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An Asian-American Female Rapper who's not afraid to spit the raw TRUTH about God, Life and Reality. When this girl raps you feel the passion and force behind every word.


To make a long story short (although i have problems doing that), i was born in Seoul, Korea and my parents left me right after they gave birth. I wound up in foster care in Korea for about four months until my adoptive parents brought me to America (Staten Island, NY to be exact). It's one thing to be a minority in the US, but a completely different thing to be a minority within your own race. I have been struggling with this for as long as i can remember, and so music was the only way for me to find my identity.
Jesus Christ has been my life support for many years now, and he has brought me through a lot of rough times. My lyrics let everyone know the pain and hardships of growing up adopted and living in a reality of not knowing your own parents. It's deep and it's real, and only through God am I truly able to do that. Many people i have encountered completely misunderstand adoptees and their differences, and so I want them to know EXACTLY how hard it is to be understood. My aim as a Gospel Rapper is to finally have people listen to my story, and to also reach out to those who can relate.
Christian hip-hop is not an imitation of Secular hip-hop. It's a form of music that TRULY saves lives and it lets artists express themselves fully. One thing you all will know for sure after listening to my songs: whatever you thought about me, i wasnt...whatever God thinks of me, i am.

My music is also giving hope to all of those who have dreams. When the world tells you you cant make it, that's usually around the time when you realize you will. Trust me, if you're the only one doing it, you must be doing something right.

"It's On" by Heesun is a bangin' joint! Matter fact this is the focus right now. This is the cut that caught my ear, I'll work this for ya." -DJ Bubba G. Scotch of KHDC 90.9 FM, Salinas, CA


It's On

Written By: Heesun, D. Chase

"It's On"

Homie, its On,
Long as i'm livin i'mma give my last breath to my Savior, and so,
Now It's On,
Now i see the truth, through the smoke, and with God is where i belong,
Homie, it's On.


So grab a mic and here i go,
i think i mighta made it pro,
yellow skins wit the tims, yeah, thats right, thats how i roll.
I'm spittin for them hatahz,
no time to talk i'll see ya lata.
Now you understand, man,
this is for my Jesus, man,
reachin out to people, life is stretchin like a rubberband.
Remember, now i told ya,
Heesun, beatsnblessings, marchin through they call us soldiers.
SOG, where you be,
show'em how u rep when u in BNB.
Rebel, i hear him barkin,
oh my gosh, they got him startin,
bring the unsaved forward now i see they cars parkin.
My girl, tanisha brown,
blessin souls, ya hear that sound,
Now the Angelz tell ya how they do, they holdin it down.
Reppin, Jesus CHrist,
take the Bible out as armor cuz we givin up our life,
New Life, we do it right.
You see me doin this song,
so go ahead, they call me Heesun,
get the party started, homie, cuz we screamin it's ON.


Verse 2:

I'mma keep on spittin for my crew, i'm holdin the tears,
Let'em know without em by my side, i wouldnt be here.
Malakai been 3 yrs, and you said it from the start,
You said this Asian girl could make it cuz she spittin from her heart.
And my brother, Wisdom, wow,
how you helped my through my doubts,
gave me courage, kept my head up when my faith was runnin out.
My boy Sage, and i cant forget D Chase,
y'all the ones who showed me love when i was losin my place.
To my NL fam, Pastor Peter, ya no game,
workin miracles in church, these people must think we're insane.
Zola, my greatest inspiration, keepin me in check,
dont forget, witout you by my side i couldnt take these steps.
All the youth kids,
love ya like no other cuz the truth is,
bein anywhere but NL is kinda useless.
All my love to everyone who brought me to this song,
do it strong,
y'all could back me up by screamin it's ON.


Verse 3:

One more time i'll spit it out,
Jesus CHrist, now hear me out,
I give ya all the glory, this my biggest shout out.
Never thought it'd ever happen,
where my life would turn to rappin.
Cuz'a You i did it,
Cuz'a You i had the strength to overcome my every limit,
Cuz'a You i'm never finished.
To all them people thinkin, nah, this girl can't be forreal,
Jesus came up in they face and then He let'em know the deal.
Been through trials, tribulations, sufferin, and heartache,
this profession aint a joke, i gave my life thats what it takes.
Never backin down, Jesus, You the reason i'm alive,
All the love You givin me, i pray You give it supersized.
I'm never perfect,
but YOu told me that i'm worth it,
so i'll do it up with BNB, we screamin "At Your Service!"
Never go wrong,
All the pain is so gone,
finish up this hot song,
to my God, from Heesun...
y'all ready, now we screamin it's ON!!!



