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30 years of jamming in everything from Classic Country to 80's hair metal, 90's Grunge and Punk Rock have mashed together to form this eclectic sound.
Brothers in distortion, these guys will at the very least make you say...HUH!?!


The band, which consists of Mark Legere Lead Vocals/Songwriter, Randy Trussler Lead Guitarist, Brian Alexander Drums, and Ernie Ivany Bass Guitar, have a sound that stretches across a number of musical avenues and creates a unique sound.

Mixing with classic rock and country sounds, a rough edge from the mean slide guitar work, and the fast punk rock rhythm; this sound is something completely different.

In “Swallow,” their first single from their second album, they lose the lighthearted tone of Homeown to tackle the social issue of Oxycontin Addiction.

They did a great job on the video. Check it out.



HeavyLights (2009)
HeavyLights II (2011)