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"Heidi Hibberd – Someone to keep an eye on"

"With the first listen of 'Stars + Streetlights' you will find yourself humming along and laughing out loud. Hibberd’s lyrical wit and humour are present in every song, as well as a familiarity that allows the listener to get inside Hibberd’s head and see the stories unfold… There is rawness behind Hibberd’s vocals and a maturity that belies her age, and these together with her brilliant lyrical ability will see Hibberd continue to do well. I don’t think I’m alone in anticipating the next few tales from her life and if you’re a fan of acoustic Australian storytelling then Heidi Hibberd is someone you should definitely keep an eye on." - Faster Louder Australia 2007

"Under The Radar"

IT WAS a case of sheer determination to take the next step, resulting in considerable lack of sleep, that saw Melbourne-based singer songwriter Heidi Hibberd bring her debut EP to fruition.

Where some people would opt to give up when a bevy of challenges were thrown in their direction, it seemed the harder the prospect, the more Heidi wanted to make it work. With a selection of songs and plans to head into the studio to record, it seemed the musical direction for the prolific lyricist was set…

The result is ‘Stars & Streetlights’, Heidi’s debut release and an EP that is honest, emotive, heartfelt and simple, yet complex, familiar, hopeful and impressive. Writing straight from the heart, from the depths of a time when she dwelt in depression, to the strength of her relationships and the joy of motherhood, the songs are intensely appealing. The instrumentation is rich, surprisingly so considering Heidi has no formal training – she taught herself – and can’t read music, and her vocals are unique and delightful.

It’s no surprise that a couple of years ago she won the Maldon Folk Festival Songwriters Contest for one of her compositions, nor that audiences fall instantly in love with her style.

There is a resilience and determination reflected in Heidi’s work that demonstrates not only her musical ability, but dedication to her craft. With her EP just out, the 25-year-old is already looking to the future and her next recording.

Stars & Streetlights is out now.
- Australian Musician Magazine

"Heidi Hibberd - Stars and Streetlights"

I’ve had the same song stuck in my head for over a week. Brushing my teeth, waiting for the bus, heck, even writing this review. The song is 'Lyndee I've Lost Your Number' from Heidi Hibberd’s strong debut EP Stars and Streetlights. A talented performer and gifted musician who taught herself to play guitar at age 13, Hibberd has had an eventful life, one of eight children who grew up all over Australia from the Sunshine Coast to WA, Sydney, NSW and Queensland. All these experiences obviously gave Hibberd lots to sing about and fittingly the album is full of beautifully crafted stories.

The album begins with the soft acoustic notes of 'Three a.m', an ode to watching the stars/from my street again. The soft acoustic chords perfectly encapsulates the peaceful morning hour, while Hibberd gently lulls the listener into her dreamy stories. Not only did Hibberd write the songs and play most of the instruments, but she also designed the album cover including the illustrations. This sort of artistic control has allowed her to sing from the heart with a raw honesty. Her songs are also refreshingly entertaining. 'In I Hope You Get Fired', Hibberd laments a summer romance that lost its appeal when he had to work back in the city. Hopefully she suggests maybe, sweetheart/you’ll get fired today.

Most of the songs on the EP are under three minutes; however the one song that pushes past the five minute mark is 'Lyndee I've Lost Your Number', a very catchy ditty that has Hibberd wondering what has become of a childhood friend that she has lost touch with: "Lyndee I have lost your number/since you moved into Toowoomba." It is a heartfelt song that allows Hibberd to weave her storytelling magic. For anyone that has wondered what happened to long-lost friends, this song will strike a chord, and the unfinished resolution leaves the possibility of a part two.

The success of this EP is due to the beautiful storytelling and the bare bones arrangement of an acoustic guitar and Hibberd’s sweet, lilting voice. In a similar vein to fellow songwriter Missy Higgins, Hibberd has a gift for storytelling. This is an honest, beautifully crafted EP that continues the Australian love of storytelling. An artist that can make you laugh and cry is something of a rarity today, but Hibberd strikes the right emotional chords as she weaves her enchanting stories.
- The Dwarf Australia


Stars + Streetlights
Heidi Hibberd 2007
(six track ep)

Fish Under a Tree
2007 Melbourne compilation cd
(two tracks by Heidi)

Inanimate Objects
2007 Australian film
(Soundtrack by Heidi Hibberd & Robyn Payne)

Heidi Hibberd
2005 Demo
(four track cd)



Heidi Hibberd has a lot to sing about.

One of eight kids who grew up around Australia,
She's lived in a funeral parlour,
Hitch-hiked 1500 miles (pregnant),
Taken her kit off in St Kilda,
And been briefly held as an assassin suspect somewhere off mainland China…

Australian singer-songwriter Heidi Hibberd has been labelled ‘someone to keep an eye on’. Firey and funny, Heidi’s award-winning acoustic songs and compelling performances have won the hearts of audiences around Australia. With ‘delightful’ vocals, fingerpicking guitar, and great stories, Heidi’s songs have been hailed by music judges as ‘clever,’ ‘beautiful’ and ‘fresh’. (Australian Musician/ Jaxter/ Roddy Read)

‘A talented performer and gifted songwriter,’ Heidi has been acclaimed both for her ‘bouncy acoustic melodies’, and also her ‘ability to tell a bloody good story’ (The Dwarf/ Faster Louder). A self taught musician of 15 years, Heidi has been performing for five years at Cabaret shows, cafes, markets, pubs, forums, and festivals from Yackandandah to the Woodford Big Top. Recent years have seen growing radio support for Heidi’s ‘poignant’ songs, along with an increasing reputation for heartfelt, ‘funny as hell’ performances that leave audiences laughing and crying. (89.9FM / Shelbyville.typepad.com)

Heidi performs both solo and in duet with acclaimed Australian accompanist and producer, Robyn Payne. Robyn has recorded and toured with Tommy Emmanuel, Tina Arena and many other world class acts. She performs with Heidi on back up vocals, guitar, mandolin, ukulele and percussion.

In 2007, Heidi Hibberd released her ‘beautifully crafted’ EP independent six track Stars + Streetlights to enthusiastic reviews and positive local radio response.

The songs, described as ‘intensely appealing’, (The Dwarf / Australian Musician), have since been included in a Melbourne compilation cd, a film and a short ad. Heidi’s songs tackle everything from motherhood to racism, life, death, work and love, with honesty and a ‘brilliant lyrical wit’ which is funny and poignant. (Faster Louder) As one reviewer put it, Heidi’s songs are ‘honest, emotive, heartfelt and simple, yet complex, hopeful and impressive…It's no wonder that audiences fall instantly in love with her.' (Australian Musician Magazine).

In 2005, Heidi received The Annual Roddy Read Songwriters prize, and was short-listed in the National Jaxter Awards. In 2006, she was selected to perform in Emerging Artist showcases at Woodford Folk Festival and The National Folk Festival. In 2007 Heidi received a Sachar Amos Song Award Finalist. Since then, Heidi has toured the South East Coast and Melbourne, and was recently invited to perform at the National Suicide Prevention Forum in Sydney.

Heidi is currently performing shows with her awarded accompanist Robyn Payne, and the pair will be releasing a second record in 2011.

"If you're a fan of acoustic Australian storytelling, then Heidi Hibberd is someone you should definitely keep an eye on"
(Faster Louder Australia 2007)