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"Falcon Heene crashes back to earth with a very loud bang to launch 'world's youngest heavy metal band' with his brothers"

"The Heene Boyz music is certainly heavy, both in sound and themes as the video below for 'Chasing Tornadoes' and 'Again' clearly show." - Mail Online, UK

"Artist of the Day: The Heene Boyz"

“...there’s a genuine touch of Bruce Dickinson’s wail in young Falcon’s pipes.” - Tampa Bay - Soundcheck


2nd Album (EP): American Chili
1. American Chili (8:22)
2. Duct Tape Man (4:59)
3. Cactus People (7:00)

Debut Album: Chasing Tornadoes
1. Chasing Tornadoes (6:00)
2. Rejection (5:01)
3. Again (6:34)
4. World of Warcraft (5:00)
5. Burnin' To Play (4:18)
6. Latte Vampiress (5:03)
7. Tone of Voice (4:22)
8. Candy Cane (5:05)

2 cover songs:
Iron Man
Smoke on the Water



The HEENE BOYZ have made many appearances on television that include two times on Wife Swap, and have they been in the news for their storm chase adventures.
The HEENE BOYZ might just be the world’s youngest metal band. Falcon Heene, age 10, is the lead vocalist and Bass player, Bradford Heene, age 13, plays lead guitar, and Ryo Heene, age 12, plays the drums.
The band started in January 2011 in Spring Hill, Florida.
Falcon Heene was born with an unusually high pitch voice that is unique and adds to the metal sound of the band.
Their musical influences include Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath, Dio, Metallica, to Disturbed, Linkin Park, Van Halen and most everything else that is Metal.
Currently, HEENE BOYZ is working on the 2nd Album, "American Chili" - heavier and more unique style of Metal with a big surprise - something you can't miss.