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"The Energy and how to keep it"

It's a sad fact of music that bands come and bands go. Nothing is forever in the music business, and it seems few things in life are so transient as a musical group. What's hot and happening one day is suddenly gone in what seems like an instant. The band you loved to go see one day isn't there anymore and you're left thinking "Wow, I miss those guys..."
When I returned to the Triad a couple of years ago, my best friend was fronting a popular band called Magazyne. They gigged steadily, they were good, and they were most of all, fun! I got to know the guys in the band and even shared the stage with them a few times, but about a year ago, Magazyne underwent a big change. In what seemed like the blink of an eye, three of the five members were gone. Drummer Anthony Foltz and guitarist Danny Chatfield went to play in the original band Mudjunkie, and bassist Troy Jordan soon began playing with Camel City Pie. Magazyne soldiered on for another year with a new lineup, and were in fact quite good (and different, stylistically), but I did miss the energy of the "old Magazyne".
Troy left Camel City Pie after a short tenure there, and Mudjunkie dissolved again after a few great gigs. One day Danny Chatfield began talking to me about a new project he was playing in. He mentioned that he was playing with a few Winston Salem scene regulars, and that the band would be called Hed Trip. I was excited for him, and I eagerly awaited news of the new project.
It took a couple of months until I heard of actual stirrings in the Hed Trip camp. Danny and his vocalist Brian Atkins came to one of my band's shows and we talked. It seemed Hed Trip was just about ready to hit the scene. Then word came out that they had parted ways with their bassist. Typically, this means a long rebuilding process, but not this time. Danny managed to get Troy Jordan, his old bassist from Magazyne to come join the band, and after only a few weeks of rehearsal, Hed Trip had their first show at Tailgators in Winston Salem.
Not surprisingly, there was a packed house on May 12th. Hed Trip not only hails from Winston Salem, but features members who have played in several bands that were fixtures on the Triad scene. So with the bar lined with patrons and the dance floor filled, Hed Trip's long awaited debut began. My first impression was that damn, Brian Atkins can sing! I'd seen him before in Sonic Shakedown a few years ago, but this guy can really belt out a tune. His voice is clear, strong, and high. He had no problems pulling off some Journey, Motley Crue, and Outfield tunes (which being high register, can give some vocalists fits), and was just as at home belting out some of the more modern rock one might hear played on 100.3.
Guitarists Shawn Miles and Danny Chatfield just seemed to fit together. Their sound blended well, and the leads were right on point. One of the most entertaining points of the evening was when Shawn's rig lost power during a Journey song, and he performed the solo by "mouth guitaring" into the mic! Classic!
The rhythm section featured drummer Jason Collins, who's tight percussion and tasty licks framed the band's spirited set, and bassist Troy Jordan. What can I say about Troy? He's not only one of my favorite bassists, but he's one of my favorite performers. Troy is a mixture of epic bass riffs, boundless energy, and a huge grin on stage. He adds instant energy to any band he's with, and it's great to see him on stage again.
The band's set contained everything from 80's pop (Journey, The Outfield), to metal (Kiss, Quiet Riot), to modern rock. The crowd was charged, the dance floor filled, and a good time seemed to be had by all.
I actually got to see Hed Trip again, the following weekend opening for Triad metal mavens Faceplant at After Hours Tavern in High Point, NC. Their performance at After Hours Tavern proved that Tailgators was no fluke; they brought their A game and were rewarded by not only a full dance floor and rowdy c - Triadlivemusic.com / Written by Brian Meyers


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Hedtrip is a premiere cover band from Winston Salem, NC playing songs from Classic rock to Modern pop and rock songs. The band bases its shows on High energy and a professional performance and attitude from start to finish and focus the music on the details of the songs most normal cover bands let slip through the cracks, The Band is sponsored by Coors Light/ Miller Brewing, Intune Guitar Pics, Daydreamers Rock N Roll Emporium and The Last Stand Tattoo Shop to date. The bands members are all seasoned players who's resume's spawn from some of the areas most popular bands of the last 10/15 years and has a very extensive mailing and promotion list that is utilized with every gig that's booked along with very heavy promotion on their Facebook, Reverbnation and other social Media pages the band has to ensure the best possible turn out for every gig that's booked. Hedtrip can also provide song list, recorded samples of music, Sample Videos and references from several Clubs/ Events they've preformed at. So Take the time to check out Hedtrip for your next available date or special musical needs, You wont be disappointed!