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New York City, New York, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2011 | SELF

New York City, New York, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2011
Solo Rock Country


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Heidi Merrill @ The Studio at Webster Hall

New York, New York, United States

New York, New York, United States

Heidi Merrill @ Webster Hall Marlin Room

New York, New York, United States

New York, New York, United States

Heidi Merrill @ Mercury Lounge

New York, New York, United States

New York, New York, United States



Singer Heidi Merrill is here to get us pumped up for Husker football! She's here to perform "Cornhusker Strong." We'll learn more about her music career and the inspiration behind the song and video. - The Morning Blend KMTV

Nebraska native and current New York City resident, recording artist Heidi Merrill has just released a new song titled "Cornhusker Strong". Be listening for more of it this fall during the Husker season on Y102. - Y102 Hot Country

This is country/rock singer Heidi Merrill. She must be from Nebraska. College football hype songs are nothing new, but “Cornhusker Strong” has the professional sheen of modern country music that may have the nation paying attention to the Nebraska Cornhuskers like they haven’t since the days of Tommie Frazier. - The Big Lead - USA Today sports

We move from a New York native going worldwide to a New Yorker going home to her Nebraskan roots.

Tomorrow, singer/songwriter Heidi Merrill will release her single "Cornhusker Strong," an anthem that celebrates her state and the unwavering love of their football team. Nebraskans, by the way, don't have a professional sports team to call their own so they live and breathe this celebrated college franchise.

Merrill's song, which she co-wrote with Jeff Cohen (Sugarland, The Band Perry) and Tamara Stewart, evokes the era of country songs entering the pop world --- think Shania Twain's rise in the late 1990s and Carrie Underwood's reign in the mid-2000s. Actually, with her pop-friendly country twang, Merrill sort of sounds a lot like a cross between the two artists.

In any event, Merrill recently performed "Cornhusker Strong" and another song off her upcoming debut EP Home Grown (out later this fall) for A-Sides. Like to hear it? Go here now. - Huffington Post

This one tune may get you fired up and singing the entire Husker football season. A Hastings native is making a name for herself with her song that highlights the Cornhusker state. It’s called Cornhusker Strong. Vocal artist Heidi Merrill is embodying the strength she says she found right here in the midst of heartland.

After traveling outside the boarders of Nebraska… she says the inspiration for this song was sparked by her childhood and it has been a way for her to stay grounded in roots found in the cornfields.

Merrill said, “sticking to your roots even in a big city it can get crazy, cut throat and hard to make it out there but you can always come home and be welcomed back from where you come from.”

She also says she wants other girls to know to not give up on their dreams and always keep home in your heart.

Music Video Director, Peter Roessler said he was inspired by the song. “I think it was a great idea to come back to Nebraska to shoot to write this whole album about home and where you are from it is really important to Heidi and she has made it important to me.”

“I was just thinking of all those childhood memories and what it means to come from Nebraska and what it means to come from you know the heartland and the Midwest and really just you know get your hands dirty and work in the fields,” said Merrill.

Heidi will be in Lincoln this weekend. If you want to check her out she will be performing at Barry’s Rooftop tonight and the Embassy Suites Rock the Dock tomorrow in the afternoon. - 10/11 News NBC Nebraska

A Hastings native is getting a
lot of attention these days
across the state with the release
of her video, “Cornhusker
Heidi Merrill, a Hastings High
graduate and University of
Nebraska-Lincoln alum, has
slowly been branching out
from her modeling career in
Europe and New York into
music the past six years and
will release her first album,
“Homegrown” on Oct. 2.
Included on the five-song EP
is “Cornhusker Strong.” Cowritten
by Merrill, Jeff Cohen
(who has written songs for
Perry, Sugar Ranch and Josh
Groban) and Tamara Stewart,
the song was released just two
weeks ago and is quickly generating
interest online. Filmed
on-site in and around Lincoln
in July, the Husker footballthemed
video had received
more than 77,000 hits on
Youtube as of this morning,
generating national interest in
such publications as USA Today
and The Huffington Post in the
process along with radio play
across the state and strong sales
on iTunes.
“I’m really happy with the
response,” Merrill said in a telephone
interview Sept. 1 from
her home base in New York. “I
was hoping people would
embrace it and love it and it’s
gone even beyond what I was
hoping. I can’t name how
many radio stations have talked
to me to do interviews. It’s pretty
“I teared up yesterday when
someone said they were listening
to ‘Cornhusker Strong’ on
the radio and they could see
my name on their radio dashboard.
I wish I’d been there so I
could have seen and heard it
myself! That’s the ultimate
dream of any musician is to
hear themselves on the radio.
That’s pretty cool.”
Having modeled for top magazines
and brands in Europe
and the U.S. since 2000, her
extensive résumé includes work
with agencies across Europe
and the U.S., along with runway
appearances and shoots for
Marie Claire, Max Mara, Escada,
Dolce & Gabbana among others.

