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"It's Not P. Diddy or Russell Simmons ... It's Sire - Really Hot Music's Founder & CEO and He Has a Corporate Music Brand Name He Say's ..."

New York (Vocus/PRWEB ) August 28, 2008 -- Watch out Sean P. Diddy Combs and Russell Simmons, there's a new CEO in town and he just might be the true King of New York. His name is Sire, as in King, and he's bringing the "hottness" with his progressive state of the art company Really Hot Music. “All you have to do is hear the name Really Hot Music and you know it’s a name the industry just won’t be able to ignore!”

In his prior life high profile law firms looked to him to win their high profile cases. A litigation expert by trade whose specialty is in advanced technology, Anthony “Sire” Martinez knows how to get the job done…and then some! Now he’s taking his high powered legal and corporate contacts to pave the way for Really Hot Music to become one of the most advanced technological music companies in the industry. “We’re not here to become just another indie label under one of the majors. Really Hot Music will become top tier in all of its corporate divisions starting with its Entertainment & Management Group that will foster the next generation of artist development and we’ll start with the multi-platinum potential Rock Hip Hop group HEDSICK” says Sire.

How will they become the most advanced music company by the use of technology? ”We’ll start by addressing the 14.5 billion in revenue lost due to music piracy by introducing technology that will curb that same piracy…” says Sire. “Really Hot Music will also become a pioneer in changing the way music is distributed in stores by introducing a new marketing method for artist. We intend to make Really Hot Music’s download site the biggest competitor to I-tunes.” But it doesn’t stop there! Really Hot Music also has a Publishing Division with an extensive catalog of hit songs, a Modeling Division, a Video Production Division and of course it’s own Record Label that will handle its own distribution. Given the strategy and the background of their CEO, Really Hot Music is definitely the company to watch in these upcoming months.

***Writers Notes***
1. Really Hot Music’s new website & MySpace page will be completed for launch September 1, 2008.
2. Anthony “Sire” Martinez is a remarkable executive with an amazing story and is available for scheduled interviews.
3. HEDSICK is a Rock Hip Hop Group managed by Really Hot Music’s Entertainment & Management Group and has just completed a potentially multi-platinum album with smash hit songs like Fade Away, Lately, Have It All, I Like My Beat Turned Up and the controversial George Bush basher Throw Em’ Up! HEDSICK will be distributed by Really Hot Music with a release date of November 1, 2008. Visit HEDSICKS Electronic Pres Kit at www.sonicbids.com/HEDSICK.


- Vocus/PRWEB

"If It’s Not Crazy It’s Not HEDSICK! Really Hot Music Announces Completion of Multi-Platinum Potential Album of Rock Hip Hop Group HEDSICK"

New York, August 25, 2008: Really Hot Music Founder & CEO Anthony “Sire” Martinez announces today the completion of the first album for Rock Hip Hop Group HEDSICK, Really Hot Music’s first multi-platinum potential music group. The album titled “Have It All” consist of 10 songs with several potential #1 billboard smash hits like “Fade Away”, “Lately” and the self entitled “Have It All” all modern day rock hits that will easily become classics. Up tempo head banging smash hits like “I Like My Beat Turned Up” feat Kashmere from DMX’s Bloodline Records and “Get Off My…” will keep listeners blasting their IPODS and car systems.

The Rock Hip Hop group HEDSICK consists of the infamous lyrist King Phaze, a former A&R of Ruff Ryder/Ruff Rock & Morris Tancredi, a Canadian track master and talented musician. The two combine to create a crash banging Beastie Boys meets Linkin Park sound. According to King Phaze HEDSICK is defined as “…Rock Hip Hop at its best! Artist and label executives have been selling out for quite some time now. Our sound screams freedom…THROW YA MIDDLE FINGERS UP! We’re not wrapped too tight...lol! We’re crazy and willing to take the 1st Amendment to the limit in a time when people are scared to speak!” Phaze and Morris also produced beats under their own company called Diamond Krownz Productions. Both are responsible for all the tracks on their HEDISCK Album as well as several of the new tracks on the upcoming CD DMX album “Walk With Me Now and You’ll Fly With Me Later.”

