Heavy Popeye

Heavy Popeye

 Los Angeles, California, USA

Heavy Popeye is a Los Angeles based act. With over ten years of experience in bands like Leitmotiv or Elevater. They have an original sound influenced by the likes of King Crimson, Rush, Yes and Tool.


Heavy Popeye is a Los Angeles based band formed together by a unique geographical circumstance, and a brother-based rhythm section of drums and bass guitar. The vocals and master guitar playing originate from Madrid Spain and the bass guitar and drums come from North Hollywood California to bring you a bi-continental sound that can only be executed with this one-of-a-kind combination of players. Heavy Popeye’s sound will bring you back to the 80’s when songs would hook you, and also bring you to the hard driving sounds of popular heavy rock and roll from any generation. Combining the influences of past rock legends while infusing Heavy Popeye’s distinctive sound to meet the 21’st century head on.


Fuckin' Cheese Sandwiches (2009)