She considers her transformation
from shy introvert to confident
beauty to be nothing less
than a true-life ugly ducking
success story. Once held back
by the debilitating effects of
scoliosis, her life was transformed
by surgery in high
school. A metal rod inserted in
her spine has given her the support
she needs to stand bracefree
and pursue her dreams.
“For the most part I’m painfree,”
she said. “I have some
lower back issues now, but, to
the eye, you can’t tell I have a
crooked spine. They straightened
me out. Coming out of
my brace, I came out of my
Her comfort level in front of
the camera is instantly apparent
in her debut video, which
was filmed over a four-day period
by her band guitarist-videographer
Pete Rossler.
Her permissions extended
only to include shots outside
Memorial Stadium. Some creative
footage shot at other locations;
however, ‘transports’ her
onto the playing field, bigscreen
scoreboard and in the
bleachers at the legendary stadium.
Her hope is to have the song
adopted by UNL as its official
team song. To her, it is the
definitive tribute song, trumpeting
both her upbringing as a
Nebraskan and UNL as the athletic
capital of the state.
The Adams County Board of
Supervisors approved $9.9 million
in tax-asking Tuesday to
support its budget for the 2015-
16 fiscal year.
Following a public hearing
during its regular meeting, the
board voted 7-0 to approve a
resolution adopting the budget,
which requires tax support of
$9.25 million for the general
and library funds plus
$643,787 for the highway
bond as payment for the
northeast truck route as well as
previous highway work.
The county has budget
requirements of $17.75 million
and $750,000 cash reserves
needed for a total proposed
general fund budget of $18.5
Projected revenues are $7.42
million for a difference of
$11.09 million needed in taxes.
That amount is $1.66 million
more than the previous year’s
As in past years, the county
board took $1 million from the
inheritance fund to reduce the
tax requirement. Former
Adams County Clerk Chris
Lewis, who prepares the county
budget, told the board during
its Aug. 4 meeting the inheritance
fund has an adequate
balance to do that again and
the board agreed to make that
Also on Tuesday, the supervisors
unanimously approved the
property tax levy.
The levy will drop about
two-thirds of a cent from the
anticipated amount of 27.47
cents to 26.85 cents after the
certified taxable value increased
from an anticipated $3.67 billion
to $3.684 billion.
Including a 1.75 cent levy for
the highway bond, the total
county levy will be cents 28.60.
Dressed in
matching white
polos, a group
of more than 100 students
from St. Michael’s
Elementary walked the
grounds of the Nebraska
State Fair on Tuesday.
The students, in grades
one through three, were
joined by hundreds of other
students from across the state
to take part in Nebraska’s
Largest Classsroom.
The state fair is transformed
into a classroom for
students Monday through
Friday for students from
across the state to learn
about everything from
STEM education programs
to farm animals, including
how to milk a cow.
“We have a map in our
head but if an exhibit is
pretty open, we stop right
there,” said St. Michael’s
principal Carrie Rasmussen.
“Right when we got off the
bus, there were no classes in
the petting zoo so they petted
camels and kangaroos.
Then the birthing pavilion
was pretty wide open, too.
It worked out great.”
In the birthing pavilion,
the students had the chance
to see sows with their newborn
piglets ranging in age
from just two to four days
Please see MERRILL/page A3 - Hastings Tribune

Merrill’s first EP, “The Way I Feel” features singles such as “Feelings Gone” which embrace the raw emotion we all encounter after a breakup. Merrill’s music is feel-good and extremely relatable, making her a pinnacle within the industry. Shane Koss and John Hogg, producer and writer of Merrill’s EP, allowed Merrill to input a completely new feel to her sound.

Merrill has performed on Jimmy Lloyd. “Faded,” another one of Merrill’s singles, is the perfect expression of the lines that are blurred when we meet someone special and forget everything else going on in our world.


Heidi Merrill, Nebraska native and current resident of New York City, brings a unique twist to the music world pulling inspiration from Sinead O’Connor, Evanescence, Leona Lewis, Robin, Sarah McLachlan, Life house and Kings of Leon. Mixing smoky textures of pop and rock, Merrill interprets everyday themes we all experience and translates them into a one-of-a-kind sound. For additional information on Heidi Merrill including all singles and music, please visit HeidiMerrill.com - Egyptian Man Magazine

Every week we love to introduce you to some new talented individuals. Well today to we’ve got a talented singer from the New York by the name of Heidi Merrill. Check out this FKN Exclusive with Heidi Merrill and see how she started out in the industry. Also check out her latest music video!!

Artist Name: Heidi Merrill
City/State: New York, NY
Website: www.heidimerrill.com

So tell us a little bit about yourself?

- I’m a small town girl from Nebraska living in a big city! And I love it here! I’ve traveled to many countries as a fashion model (you can leave that out! ) next time I travel around the world, I want it to be for music :)

What inspired you to start singing?

- My friends have been telling me for years that I should sing professionally but I was a bit stage shy! Finally I started working with an amazing vocal coach -Ilana Martin, founder of The Vocal Workout school-and she gave me the polished skills and confidence to get out there and start performing at venues around the city.

Were there any hard challenges you had to face in the industry?

