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"Hector Backwoods Interview"

This Examiner recently had the opportunity to interview the guys from the band Hector backwoods. A local Tulsa group of musicians comprised of three long time friends, Jeff Fields (bass and lead vocals), Patrick Wood (lead guitar) and Paul Cook (drums). Founded in 2007 in Hectorville, Oklahoma, these boys have quickly become a favorite among local Tulsan’s. If you’re looking for a night filled with good time rock and roll, catchy, powerfull tunes and a live show that will bring you back for more, Hector backwoods promises to do just that and then some. They are a close knit family of musicians that combine their creativity, inspiration, excitement and sychronicity with the utmost musicianship to put forth a truly amazing original sound and a great live show. With songs like Mr. President, Doin' Time and Little Bit of Redneck, these guys have a lot to say about the world around us and are sure to catch your ear for keeps. Here’s what they had to say about what inspires them, where they came from and where they’re going.

To read the interview visit:

http://www.examiner.com/x-25323-Broken-Arrow-Live-Music-Examiner~y2009m10d6-Hector-Backwoods-interview - Examiner.com

"Review by Elizabeth Jonsson"

"[HECTOR backwoods] blows the listener away within the first 5 seconds of being in their presence. I couldn't help but smile and move my hips and tap my feet and eventually bang my head. That was all within one song, their first. The night was filled with assloads people who all knew the lyrics to these tunes that were so damn new to me. I admit I felt almost jealous of the fact that these people have had this music to themselves long enough to know these songs by heart and scream them back..."

To view full review visit:

http://viewmorepics.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=viewImage&friendID=65610363&albumID=2907990&imageID=52351508 - unpublished

"In the Studio with Hank"

"This rock trio is tearing up the clubs of Tulsa. Radio-ready with great lyrics and vocals." - Hank Charles, winner of 2009 Absolute Best of Tulsa award for Best Recording Engineer [quoted from Tulsa World article, published 8/13/09]

See the full article at:

http://www.tulsaworld.com/scene/article.aspx?subjectID=42&articleID=20090813_349_ES2_Hnhreo485435 - Matt Gleason

"KISS Blows Up BOK"

The night started off in a legendary KISS way, local band Hector Backwoods opened the show. This band that was voted on by listeners and local music fans through the KMOD website. A lifetime shot for the three piece rock group. KMOD DJ's KC and Promo Dave who host a local indie rock show on Friday nights called DOMK (KMOD backwards) made a list of 10 top local bands and allowed the listener to vote on their favorite. The winner received the 30 minute opening spot for the KISS concert.

Hector Backwoods made the most of their opportunity, with a rocking set and good stage presence they warmed up the near capacity crowd. Staying humble and thankful for the opportunity they talked about how huge this was for them and how grateful they were for the shot. I would recommend getting your hands on their disc if you get a chance. Self proclaimed as country boys with a redneck rock sound. Had some hints of The Cult in their sound. It was entertaining and you couldn't help but have pride that these guys were some of our own doing what they obviously loved to do on a national scale. Congrats Hector!! You deserve it. - Ernie Osborn - Tulsa Today

"KISS Turns BOK Center into Disney Meets Horror Show"

Tulsa band HECTOR Backwoods opened the show, winning a locally-sponsored, fan-vote in run by radio station KMOD. The polished and powerful set screamed with southern rock swagger. The band deftly blended “Would”-era Alice in Chains with the steely sounds of “In My Time of Dying”-era Led Zeppelin and shots of pure adrenaline. - Jennifer Chancellor - Tulsa World


-HECTOR backwoods, 'This Will Only Hurt the First Time' - self-released May 8, 2009 Twelve track LP

1. Original Sin 2. Unsung 3. Little Bit of Redneck 4. Trouble Free Tranny 5. Hold On 6. Woman Come On 7. Predator 8. the West-Side Goldmine 9. Mr. President 10. Devil May Come 11. Black Molly 12. Doin' Time

-HECTOR backwoods, V.S.E.P. - self-released February 28, 2009
Six track EP

1.Original Sin 2.Woman Come On 3.Little Bit of Redneck 4.Predator 5.Mr. President 6. West Side Goldmine



About HECTOR backwoods

HECTOR backwoods is a three-piece rock band with a reputation for strong live performances and major-label caliber original songs. HBW has made a hard and fast dent in the Tulsa music scene, and their influence is growing daily - having formed in late 2007, the band has played countless shows and built a loyal fanbase now spanning across all continents. HBW has opened for KISS, the Marshall Tucker Band, blew up ROCKLAHOMA 2010, and shared the stage with numerous other local, regional, and national acts. Regardless of the venue or lineup, the most common crowd response to HBW is 'you guys stole the show'. Catch HECTOR BACKWOODS the next chance you get - and prepare to have your heart stolen...


HECTOR backwoods is influenced largely by classic rock of the 60's and 70's, metal from the 80's and 90's, and blues-rock in general - although the full range of our musical influences is too broad to summarize. Our sound has been compared to acts such as Led Zeppelin, Clutch, Pantera, Alice in Chains, Queens of the Stone Age, the Doors, AC/DC, Black Sabbath, Derek and the Dominoes, and Guns n' Roses, just to name a few.
However our influences surface in any particular song, we strive to keep the music simple, honest, and catchy - centered around hooking riffs, lyrical content and melody, and grooving rhythms.


JEFF FIELDS - vocals/lyrics, bass. Jeff has been a singer since early childhood, and began formal music training on saxophone, guitar, and bass at age 11. Late Tulsa guitar legend Mike Bruce was a close friend and neighbor, so much of Jeff's knowledge of guitar and bass stems from their relationship. Jeff has spent the last 20 years honing his songwriting and performance skills in various bands and solo projects. Past projects include: (in Tulsa, OK) Rated R, Den of Thieves, Three Days Crazy, Brian Grey Trio, (in Dubuque, IA) the Firewood Revival, (in Madison, WI) Narwhal, Stonefloat, Venice Gas House Trolley, Calico Drifters, Dwarves of Yore, and Blood Jewel.

PATRICK WOOD - guitar. Patrick began playing guitar at age 6, perhaps because his father played guitar. Patrick has also received training in piano and bass guitar. Having such an early start with guitar meant that Patrick soon found himself playing with older, more seasoned musicians than his peer group could offer. These experiences have shaped Patrick's guitar playing into a mature, hook-driven art form. Patrick was involved with one band before HECTOR backwoods, the Tulsa-based group Outmind, in which he served as bassist.

PAUL COOK -drums. Paul began formal training on drums and guitar at age 11. Being the son of an active musician, Paul spent a considerable amount of his youth around older musicians. Combining this experience with his general love of music, Paul has developed into a well-rounded musician with a vast knowledge of songs and a wizened ear for songwriting. Paul's past projects have included several Tulsa-based bands: Rated R, Den of Thieves, Methodose, Chozen, and Outmind.