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"spill it"

Twisted roots trio Heevahava is set to release their latest CD, 'all ferhoodle'. on Saturday. The band will play a free show at the Northside Taverm to celebrate. Gory Horn is also on the bill.
About a year, the band traveled to Chicago to record 'all ferhoodled' with legendary studio engineer Steve Albini. One listen and it's hard to imagine the band being recorded much differently, with Albini's trademark dryness bringing out the bluntness of the band's sound perfectly. Heevahava's slandted sound is a unique mixture of Country and Folk, dosed with a wild-eyed Post Punk flavor that adds power and punch to their dark, quirk concoction. Delivered in a howling, meaning twang, singer/guitarist Mark Perry's visceral, raw lyrics ramble like a street corner prophet, without the distraction total incoherency. Lines like "some like blood, I like fire, Of course it's a metaphor. stupid". or "clouds in the sky/fearless dance above/crickets chant to get high/I don't think it matter if it "rhymes" suggest Perry scribbles down in bar napkins, throws them in a bag and pulls them out randomly when writing songs. The music reflects the surrealism of the words, with Perry's spastic, idiosyncratic guitar, Josh Dorsey's ropey, trashy bass fines, and Omar Herd's almost jazzy drum work combining to make a gloriously erratic and eerie sound that is lysergically engrossing and whole-heartedly original. If Andy Kaufman, Hank Williams, Salvador Dali, Pere Ubn and Howard Finster were in a bloody brawl, this is what their jail house jam session might sound like. - City Beat. Cincinatti


'woopty schwoopty', 'all ferhoodled'



WHAT THE #&*$ ?
heevahava? what the hells that? can't you name the band something that might be successful? like beatles/stones or something? what is heevahava anyway? some kind of jerk-off? some kind of clam juice? some kind of hill-jacker?
well, dad, i don't want to use concepts rush limbaugh hasn't digested and regurgitated, but i'll give it a whirl.
heevahava is a stripped down, bare-bones, no bullshit, sonic-sculpture, made of exploding shrapnel and damaged tissue. that includes brain tissue. we aren't safe.
heevahava began in 1995 with a line-up that came from pennsylvania and some from maryland; just like in that "battle of bull run" song from johny horton. hard-core rock and roll was the mission, not the cliched 'minor threat' kind, but hardcore in the traditional kick ass 'getting to the heart of it'
kind. Not that 'minor threat' wasn't hardcore in this traditional sense, but their countless minions? WHAT THE FUCK?


(heevahava albums)
'woopty schwoopty', 'all ferhoodled'

shit you haven't heard before
like kung-fu love simultaneously kicking your ass and singing praises to your soul. heevahava is a sonic bomb lighting up a joyous noise, which makes revelers fall in love with dangerous rock and roll once again.

(boiling the bones of the past)
beefheart, metallica, bad brains, king crimson, rolling stones, zeppelin, zz top, jesus lizard, public enemy, N.W.A. schooly d,(creating a broth that venerates your soul and inspires your body and brain)


give us a listen, see our rabid sweating pig of a live show, your mind will be edified and blown.
thank you for reading all of this
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