Heavy J

Heavy J

BandEDMNew Age

In 1983 Heavy J was a mere sperm. By 1984 that sperm had met the egg of its dreams and became Heavy J. By 1988 his lust for nintendo had become unfathomable. Soon he had set his sight on taking over the world the only way he knew how. ROCK!!!!


Once long ago there was a man and that man was bored and from that boredom came music, the kind of music you bump, shake, grind, boogie, get down, vomit, or just plain groove to. some of its scary, some of its happy, but most of it you will just say "What the fuck" to. behold the power of that one man, the myth the legend the HeavyJ(bum bum bum dramatic reverb). do not quake in fear though he is not here to do harm but merely entertain you, so sit back relax and enjoy.


Sailor Moon and Godzilla vs. Heavy J - 2003
War of the Robots - 2004 - RISK
Serial Killer Superstud - 2005 - RISK