heavy rescue

heavy rescue


four thoughtful musicians, channeling the melody and influences of the Beatles, and Dylan, while mindfully introducing modern instrumentation, and feel. A young and successful, Independent New York rock band.


The short version. Some of us have weathered the music business for a long time. This band is the culmination years, of finding out what miscues bands allow themselves to make, and figuring out how Not to make those mistakes. We want to earn our fans, and felt the only way to do so, was to be able to sustain in the NYC scene, and continually be ascending the ranks. That has been the case since day 1. We are very focused on the music, reminiscient of The Band.
There are opportunities that we have been given, and they are always out of respect for the music. We wouldnt have it any other way.


1 EP. Fall 2006. titled Heavy Rescue. (dashboard confessional Promo Tour release)

Army Wives- Lifetime- Episode 6- "Good Intentions"

Set List

8 song sets, (usually 7 originals, 1 cover)

Hourglass House
Hannah & her Sisters
Windows Out
The Devil in the White City
After the Gold Rush- Neil Young-
Good Intentions
Persil Automatic