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Duncan, SC | Established. Jan 01, 1999

Duncan, SC
Established on Jan, 1999
Solo Hip Hop Metal




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Still working on that hot first release.



In 2008, i started recording as HeDLesS again, with the cd "That White Boy" and in the summer of 2008 i did my first legit show as HeDLesS, at Ground Zero, i also started dating a girl named amanda, aka Mandy B, who recorded several songs with me on a few of my albums.  In early 2008 i started working on a cd which didnt have a name, when it was finished, Navigator was the one to name it, ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT.  I had bought all new recording equipment, and software, and finally got Autotune... so i started recording songs where i was singing, and recorded an ep for Mandy B,  i had a beat called "beautiful day" that mandy b was supposed to record a song to, but we were both clueless on how we were going to approach the song...  me and Mandy B broke up in december of 2008, and she didnt record anymore songs, that beat sat for 9 months on my computer, til one day after i did a huge 2 day show at ground zero, called Burn Fest, Jubbyfuk wanted to collaborate on a song, and i went through my beats, and came across that one, and i was just messing with it, and turned the pitch down to where the voice of the girl sounded different, and added a sample of a breakdown i had sitting on my computer that someone gave me... and the only thing i could think to do with it then, was scream over the chorus that was already there... so i did... and it was amazing...  Jubbyfuk Loved the song, and sent me back a verse recorded and within a couple days, and i had posted on myspace asking if anyone else wanted to collab on this song, and Kobrah hit me up, so i sent it to him, and the song was finished within 3 days... 

that was the first song i decided to put on a new cd, i just remastered some of the best songs from the last cd...   i called that cd OUTCAST, because i had never heard of anyone screaming in rap songs before, and i felt like i was going to be an Outcast...  People loved Beautiful Day so much, that i had people telling me, "I CANT FIND YOU ON ITUNES!!"  So that's when i decided to put my music on itunes...  I started with Outcast, beautiful day, opened up doors to bigger collabs with more famous people, in the "crunkcore" genre, which i didnt even know existed when i recorded it... Jayreck from Dot Dot Curve messaged me on myspace one day saying he loved Beautiful day, and i asked him if he wanted to be on the remix i had planned on doing of it, he said he was just about to ask that...  so i sent the instrumental to him, months later, i get a text from Spanky from DDC, saying they just finished up the remix, it kinda threw me off, because Jayreck completely redid the beat, and took me out of it, and they did their own version of it, which pissed me off...  but spanky sent me the remade beat, and i added my vocals back to it, and put it up on itunes myself, so it was all good. Later in 2009 i recorded an ep, i just called N!664, that featured a song i had been working on called "I got it goin on" i sent it to spanky and he loved it, and he did a verse to it, along with Austin Acyd.  JJ Demon contacted me about a collab later, and i sent him a beat i had been working on and hadnt really done anything with, he did a verse and sent it to spanky and he did a verse, and they sent it back to me, and i recorded my verse...  it stilll didnt have a name, but it had a chorus, which i didnt even mean for that to be the actual chorus, that was just something that i had stuck in there to take up space... lol  but JJ Demon named the song "birdies in the whiddip" 

 Austin Acyd gave me an idea for an anti suicide song he wanted me to do, so i ran with it, he gave me a beat too, but i couldnt use it, so i did one of my own, and it became the song "Taking everything Away" which is still one of my favorite songs ive ever written.  

in 2011, i approached a LOT of different people for collabs for my cd that took a LONG time to finish called "Is Crunk" there were i believe 18 features on that cd... including Dropping a Popped Locket, Pants Party, JJ Demon, Melody Joy, Sonic, Lessthan3, Koly from THR, BK, Killa Kami, Tank, Toxicskymeltdown, Monster Afterparty, BrandonBURN and more...  it was one of my biggest production albums so far...

later in 2011 i formed a group with a few people from Startex, called IDB, we did shows around the state, also opened up for Young Buck and Lil Wyte, in Memphis TN, that was an awesome trip. 

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