Folky, bluesy kind of all americana blend. Affectionately referred to as Canal Blues.


I got my first guitar when i was seven or eight, but just let that one warp until my first electric guitar around 12 yrs old. I've had a guitar nearby for the rest of my life. Even during 4 yrs of military service, I carried one halfway around the world. I played in low-keyed local cover bands for many years. I've been writing my own songs since teenage yrs but kept them to myself until 2004 when I got fed up with band politics and decided to persue my own interests. That move opened a world of encouragement and appreciateive audiences. As we speak I'm working on my first all original CD. But I don't want to rush it.


I've done 2 different radio shows local to western NY. Scott Leffler on WLVL 1340 AM in Lockport New York and Dale Campbel WJJL 1440 Niagara Falls New York. I also co -produced "The Seldom Heard" local cable TV show on LCTV out of Lockport NY where we showcased local singer/songwriters.

Set List

I try to keep set lengths to 45 minutes but I'm a zoner, if I'm on a roll I'll do 2 hrs straight. I typically intersperse originals (o) with covers (c).
A typical set might be:
Peaches and Cream (o)
Donna Mae (o)
Glory Days (c)
It takes a lot to Laugh (c)
Rosalie (o)
Tell Me, Tell You (o)
Big Red Bike (o)
Down and Out (c)
Something Special (c)
Memories (o)
Losin Sleep (o)
Saturday Night (o)