Hed Trip Drama

Hed Trip Drama



Hed Trip Drama is a hard rock band out of Atlanta, Georgia. The first band signed to SOUTHERN METAL RECORDS. Years of hard work and dedication has landed HTD where they are at now. They are at the top of the game willing to contest with anything and anyone. Bringing you the most aggressive, but yet very meaningful music that today's music scene is lacking severely. Hed Trip Drama combines the right amount of heaviness with the right amount of feeling to turn their music into something more than just average and more than just today's cliche of bands. No matter what your type of music is HTD is there. Learning from past mistakes and misfortunes seperates HTD from just every other band out there.. .

They all share the same dream; to touch the lives and souls of everyone who hears their music and witnesses the energetic live shows. Since their lineup changes HTD has been in the studio recording their debut CD to be released late November and playing gigs in the Atlanta area. A south eastern tour is planned for January 2007.

Hed Trip Drama is not a fad or trend. HTD sings about life struggles that we all can relate to. Hed Trip Drama is a newly found release of your sorrow and anger in this crazy world.