Hedras Ramos

Hedras Ramos


I'm 16 years old and started playig guitar at age of 6. My dad's producing my first album which is almost done. It's an instrumental Guitar driven with lots of energy, cool melodies and great riffs. I played all guitars, synths, my father played bass, recorded and mixed all 12 songs.


I started playing drums at age of 2, but switched to guitar at 6. I played in church, and some music festivals in Guatemala. In 2006 i competed on the ISC and made it up to semi-finalist among 14,000 competitors of 88 countries.
My music is instrumental, guitar driven, rock, progressive, alternative and a little bit of jazz. My influences have been my father Hedras Ramos Sr., Joe Satriani, Steva Vai, Petrucci, Paul Gilbert, Malmsteen, Guthrie Govan, Larry Carlton, Lee Ritenour and many more. I desire so bad to win a full scholarship to Berklee or GIT to get better and reach my dreams and goals! I have so much to learn!


Blue Rain

Written By: Hedras Ramos Jr.

Instrumental song. Electric guitar driven. All guitars, bass, synth, composition by Hedras Ramos Jr.


I haven't realeased any single or album before until now which is a 12 song album all songs written by myself, we hope to have it ready in November 2007, I'd love to get international distribution in a major label!!!

Set List

I have written almost 20 songs, 12 of them will be in this coming album. I have enough material to play a 2 hour show. I've also performed covers of Joe Satriani in many venues in Guatemala.