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Heavy Rotation Records


"the label run by musicians for musicians" www.hrrecords.com


"They're as familiar as movie stars. Diana Krall. Paula Cole. Quincy Jones. This stellar list is but a fraction of the famous alumni of Berklee College of Music. How did they make the grade? What does it take to go from small clubs to the big-time? Today, a group of Berklee students producing records for the campus record label, Heavy Rotation Records (HRR), are finding out."

Heavy Rotation Records (HRR) is an established student-run record label at the Berklee College of Music, operated for musicians and by musicians, expanding careers and offering opportunities in all aspects of the music industry and developed specifically for students to receive experience in running a record company.With the guidance of faculty advisor Jeff Dorenfeld - former manager of the multiplatinum band Boston - students oversee all aspects of the label's management, creating and implementing plans for A&R, marketing, touring, graphic design, web development, and accounting. Heavy Rotation Records alumni have gone on to work at Interscope, Capitol, DreamWorks, BMG, and Universal record companies as well as in publishing and tour management. Currently, the label is featured on Apple's Mac on Campus and Microsoft's Mactopia websites. Heavy Rotation has a distribution deal with Rounder Records. As of 2006, Heavy Rotation Records is sponsored by SanDisk.



Dorm Sessions : Volume 4 (2007) - Compilation CD

Dorm Sessions : Volume 3 (2006) - Compilation CD

Apollo Sunshine : w/ SpinArt (2005)

Dorm Sessions : Volume 2 (2004) - Compilation CD

Dorm Sessions : Volume 1 (2003) - Compilation CD

Shekinah (2002) - All-Female Compilation CD

***our album, Dorm Sessions Volume 4, is currently being played on college, internet, and standard radio stations in the Northeast and across the US.***

Set List

*dependent on which band(s) are playing

Each band independently can play a minimum of 1 hour of original material.