Heidi Hensley and Holly Belle

Heidi Hensley and Holly Belle


A collaborative pair from the musical melting pot of Athens, Georgia, who fuse differing backgrounds and influences to create their own unique sound, ranging from mellow and melodic alternative to acoustic pop rock, what critics have called a mix of Ani DiFranco and Sarah McLachlan.


Heidi Hensley fuses an uncommon blend of modern rock and roll with alt-country and a nostalgic hint of the 80’s. This touring troubador has shared stages with the likes of the Indigo Girls, Angie Aparo, Jo Dee Messina, and more.

Heidi Hensley was donned a 2005 Critic’s Pick in the Nashville Scene. Michael McCall writes “This singer-songwriter from Athens, GA, pops up her melodic tunes with a peppy sound that's delightfully out of step with most modern rock. The anti-diva's mix of troubadour wordplay and kickin' guitar arrangements makes her a comfortable match with such disparate acts as alt-rocker Danielle Howle and country star Jo Dee Messina. Hensley's rich arrangements and warm-yet-girlish vocals also tie her to smart folk-rockers like Jill Sobule; just when you've got her pegged, though, she'll turn around and stomp out a crunching guitar break.” Don Alcott of Southeastern Performer states, “[Heidi’s] songs are a mix of light and dark, like a medium-brewed coffee, ready to drink.”

Heidi has recently teamed up with long time singer-songwriter Holly Belle to create what critics are calling an edgy mix of Ani DiFranco and Sarah McLachlan. Heidi and Holly fuse different musical styles, producing eclectic songs that transcend several genres, from pop rock to mellow alternative to indie folk.


Heidi Hensley - "I'm Alive" 2000
Heidi Hensley - "Heidi Hensley Band" 2002
Heidi Hensley - "Right About You" 2005
Heidi Hensley and Holly Belle - "Live at Eddie's Attic" 2006