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one word. Universal. Any fan of Hip hop/ Rap will love my music. I have something for everybody without selling myself out. My songs are catching and my stage performance is entertaining. Check for yourself.


Bio About Hectic

What up ,its ya boy Hec. My story is real simple. I was born in the Bronx NY . I always used to be around my uncle who was a dj at the time. Remind you i was 4 years old and it was 1984 in the bronx. I automatically fell in love with hip hop. I always used to write down rhymes but never took it serious untill i was released in 2003 from a 4 year bid. I hooked up with some of my homies in aug.of 05 and since then i banged out 2 mixtapes, hosted a few mixtapes for dj's and drop my first solo cd Times iZ Hectic... Im in the studio right now working on the Brookside Album with Hdogg & Corona P and i just finished my 2nd solo cd "Times iz still Hectic". with the singles "Times iz still hectic "fresh 2 def", & the club banger "what u drinkin on" feat.Buck. Ya boy just won the rockerie best hip hop artist of the year award and the video just got posted. The album drops May 3rd. There is more to come from Hec! Get @ ya boy

814566-4511 hectic_brookside@yahoo.com
check the video out at www.youtube.com/iamhectic


Tha Fam presents: Tha Takeova
Tha Fam presents: Underdog City
Hectic: Times iz hectic
Singles- Bout my doe, Died in your arms,
Hectic: Times iz still hectic
Singles: What u drinkin on, Cuffs off, Times iz still hectic and Got your back
Times iz still Hectic (the video)

Set List

My sets are anywhere between 15 to 45 minutes.
My set list changes every show due to the venue.