Heavy Meadows
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Heavy Meadows

Kingston, Nova Scotia, Canada | SELF

Kingston, Nova Scotia, Canada | SELF
Band Rock Acoustic


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"earshot top 50 review"

Heavy Meadows
S/T 2001 Release
Dependent Music

This album marks one of those special occasions you have been waiting for to open that nice bottle of wine you received last year during the holiday season. So uncork it, pour a tall glass, lounge in your seat of choice, and marvel in the sounds of Heavy Meadows.

Halifax has produced one of the most comfortably tight bands I have heard in a while. Their songs possess effortless rhythms and melodies that flow without force. The rhythms are in debt to the painfully talented drummer Benn Ross (who has graced far too many bands to make note of them all), and his pairing with the fantastic upright bass playing of Jeff Wheaton. Their union of sound creates a wonderfully open playground for Seth Timothy's guitar work and Virgil Muir's vocals to float around and play within. Timothy's guitar and Muir's vocals share the melodies together, and when Muir does not sing, Timothy's guitar does. When Muir does sing, his voice lets you float away from him almost enough for you to feel lost, pulling you back when you stray too far.

During the six songs on Heavy Meadows' debut release, I tried very hard to come up with some comparisons. The obvious, but not accurate, was Dave Matthews. However, this was more the fault of our brain's available heuristic than a well thought-out opinion. After thirty seconds of listening, the Matthews comparison quickly crumbled and never returned. The only trace of influence, besides improvisational jazz and folk, was a touch of Roxy Music's classic "Avalon" at the beginning of "Five of Us". This disc enjoys a subtle uniqueness that is appreciated more and more after each listen.

The album - and I call it an album because thirty-five minutes of this music feels like an cohesive album and not the EP that it truly is - is an intelligent one that actually makes you feel smarter after listening to it. The music and lyrics are so mature that you may feel as though a decade has gone by in the span of a little more than a half-hour. Their follow-up, which is due for release any day, was recorded solely during the waxing phases of the moon. This extra touch of magic will undoubtedly give Heavy Meadows the attention they so rightly deserve.

RECOMMENDED TRACKS: "I Remember the Theft of the Expedition", "Five of Us", "The Bridge"

By Bryndis Ogmundson
Jul 23, 2002

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"the coast halifax's weekly review from dec. 06,2007"

Heavy meadows
While on yet another extended hiatus, Halifax folkies heavy meadows have entrusted four of their babies into the hands of electronic whiz kid Andrew Duke and ex-Rebecca Wester Lukas Pearse, along with meds' guitarist Seth Timothy's obscure electro side project Free Couch, in order to create alternate interpretations of their songs. The results are four odd but tasteful renditions of the band's signature tracks, shifting from bright, light-hearted folk songs to creepy instrumental soundtracks (“Five of Us”) jungle remixes with underwater vocals (“Theft of the Expedition”) and sullen regenerations (“Culprit”).
—Jon Bruhm
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"the coast, halifax's weekly, 2004 album review"

Heavy meadows
heavy meadows
On their second full-length disc, heavy meadows prove again they are one of the city’s best-kept secrets, filled with Seth Timothy’s lush arrangements of subtle textured folk that would make Nick Drake and Tim Buckley proud. Here their sound relies more on Timothy’s guitar and vocals of Virgil Muir, but the songs have matured and the sound has become more solid. It’s a beautiful, meditative and captivat- ingly original record. Without a doubt their finest release yet.
—Trevor MacLaren

http://www.thecoast.ca/halifax/heavy-meadows/Content?oid=965164 - the coast, halifax's weekly

"halifax best of music 2006"

Best Local Independent Record LabelDependent Music

For the third year in a row, you’ve named Dependent—the home of Jill Barber, Brian Borcherdt, Contrived, heavy meadows, Wintersleep and a slew of other local faves—as the Best Local Independent Record Label. “I think we just have a solid group of artists that release great records,” says Wintersleep’s Jud Haynes, who also handles some of the Dependent collective’s day-to-day operations. “The records we put out, we really believe in. There have only been 26 releases in 12 years—we’re taking our time.”

Runners-up: Divorce, Just Friends

http://www.thecoast.ca/halifax/best-of-music-2006/Content?oid=958605 - the coast, halifax's weekly


heavy meadows (S/T) 2001 EP
heavy meadows (S/T) 2002 LP
heavy meadows (S/T) 2004 LP
heavy meadows remixed 2004 ep
heavy meadows (S/T) 2010 6 song promotional EP
Heavy Meadows (Night Mechanics) 2012 LP (Oct, 2012)



Starting in 1999, Heavy Meadows began as a softer folk, slow roots exploration. During the last 13 years, they have continuously reworked their sound to reflect their changing place and musical perspective. The band indulges in heavy electric, open-tuned, melodic riff rock, ska tinged surf pop, and minstrel-esque acoustic ballads.
They have been compared to Flamming Lips, Peter Gabriel, Joni Mitchell, T.Rex, David Bowie, and Black Sabbath!!
The band is releasing their 4th album, Night Mechanics, on October 30th digitally for the entire universe to explore, but on October 26th, Halifax can grab the hard-copy release of their record at The Seahorse Tavern!

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