Decatur, Georgia, USA
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Hip-Hop Crunk "Real artists who have palpable chemistry which translates into a fresh unique blend of Hip-Hop and Rock with a Soulful after taste."



FRANK CASTLE (THE RAPPER) born in an era where the music landscape was being manicured into a new generational genre, Frank Castle emerged into the world to forever change the face of Hip Hop. His charismatic whit combined with the street intelligence of a street poet creates a unique blend that is real and unforgettable. He does not come to the scene as a newbie. He has worked with countless artists and producers that include Cee-Lo from the legendary group Goodie Mob and most recently Gnarls Barkley. When listening to him one can hear his musical influences radiate from his hard hitting tracks and skillfully mastered lyrics. When asked what is his driving force behind his music and lyrics? the afro clad artist replies, "Waking up every morning and being hungry is what drives me. I can't imagine my life without my music!" The passion and drive Frank Castle embodies everyday is the living testament to his genius and destined success in this Hip Hop game. Not only has he worked with many big producers aforementioned but he has also opened for The Roots when they were doing college campus tours. Being a connoisseur of old classic cars, he has shown his love by performing at many of the Nopi Nationals Car Show events.

ALIEN (THE DRUMMER) came to this world on accident, from a toilet on a spaceship near the far nebular!! He came to touch the world with the blessing of sound!!! To understand his ways are impossible. Few have come close to encountering the Alien!! His mother and father Aliens are unknown (No trace of any members of the Alien nation). He was found by two very interesting individuals in the heart of Jackson, Mississippi. Soul found the Alien and became his mentor. Alien who now derives in Decatur, Ga. can be heard through the hard kick drum beat and the rattling snare through many forms of music Rock, Jazz, and most importantly Hip-Hop.

Now the Story of ‘HEED’ Begins...
HEED, was formed 5 months ago, Shaheed and Ali have been childhood friends and performed together at many clubs & on many stages as Solo Artist, early this year they decided to become one. Together, HEED has won many talent shows around the City of Atlanta (Adonis International Showcase @ The Crow’s Nest, Patchwerk Studios I DO MUSIC @ Apache Café’), they have also hosted & performed @ record breaking Parties & Concerts at a few of Decatur’s Hottest Venues (O’Reily’s Bar & Grill, The Atrium, & Scores), Performed @ the Annual Luda Day Block Party, Volunteered @ Ludacris’ Annual Ludachrismas, & the Bi-Annual Sweet Auburn Festival in Atlanta. Their most recent performance and world television debut was on Oct. 29th on BET’s 106 & Park’s Wild Out Wednesday where they won 1st Place by a landslide of 49%.
Hip Hop, as we currently know it, is feeling and seeing a major shift in its infrastructure. The foundation, the climate, the world will change. "HEED" has come to save all of Hip Hop artist/mankind. This plethora of talent mixed with a strong sense of self, produces the concoction of a career that will sustain while others may fail. A new day has come and its changer's names are "HEED"!!!

HEED is constantly at work in the Studio and Performing at Local Events.


LEGZ and Up In Tha Murnin'

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