Hold My Hand

Written By: Heesun

"Hold My Hand" (HMH)

Hold My Hand, lemme feel the love and warmth of Your touch,
HMH, I'm going crazy, now i'm shakin too much,
HMH tears are fallin, eyes are ballin, feet are stallin,
HMH pain is haulin, faith is crawlin, now i'm callin,
HMH, this aint over, i aint ridin alone,
HMH i need ya guidance, i cant find my way home.
HMH stop the tremblin,
these enemies dont quit it, man, i'm seein more than 10 of'em,
HMH all the good times, it's gettin harder to remember em.
HMH where's the power, where's the strength, i'm losin hope,
HMH i'm sinkin fast, i'm at the end of the rope.
HMH this world is temptin me, it's gettin me, it's stressin me,
HMH the enemy, is testin me, they workin overtime to pressure me.
HMH i'm sinkin fast,
how can any human last?
HMH my future's in trouble cuz i'm hatin on my past.
HMH i feel abandoned,
if this is where i should be, i regret i ever landed.
HMH why i'm askin? cuz my parent's left me stranded,
HMH and take my life cuz no one else can understand it.
HMH dont wanna cry no more, this pain is overwhelming,
HMH i see myself in hell, every part of me is melting.
HMH at night, or even when i'm wakin,
HMH cuz drinkin, sex, and parties is not the road i wanna be takin.
HMH cuz life aint fair,
i feel i'm livin for despair,
HMH forget these people and what they think cuz i dont care.
HMH gimme comfort, keep me safe and keep me calm,
HMH so i can feel Your love resting in my palms.
HMH, HMH, i just want you no other man,
HMH, HMH, cuz that's the only way i'll stand,

Peep Our Lord

Written By: Heesun & Craig son of God

"Peep Our Lord"

Heesun's verse:

Now this is what the world knows,
Pain is callin, kids are fallin, this is what the world shows,
(whoa) abandoned kids are left,
(whoa) all they see is death,
lookin for a lil hope, (whoa) can't find it yet.
Why this, why that,
anybody tired yet?
wanna save the children, nah, you leave'em in the projects.
Cmon- Babies in the foster homes, humans or they objects?
All these people never wanna rap about these topics.
Youth are dyin, cryin,
hopin someone puts the time in.
Seein sex and drugs, killin,
so the media could make a livin.
Think it's funny?
Havin children sold for a lil money?
And parents keep the kids out the church,
even worse,
suicidal rates are comin up, they jumpin out the dirt.
i'm prayin for em,
hopin for a better day, shoot, i'm prayin for em.
And now i say this, ignorance is bliss,
innocence, what i miss,
wish, for some happiness,
i'm prayin for these kids.

Craig: We're here to open up doors!
Heesun: We dont need no applause!
Craig: To all the city youth, lookin for truth...
Both: Yo, Peep our Lord! (repeat 3X)

Yo, Peep our Lord, cmon... (repeat 4X)

Craig Verse:

Tired of all the nonsense you pay the cosequence/Record companies sell sex drugs and violence/and video games put down America's finest/While the school system/Yo it's buried behind us/From the moment that they born even their mama don't want them/And their father can't afford them so he want's to abort them/From the time they hit this earth they feel no worth and they start crying out somebody put me first/somebody recognize my brown eyes recognize my pretty skin/Recognize that I need a family and loving friends/We here to open our doors we don't need no applause to the city youth looking for truth yo peep our Lord/Hung out with the kids and sat them on his lap/Looked at all the people and said yo don't mess wit that/These my little children and I got their back/so if you thinking about abusing them it's going to be a rap.

Craig: We're here to open up doors!
Heesun: We dont need no applause!
Craig: To all the city youth, lookin for truth...
Both: Yo, Peep our Lord! (repeat 3X)

Yo, Peep our Lord, cmon... (repeat 4X)


2004 - Heesun "It's On!" EP

2003 - BNB "At Your Service"
(featuring: Craig son of God, Complex, Rebel and Tanisha Brown)

2002 - Beats N Blessings Vol. 2 compilation CD
(featuring: Craig son of God, D-Lite, Geallo, Kronicles, Prafacy, Stardom & Wisdom)

Set List

It's On!
Thankful Acappela
Spoken Word
My Prayer
Peep Our Lord