Heavy Sleeper

Heavy Sleeper


"muscular yet dreamy, power pop with actual power" -City Pages


Heavy Sleeper started as a recording project for Marcel Galang, organist of Minneapolis' veteran pop band The Hang Ups. With a fistful of recordings cut with his friends in the Hang Ups and Dearly backing him up, Galang then teamed up with some other old friends, drummer Matt Alexander and guitarist Drew Herder of Minneapolis power-poppers Arch Stanton in winter of 2003. For over a year the new group wrote, recorded, performed and bled together to become Heavy Sleeper. With the album completed in 2004, former Arch Stanton member Paul Jongeward became Heavy Sleeper's newest addition as bassist.

The eleven songs that comprise "The Gifted Curse" were recorded with Producer Bryan Hanna (The Waxwings, The Orange Peels, Papas Fritas). Opening with the rousing "Home," an infectious number that moves from beat to head-nodding beat with riffs and hooks galore, the pace quickens with the honky-tonk bounce of "I'm With You" and the spiky, pissed-off rave-up that is "Nothing New." The rest of the record brims with standouts such as "The Saddest Sound," a heartrending ballad and "Back to Me," an upbeat guitar-pop gem about weathering life's changes.


Heavy Sleeper "The Gifted Curse" was self-released in October 2004 and broke into the CMJ Top 200 charting at #113.

Set List

One 45 minute set of original material.