Hedgehog & Frog

Hedgehog & Frog

 Dallas, Texas, USA

It's new wave electronic rock. A blend of New Order, Depeche Mode, Kraftwerk, and Paul Oakenfold. It's science fiction music.


Hedgehog & Frog began as a musical narrative to a children's story created by Dallas-based producer Xai III. In 2009, Bernard Ferrell joined as co-producer and the two began playing small acoustic shows before entering Bass Propulsion Laboratories to record an album in 2010.

The recordings were engineered by Nolan Thies (Little Black Dress) who also plays bass on the album. Earl Darling was hired as a session drummer and eventually joined the band. The album, Early Bloomers of the Revolution (2012), is a new wave, Manchester-influenced, electro odyssey set in the space age.

Hedgehog & Frog perform as a trio: Xai III (synths/vocals), Bernard Ferrell (guitars), and Earl Darling (drums).


Now Behold!

Written By: Xaiphone Homechanh

i'm making a plan / the final stand
the best of my thoughts / are ready to start
i'm gathering stones / and i will restore
our kingdom again / so let it begin

now let it be known / what we're made of
let it be shown / who we are
we're royalty / made to lead
let it be seen / from afar

now behold! / watch them glow!

now behold! the cherubim are soaring 'cross the skies!
watch them glow like fireflies to fill the autumn night!

Yellow Roses

Written By: Xaiphone Homechanh

you should have seen the yellow roses
all in bloom, all in bloom
like a tempest made of gold
stretched across the land we knew
oh, the fragrance will bring you back
to the time of our youth

oh, seeds we've sown / they will talk of our times

underneath the stars / where you held my hand
where we kissed goodnight / all the roses stand

we might have known the essence of our youth
had we seen the roses in bloom
prophecy says that angels have brought
you to me and me to you
we'll discover the meaning of our lives
time reveals all truth

underneath the stars / where you held my hand
where we kissed goodnight / all the roses stand

holding fast / hold fast