Heavy Merge

Heavy Merge


Heavy Merge is sizzling funky latino soul. Think Brand New Heavies meets Buena Vista Social Club in Hell's Kitchen, NYC.


Heavy Merge’s fearless musical style is the brainchild of a native New York Latina. Like many first and second generation Latin Americans, she was raised on a heavy dose of her mom's Salsa, Jazz and World music records while simultaneously embracing contemporary Pop, Funk and R&B songs on the radio.

Genevieve Gazon is the driving force behind this musical project. She is the bandleader, vocalist and lyricist. Genevieve was raised in Manhattan by a single mother who was a well-known Hispanic actress, a human rights lawyer and an AIDS activist; so it is no surprise that drama, passion and fury are her legacy and she has the voice to back it up. Her vocal talents have led her to perform varying styles of music ranging from Rock, with the local band “Sister Someone”, to Latin, with the great salsero Orlando Marin and his Orchestra.

Genevieve is also a published songwriter. Chrissie Hynde, of The Pretenders, faithfully covered and recorded one of Genevieve's tunes, “Light of the Moon”. Ms. Hynde has dedicated this song to the late John Lennon and Martin Luther King, Jr. Most recently the local Latin Jazz band, Los Mas Valientes, has tapped her songwriting and vocal talents. She co-wrote and sang on the title track of their forthcoming album "Titere Fue” (Laughing Buddha Records).


Heavy Merge LP, Mucho Mojo EP

Set List

Get To Know Me, Elektra, Sand & Stone, Ella, Fade Away, A Story, Visions, Say Nothing, Nino Bravo. The sets are usually 45 minutes to 60 minutes, but H.M. can hang with a 4-set gig if need be. Covers include salsa, jazz standards, and old school funk.