Heidi Emma Peach Browne

Heidi Emma Peach Browne

 Manchester, England, GBR

Heidi's catchy hook-lines&querky lyrics speak home truths- playing off the devil and the angel. Her songs evade a genre box whilst touching upon everything from pop, to folk, to reggae & swing. Whilst Heidi's voice has something of Sandy Denny & even the Chordettes, her sound is undeniably 'now'.


Heidi grew up in a musical household and though classically trained in violin and flute, she became drawn towards keyboards and guitar for self-expression. Now 25 and having lived, Heidi has written over 40 songs and played all around England and also in Paris where she spent a year studying art history. With influences including Jeff Buckley, Bob Dylan, Pj Harvey, Feist, Dolly Parton, Bob Marley and Joni Mitchell, Heidi has a sophisticated and varied sound, vascilating from the up-beat subversive 'waiting and hating' to the haunting 'This Wandering Heart.' Heidi is self-taught on guitar and has developed an idiosyncratic finger-picking style. Her lyrics are often cynical but poetically phrased and witty. She is a budding star on the Manchester music scene but is hoping to 'break America now.'


This Wandering Heart - Fuse Fm, BBC Radio Shropshire,
Nothing's Ever Simple - BBC radio Shropshire
Just Us Two - BBC radio Shropshire
Under the Sun - Moorlands radio, LIVE on Radio Shropshire
Little Eyes
You make me smile - Radio Shropshire
G.I.R.L.F.R.I.E.N.D - Radio Shropshire
Table for One - Radio Shropshire, Fuse Fm
Leaving Town- This is the Cat - radio Cheshire
Number song - Live on Fuse fm
Tea song - live on fuse fm
Waiting and Hating - live on This is the Cat
Sorry's too late - Fuse FM, radio shropshire
Boy who doesn't care - BBC Radio Shropshire
Oh little bird
Lost in Grey
Fish out of Water
Let me walk away
What do you know?
Cheese Dreams - Live on Radio Shropshire
Black Tears
No More Waiting
Eleven or One
Fall from Grace

Set List

This Wandering Heart
Leaving Town
Number Song
Under The Sun
Waiting and Hating
Fall From Grace
Let me walk away
Just us Two
Nothing's Ever Simple
You make me smile