Really Hot Music is a Miami/New York based multi-talented company with its own entertainment and management group, publishing group, indie label, modeling division and video production division. An empire in the making and sure to be the next Def Jam/Bad Boy, Anthony “Sire” Martinez is the Founder & CEO who holds the patent pending designs to curb music piracy and change the future of music distribution.
- Really Hot Music


HEDSICK LP - Have It All - Release Date 10/1/2008
HEDSICK Singles:

1. Throw Em Up
2. My Beat Turned Up (Feat. Kashmere)
3. Get Off My Dick
4. Life
5. Slip Away
6. Have It All
7. Fade Away
8. Lately
9. HEDICK Killa
10.Repin NY



Jonathan “KING PHAZE” Rivera grew up in the streets of Yonkers, New York. A hardhead most times, Phaze grew up in a one bedroom Yonkers apartment with a strong Mother, brother and father that was always away at work or just not coming home at all. So as a result, at the age of 12 Phaze began to associate himself with the wrong crowd in front of the building he lived at. Influenced by the wrong people it became became extremely difficult at the age of 15 for Phaze to stop smoking weed all day. His only escape would be his headphones listening to a mix of PANTARA, NINE INCH NAILS, MARLIN MANSON, SMASHING PUMPKINS, KORN, and the whole WU-TANG CLAN. Trying to stay positive and keep away from the negativity, Phaze would try to lead instead of being lead. Instead of running the streets engaging negativity, Phaze would get together with all of his crew and bring them to the park at night. In huge packs of male and females, they would exchange verbal combat...battling each other in rhymes. Eventually the crew formed a rap group of 6 rappers who began to record demos and battle other local rap groups.

Phaze created a local buzz and would eventually catch the ear of a local D.J who later on took Phaze to meet independent record label & studio owner George Nivkor. Impressed with Phazes talent, George placed him in the recording studio with the likes of KILLAH PRIEST, AZ, CANIBUS, JOHN FORTEY, producer/rapper DADDY ROSE and many more. George then paired Phaze up with MORRIS JOSPEH TANCREDI where the two would develope a new sound called Rock Hip Hop only be later attributed to the likes of the Beastie Boys and Linkin Park. Phaze and Morris made the kind of music that generated offers from many investors and major record labels. Phazes talents would land him doing features on other artist's singles an albums like AZ's single "I'm Back" for DADDY ROSE. At the age of 17, Phaze landed a recording contract with MOTOWN RECORDS armed with guest appearances by KILLAH PRIEST, DADDY ROSE and AZ.

Unfortunately the avoidance of negativity in Phazes life would catch up with him and during the same month of his glimpse into his recording future at Motown, both Daddy Rose and King Phaze would find them selves in prison losing their recording deals. Serving a 3 year sentence in New York State's infamous state prison system for a conviction of assault, Phaze would find himself amongst the most violent and abusive fighting everyday for his own survival. A fighter by trade and design, Phaze began to find himself becoming more of what he didn't want to be and losing faith and hope inhis music. It was then that Phaze found the Almighty Latin King & Queen Nation (ALKQN). Through their lessons and prayers, Phaze found a new way of life an being. Their teaching f Respect, Honesty, Unity, Knowledge & Love help Phaze refocus and find his music way. He began writing music again and spend most of his days in books learning. He spent time building his body and taking good care of himself mentally, physically & spiritually and upon release, like a greyhound at th track, Phaze exied the gates of prison and went straight to the Music executives to restablish himself. It is here where his new journey begins...

MORRIS JOSEPH TANCREDI grew up in Montreal, Quebec Canada where he spent the first 20 years of his life going to school and studying music. At age of 13 Morris had a deep passion to learn how to play drums. Morris wanted to be taught by the best of the best, percussionist Aldo Mazza. At his request he said that learning piano would make Morris a better drummer so his mother enrolled him in piano and all available music programs. Morris continued his studies in the art including his studies in Italian Opera, guitar, trombone and a degree in Audio Engineering. Morris loved to play Hockey and was part of many local rock bands. Morris however, felt that the montreal music scene was shifting towards tribute bands, and although he was great fan of the classic rock bands, he wanted to make his own mark in the industry. He packed up his life in his mustang and moved to a loft in Queens, New York where he opened his own recording studio. He split his time working in music stores and taking sessions in his studio and other studios to teaching piano & guitar to pay his bills. Morris met a studio owner in Yonkers, New York named George Nivkor & began working in his studio part time as a recording engineer. During this time Morris'visa had expired and he moved back to Canada but always kept in touch with his friend Phaze.

With Phaze in New York and Morris in Canada they were able to record a full length KING PHAZE mix tape sending pro tools files through the mail. The CD was a local smash and landed on the desk of KOCH ENTERTAINMENT distributed by BIG DADDY RECORDS CEO SAMMY Z. Sammy Z quickly signed Phaze and Morris to a recording contract. It was a Rock Hip Hop influenced song on Phazes record called “Down