Heidi Happy

Heidi Happy


Once Heidi Happy sings, she gets rid of everything that bothers her heart. She wraps her warm voice in beautiful melodies, adds a minimal set of tones from her guitar, sweet choirs from her loop station, and finds just the right balance between melancholy and humor while telling personal stories.


Heidi Happy grew up in a small village in Switzerland, in a home where one would stumble over musical instruments while singing "hello!" to a whistling parent who just got home from choir rehearsal.
After playing several instruments and singing in various choirs, she joined her first band when she was 16. She more and more started to write all the lyrics, melodies and later the arrangements, started up her own band projects, designed her own cd covers and directed her videoclips.

When Heidi Happy sings, it's obvious that all you hear comes directly from her heart. She tells her own stories, mostly on a melancholical bases. But her personality is so sprinkled with humor, and she has such a playful way of performing, that she somehow manages to give everybody present a warm and happy feeling.

Her songs are somewhere between alternative, pop and folk. On her last record "back together" she was mainly influenced by feist, ane brun and emiliana torrini.


2007: Album "Back Together", LJ-109
- Various tracks played on different radio stations in Switzerland, Germany and Austria
- Videoclip "Back Together" streamed on different TV stations in Switzerland and Germany.
- Best Lucerne Album 2007
- 2nd best Swiss Album 2007 (Swiss Top Finals 2007)

2008: 7'' Single "I think I'm in love, Fulltime running" , LJ-117

Set List

usually play two sets of 20- 30 minutes. The songs are all mine, no covers, a lot of short (2 - 3 min) songs.