Hector Troy

Hector Troy


In a time when simplicity is king in the world of radio airplay, Hector's Music rejects this overly simplistic outlook. He combines intricate melodies and soulful vocals with complex production and in depth subject matter. It is music with soul in and industry which often lacks it.


Hector Troy was born in New Britain, CT on November 28, 1985. Even from the beginning, things were difficult for H. Troy. By the age of 12, Hector was a ward of the state where he spent time bouncing from foster home to foster home. He sums up this time in his life in the song “Got ‘Em Like” when he says; “Mother didn’t want me and Daddy was MIA”. In the midst of this difficult time, Hector “turned to the comfort of a melody” and found that he had a gift for music. In his early teens, H. Troy began to perform at local talent competitions in the Hartford, Connecticut area where he became a crowd favorite. While at a competition at the University of Connecticut, Hector met up with an R & B group named 21 Summit. He handed the group their first talent competition defeat and in return became a member of the quartet. Hector performed extensively on the east coast as a lead singer of the group for two years. When the group disbanded in 2004 H. Troy began pursuing his career as a solo artist. Soon after striking out on his own, Hector Troy entered himself in the 2006 Connecticut IDOL competition in West Hartford, CT. A single face in a sea of thousands Hector’s sultry yet powerful voice put him in the forefront of the judges minds. Hector Troy was eventually crowned Connecticut IDOL. Soon after, Hector signed an Exclusive recording agreement with the independent label, Blak Box Music Group. It was at Blak Box that Hector was reunited with Former Band-mate/Producer Ken “Aniken” Quesnel and Former Producer/Engineer Jason “Sho’Nuff” Valencia. H. Troy began writing and recording his debut album “The Ballad of Hector Troy” in February of 2007. Throughout The Album you will hear traces of his influences which include; Stevie Wonder, Usher, Donnell Jones, Boyz II Men, Mario, Justin Timberlake, Mariah Carey, Jay-Z, and Eminem.


The Ballad Of Hector Troy ( Blak Box Music Group LLC ) release Date September 18th 2007.

Leave it Alone Radio Airplay- hot 93.7, power 104.1
Specialty shows

Set List

6- 10 songs (more or less if needed) can use live backup band(keyboaqrds,drummer, bass, and or backup singers) or of performance cds. Generally all orignal music from upcoming album( cover songs can be performed if needed, but not generally included in his normal set).