- There are! Mostly I think that there is an over saturation of talent these days with social media, and the music industry is overwhelmed with singers such as myself trying to get noticed. I think having a great team behind you is key and I’m still putting mine together! Also I’ve heard to be careful of people taking advantage and just trying to make money for themselves, so it’s a slow process.

What ways have you found was the best way to promote yourself?

- I haven’t, please tell me! Haha. Until recently, I’ve been running everything myself which is very time consuming. Social media and playing out a lot have helped. I recently signed Blink pr to represent me, so I’m confident things will start to move faster. I recently performed on the Jimmy Lloyd Songwriter Showcase, affiliated with NBC, and that’s gotten some great traction. After Tyler Hilton’s booking agent saw that, he asked me if I’d be interested to open for him :)

What would be your most memorable moment while singing?

- Well a funny moment happened recently.. I got food poisoning and had to throw up 4 times before I went on stage! And had to run off once in the middle of the show! But I finished the set and the audience told me after they had no idea.. the show must go on!! -But also, getting to perform in front of my parents in my own element and not just in the choir was a very special moment for me.

Are there any goals that you would like to achieve?

- Besides having songs at the top of the charts? :) I’d love to tour the world and share my music with everyone! A goal that’s always in mind is having a song featured on a TV show or movie. Then it becomes real.

What can we expect from you in the future?

- I’m excited to open for Tyler Hilton and Anna Nalick in the upcoming months! I may also open for Howie Day, I’ll keep you posted on that one! And I’m writing some more upbeat stuff now!

Are there any upcoming albums you are releasing?

- There is always something in the works! Nothing set in stone for now. My single, “Cryin Wolf” recently went live on iTunes!

What do you think of FKN Famous?

- I think FKN Famous is an amazing place to get updates for music and trends! Great name too!! I’m following you on Instagram:)

Any last shout outs?

- Thanks to my friends who are my biggest supporters! You know who you are!! Much love! - FKN Famous Magazine

The Jimmy Lloyd Songwriter Showcase, Webster Hall and Heidi Merrill present Supernova: A Fashion and Music Industry Networking Event. The event will be held at Slake in New York City located at 251 West 30th Street on Thursday, August 21 at 6:00pm. Come and enjoy live music from Heidi Merrill, Marta Pacek, Lindsay Katt, The Veevees and The Blackfires. Tickets can be purchased on eventbrite.com.


Check out the EPK of Pop/Rock singer Heidi Merrill who is scheduled to perform at the event! - Music.Love.Harmony

Meet Heidi Merrill

Heidi Merrill is a talented singer who's vocals are fused with pop and rock. She has been inspired by artists such as Sarah Mclachan and Leona Lewis, but has a style that is all her own. The Nebraska native has called New York home for the past seven years and she performs at gigs around the city and elsewhere.

She sings with such passion and that passion is easily heard in her song "Feelings Gone", a song that bids farewell to a broken relationship. Her music video for the song is set in New York City and is truly captivating. It's no surprise that she radiates a beautiful presence on camera, --she's also a fashion model!

Her song "Faded" is about reminiscing on the faded love of a past relationship and has more of a fairytale and small town feel as seen in the music video.

Heidi exudes style, grace, and originality and it really comes across in her music. She likes to leave it up to the listener to make interpretations from her songs in order for them to relate the songs to their own experiences.

You can watch Heidi's music videos here and be sure to check out her website and follow her on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Souncloud. - Joonbug


Still working on that hot first release.



Nebraska native and current New York City resident, Pop/Country/Rock recording artist Heidi Merrill channels a city girl presence from her Cornhusker country roots. Heidi Merrill delivers a enrapturing and smokey texture, blending country with a silky Pop/Rock edge…”Rock Angel” is what you witness. Heidi Merrill’s new album “Home Grown” was released Oct 2, 2015 and is getting great traction as well as radio play in the mid-west.  Her single “Cornhusker Strong” is a fan favorite among fellow Nebraskans.   Merrill has been labeled the modern-day Annie Lennox that meets Stevie Nicks and Shania Twain, with the influence of a Pop, Country and Rock fusion. Heidi Merrill smothers the bare rock sounds of Kings of Leon and is motionless by the gut-wrenching range of Chris Cornell. Other influences include: Evanescence, Martina McBride, Sarah Mclachlan, and Lifehouse. Heidi Merrill has recently toured the entire east coast as an opening performer for headliners Howie Day, Tyler Hilton, and Anna Nalick.  A stand-out moment was her duet with Tyler Hilton at Subculture NYC of “When the Stars Go Blue,” made famous by Tyler’s television character on One Tree Hill. Since the release of her first EP “The Way I Feel” in 2012, Heidi  Merrill has matured rapidly as a singer-songwriter and continues to draw in a lion-share audience both at her live performances and in fan-base.
To date, Heidi Merrill has released new empowering music on her website, with songs like; “Feeling’s Gone”, “Feel Like Makin Love” “Wildfire” and the fan-favorites “Faded” and “Cryin Wolf”.

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