Heed The Arsonist

Heed The Arsonist


Heed The Arsonist is not your typical wall of rock n roll. Its members have meshed their varying musical influences into a solid song-writing machine.


Heed The Arsonist is a high-energy rock band from Niagara Falls, Ontario. For its members, music has always been an artistic obsession. It's a rare creative outlet that has opportunity to inspire people while having fun.

Brothers Brad and Aaron Moore teamed up in 2007 to write for their most ambitious endeavor. Aaron had spent the previous few years in Berlin, Germany experiencing its lifestyle and music scene while Brad rocked stages around Ontario with his punk band. When Aaron returned to Canada, the brothers began planting seeds of ideas in their home studio. Most of this time was spent producing and writing songs that would mesh their interests and say what they wanted to say.
It was important to them that their lyrics push through in a positive view, trying to not complain but encourage. Aaron's slick guitar playing complimented Brad's melodies and by the fall they had completed a six-track demo. They began to see the potential for this project and it was so close.

This marks the real beginning. The brothers were joined by Brad's lifelong band-mate Tyler Bishop on guitar and close friend Ryan Petsche on drums. The studio ideas came alive and the songs began to take shape as the missing pieces fell into place.
HTAs sound comes from a large palette of influence but still maintains its rock and roll roots. With an alternative rock sound meshed with modal style jazz in Harvest to driving rock and roll in About You, HTA finds influence from bands like Foo Fighters and U2 to Miles Davis and Jeff Buckley.
It's not always just your typical riff on a wall of noise.
Heed The Arsonist continues to write for an upcoming record while bringing a high-energy performance to the stage.

Release 2008


About You

Written By: B Moore

You've found the frays in the seems
Displayed the cracks in between
Keep tabs 'cause everything is timing
It's a shot in the dark but the mark is a man
He's got strength in his heart but there's blood on his hands
Somehow it almost seems to easy

Is it just me or is this room getting smaller
The temperature is rising but surprisingly

I know the truth about you
You never let me see past the bruise
But I gain control by letting go
I believe that every second counts
Every moment will amount
To something bigger than what I can imagine

You've found the truth about me
So much more than most others see
And I can't escape the times you remind me
I try to keep the past in the past
When the last thing said to me was it's dead to me
Somehow you always seem to find me

It's out of my hands, it almost seems to easy


6 Track online Demo
About You, The Zero Hour, Harvest, In Your Own Sweet Way, Steadfast Line,

Set List

Typical set is about 8 to 10 songs depending on allowable playing time. Usually 45 minutes.