavy Heart"

Hailing from one of London’s beating creative hearts, the emerging land of Peckham, Heavy Heart are a boy/girl duo who are beginning to rise above the new music radar. Having formed earlier this year, Heavy Heart have recently released their debut EP entitled ‘This Season‘, along with performing their very first few live shows across our nation’s capital. While details on the band remain relatively sketchy, plenty of tastemaker blogs and the NME have already picked up Heavy Heart, with the latter describing their sound as ‘lush and sumptuous’.

Within ‘Shell’, lifted from the band’s debut EP, there is a driving lead guitar line, which is sewn within infectious percussion and resonating vocals that feel like they gracefully linger in your mind way after the track itself has finished. Hazy without being lo-fi, and melodic with a sense of purpose, the sound that Heavy Heart have created within their debut EP should make them a one to watch in 2015. - The Tipping Point



Fever Dream
 - digital single - 31/08/16
Fruitfly - digital single - 27/07/16
High Dive - digital single - 28/06/16
Pretty Thing - digital single - 30/05/16
Late To The Party - digital single - 25/04/16
Yellowbird - digital single - 28/03/16
What Became Of Laura R? - digital single - 29/02/16
Time Will Stand Still - digital single - 25/01/16



HEAVY HEART are a female-fronted five-piece from London, formed in 2014.  Their music has been described as "dreamy, guitar-led indie rock with lush melodies" and they have been releasing a new song a month throughout 2016.

The band has been featured in NME Radar and The Guardian, with track-of-the-day premieres on DIY, The Line of Best Fit, Little Indie Blogs and GoldFlakePaint and singles played on BBC 6 Music, BBC London and Amazing Radio in the UK, and DKFM (Fresno, CA), 913 TheSummit (Akron, OH), WJCU 88.7FM (Cleveland, OH), 106.1 The Corner (Charlottesville, VA), WVPB (Charleston, WV) and WMFO (Medford, MA) in the US.

They have played around the UK, Europe and USA, including the BBC Introducing stage at Truck Festival (UK), MBC Festival (Spain) and CMJ Music Marathon 2015 (USA).  

"Their latest lush alt-rock single expands on the band's tremendous promise..."The Line of Best Fit

"A graceful and rewarding listen"NME Radar

"A song that positively blossoms... another impressive stride forward"GoldFlakePaint

"Think Belly and Throwing Muses...this is a splendid effort that will get under your skin on first hearing" - Turn Up The Volume

"I’d liken the band to haze pop greats POBPAH but also with a little bit more bite...This guy can’t wait to hear what they put out next month" - Austin Town Hall

"Sharp, piercing guitar notes rinse the scene, and it’s backed by vocals that fly straight up to the top of the mix"DIY

"Part slack, part dream, descending into a sugared grunge power jam"DKFM Shoegaze Radio

"Heavy Heart reminds of all of the awesome parts of the 90s...full of airy, dreamy, shoegazey goodness"
The Revue

"Serves up a healthy dose of venom for the unsuspecting"Aimless Skylarking

"A transcendental, mesmerising alt-rock track that will have you wearing out the repeat button..."Adventures In Music

"Wistful, dreamy reflective pop with a nod to mid-90s shoegaze"The Von Pip Musical Express

"Heavenly, mellifluous five-track dreampop collection...unfolding one delectable delight after another"Little Indie Blogs

"Dreamy, guitar-led indie rock with lush melodies"A Music Blog, Yea?

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