Heavy Metal Harmonica

Heavy Metal Harmonica


Van Halen, with the fastest harmonica player in the world (certified by Guinness world Records) added


Most people have a hard time juggling more than one career, then again, some people crave it. Nicky Shane is one of those people.
Over the years, Nicky has bridged multiple career paths, from semi-pro football to a broad theatrical career that included a 14 year world tour as a professional stand-up comic and motion picture actor/director.
And at every turn his harmonica was there. Nicky shapes unique grooves and lays down shredding solos that have guitar players constantly stunned, when they realize it's not a les paul but just a 10-hole harp.
Nicky formed HMH at the turn of the century with the idea of a metal act with harmonica leads, that met with great enthusiasm by friends and fans alike.
the first self-titled album was released in 2002 and after being certified by Guinness as the "Fastest harmonica player in the world" in 2007 he is hitting the trails again with the new and re-vamped HMH


Heavy Metal Harmonica Debut Album 2002, available at cdbaby.com
new EP 2007

Set List

Sick with My Secret
Dancing In My Car
Too Rolling Stoned (Robin Trower)
Sunrise on Sunset Boulevard