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Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Boston, Massachusetts, USA

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What is particularly convincing is one listen to the debut CD release titled CUBARENGUE-a name that reflects both Hector's regard for Cuban music and his merengue roots. Recorded at Cherry Studios in Montreal by Hector's musical collaborator, fellow musician and co-producer, Jesus Alejandro Perez, "El Nino", the disk features some of the liveliest salsa, merengue, and bolero music to hit the airwaves. - The Middlesex Beat

"Fans are coming out of the woodwork. "Cubarengue" has been playing on 1330 and on MEGA, Spanish radio stations to critical acclaim. We expect a pretty near sell-out of the 225 seats with a dance floor (at the Regattabar in the Charles Hotel in Cambridge, Ma.) at the Thursday night performance. The audience should expect exciting, fun, joyful Latin jazz, salsa, danzon and boleros." - Lexington Minuteman, Thursday, March 20, 2003

Musica Picante: CD Reviews,
Frank M. Figueroa

This CD brings together the best of Cuba and the Dominican Republic, as noticed by the title "Cubarengue". The salsa, merengue and boleros are musically tight and the vocals give CLASS and STYLE to the sounds of a GREAT CD. Whether on the radio, in the clubs or at a house party, this is the type of CD that wil make you want to get up and dance. The Boston music scene should be very lucky to have such a band in their area. All eight tracks on this CD are geared to your partying pleasure. I give this CD * * * * (four stars!). - IMPACTO, Latino Arts & Entertainment, July 2003

by Brian Kelly www.lexingtonminuteman.com

"Nearly 500 Lexington High School students filled the school's auditorium last Friday to celebrate Cinco de Mayo with music and dance. The students who attended are all studying Spanish."

"One of the goals of the Lexington Public Schools is to recognize and celebrate diversity. With Cinco de Mayo happening, we sort of embraced and recognized the Hispanic culture this week."

Lexington High School's Language Coordinator, Mary Alice Samaii said Hector Cuevas and the Boston Latin Band "was perfect because they don't just play one thing. They play salsa, boleros, merengue, everything!"

"Students were prepared for the concert by listening to Spanish music and trying to pick up the lyrics and meanings of the songs. The concert not only supported the Spanish curriculum, but also the core values of the Lexington High School becuase of it's diversity. MUSIC IS REALLY THE LANGUAGE OF THE WORLD, and, I think just seeing the students' reactions to it, how attentive they were, said it all!: Samaii noted. "I think we really seized the moment with this."

- Lexington Minuteman

"I heard about Cuevas' project in November, when I spotted his homemade demo. (CUBARENGUE, the CD). Nothing fancy,it bore the handwritten label: "Hector Cuevas & The Boston Latin Band."

"Another 'Xeroxed group', I said to myself.

"I'm glad nobody heard me. "The Boston Latin Band, the first song on the CD, cut me into thin fideos. It has the Bronx naughtiness I like in salsa: sharp horns, heavy bass lines, highly driven percussion, and clever lyrics."

"Written in Spanish by Perez, it opens with the boast: 'Boston's salseros are complaining/They say no band plays salsa/I'm here to end the dilemma/With Boston Latin Band the problem is over."

- The Boston Globe, March 20, 2003

by Juan Carlos Jimenez, Santo Domingo, June 19, 2004

"Hector Cuevas es un musico criollo que triunfa en Estados Unidos con una selecta banda que ha sido elogiada por publicaciones norteamericanas."

"Desde que se mudo a Estados Unidos a principio de los 70's, Cuevas ha vivido en cuidades donde la escena musical latina es casi tan caliente como su nativa Republica Dominicana: Nueva York, Nueva Orleans, Miami."

"Luego de formar parte de varios proyectos, decide asumir el suyo propio bajo el nombre "The Boston Latin Band" donde encontro la concrecion de su sueno."

"Boston, donde el percusionista se radico hace cuatro anos, era una historia algo diferente. 'Cuando llegue alli, yo vi muchas pequenas banda, pero no del tipo de las grandes bandas como la que tenia Tito Puente. Senti qu habia la necesidad de una.'"


"Producto de un arduo e intenso trabajo de investigacion, nacio "Cubanrengue", la primera apuesta discografica de la banda que ha estado promoviendo en Republica Dominicana y que en septiembre proximo pondra en vivo a consideracion del publico."

- Listin Diaro, The Dominican Republic


CUBARENGUE, made in Montreal with Jesus Alejandro Perez, "El Nino", HOMENAJE A SAMMY SOSA y Tributo a Johnny Pacheco is a single for an upcoming CD. with JOSEITO MATEO, MERENGULINA.




Hector Cuevas grew up in a music-loving family in the Dominican Republic, listening to CUBAN music. He got his percussion start at age 15 with the band of Johnny Ventura. Hector has played in with the likes of senior Tito Puentes, Eddie Palmieri, Hanzel and Raul, Johnny Pacheco, Eddie Guagua Rivera and many more. "El Nino", Jesus Alejandro Perez, musical genius, was musical producer of CUBARENGUE, the band's first CD. Homenaje a Sammy Sosa is a single for the upcoming CD.and tributo a Jonny Pacheco and MERENGULINA with JOSEITO MATEO EL REY DE EL MERENGUE