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The best kept secret in music


"The Cincinnati City Beat"

Cincinnati, OH
March 2004

Louisville-based singer/songwriter Heidi Howe is the kind of musician who puts her activism where her art is. A few years into her musical career, Howe decided to see what she could do to connect her passion for music with her concern for the environment. In 2002, Howe released a CD to raise awareness for the group, EarthSave International. A tour -- hooked up through connections with like-minded activists -- took the message and Howe's Americana-flavored Country/Folk/Bluegrass sound across the country (Howe's grassroots networking also led to an invitation to contribute a chapter to the book, Softly on This Earth, set for release later this year). Howe's advocacy continues with her freshly released CD, Give a Hootenanny!: Twangy Tunes About Lovin' the Earth, which was recorded with help from a grant from the Kentucky Arts Council. Though essentially a children's album, the CD-cover recommendation that it's "for ages 1-101" is spot-on, especially if you're keen on well-written, well-played Americana music. The album's theme shouldn't be too hard to infer from the album title. Howe, who vocally sounds like a mix between Neko Case and Victoria Williams, espouses the virtues of being eco-friendly in her playful, clever lyrics. Folk music has a rich tradition of playing to the kids, from Woody Guthrie's numerous kiddy ditties to "Puff the Magic Dragon" (um, assuming it's not about smoking weed), and Howe's Hootenanny! fits perfectly into that lineage. On the disc, Howe addresses alternative forms of transportation ("On My Bike"), positive self-image and healthy eating ("I Love My Body," "Good for You"), recycling ("Recycle Reuse Reduce") and other general earth concerns in terms that children will understand and in a way that won't have parents rolling their eyes (OK, maybe a little on "Good for You," which personifies doomed fruit like Anna Banana and Nate the Grape). Musically, Hootenanny! scurries through trickling Bluegrass, saucy Country Blues and straight-up, vintage C&W and Howe and her back-up band deliver with an organic grace and expertise. Howe shows herself to be a wonderful children's music creator, but a couple of songs on Hootenanny! dig a little deeper and should have listeners scrambling to venture deeper into her discography. Howe's songwriting strength is on full-display with "Just Like the Earth," a moving, dark ballad, and "You're It," a rich and rollicking song about love. Though "You're It" doesn't seem particularly geared towards the kiddy set, its "All You Need Is Love"-type theme is indicative of Howe's ability to write inclusively, without alienating anyone (except maybe Republicans). Her charm and musical command transcend age (and most other) boundaries. (Mike Breen)
- Mike Breen

"General Information"

Past Performances
Venues: Headliners Music Hall, Louisville, KY
Phoenix Hill Tavern, Louisville, KY
Jim Porter’s Good Time Emporium, Louisville, KY
The Kentucky Theater, Louisville, KY
Slugger field, Louisville, KY
Faulk Central Library, Austin, TX
North Village Library, Austin, TX
Twin Oaks Library, Austin, TX
Shelby County Community Theater, Shelbyville, KY
Momo's, Austin, TX
Mozart's, Austin, TX
Twice Told Coffeehouse, Louisville, KY
CATH Coffeehouse, Indianapolis, IN
Birdy’s, Indianapolis, IN
The Cellar, Bloomington, IN
RutaMaya Coffeehouse, Austin, TX
Gaby n’ Mo’s, Austin, TX
Charles and Myrtle’s Coffeehouse– Chattanooga, TN
BB Rover's, Austin, TX
Ross's Old Austin Cafe, Austin, TX
Mr. Spot’s Chai House, Seattle, WA
Kulture Klatsch, Boise, ID
Malaprop’s, Asheville, NC
The Ecopolitan, Minneapolis, MN
The Wallflower, Miami, FL
Sage’s Café, Salt Lake City, UT
Borders Books, Charleston, SC and Bloomington, IN

Festivals: Bluesky Jam Fest, Louisville, KY
Taste of Health, Louisville, KY
Alternation Festival, Louisville, KY
Compassionfest, Cincinnati, OH

Radio: Live Lunch, WFPK 91.9, Louisville, KY
Kentucky Homefront , Louisville, KY
Animal Voices, CFRO 102.7 FM, Vancouver, CA
WRVG 89.9, Georgetown, KY
96.4FM, Invercargill City, New Zealand
Radio Rucphen Fm, Netherlands

Television: Fox 41, Louisville, KY
Wave 3, Louisville, KY
Live At Mom’s, Louisville, KY
Mixed Media, Louisville, KY

Special Projects
Hosts weekly songwriter’s night, Heidi’s One Night Stand

Food Without a Face CD written and released as a benefit for EarthSave International, 2002

Food Without a Face song chosen to be theme song for Vegetarian Stew Radio Show in Grand Junction, CO, 2003

Chapter written for Canadian book Softly on this Earth, 2003

Shared Billing with……….
Billy Joe Shaver
The Be Good Tanyas
Kim Richey
Jerry Douglas
Sam Bush
Dan Bern
Paul Thorn

Awards Won
Finalist, WHAS Saturday Morning Superstar Contest, 2003

First Place, 2001 WAMZ Battle of the Bands

First Place, Best Original Act 1999 and 2000, LEO Reader’s Choice Awards

First Place, Best Country Band 1999, LEO Reader’s Choice Awards
- for Heidi Howe

"Press Quotes"

What folks are saying about Give a Hootenanny!........

“For lovers of country looking for records to bring to the little twangers in the household, this is a sweet find- not just stomachable to those less close to the very front end of that “1-101” age range claimed in the title, but kind of a kick on its own terms. ” - Barry Mazor, No Depression Magazine

“It is truly a delight to be introduced to such enlightened music.”
- Jennifer Reinfeld, Children of the Earth United

Heidi is a “real pistol”! - TV’s Rue McClanahan

“Howe shows herself to be a wonderful children's music creator. Her charm and musical command transcend age (and most other) boundaries.”- Mike Breen, The City Beat, Cincinnati, Ohio

“I enjoyed [Heidi's] unique voice and cool songs.”
- Dave Higgs, Bluegrass Breakdown, Nashville Public Radio

"Give A Hootenanny with Heidi Howe is a wildly refreshing
musical treat!" - Will Hale - Family Groove kids internet radio

“I love that twangy music!” “I'll be
playing more for sure!” - Hosts of The ChildrenÕs Hour, KUMN 89.9 FM, Albuquerque, NM

“I love it! It’s really good!”- Kathy O'Connell, Host, The Kids Corner, WXPN-FM, Philadelphia, PA

“You don’t have to buy into Howe’s ecological philosophy to enjoy her music, but by the end of the album you’ll be won over by her vivacity and spunk.” – Kory Wilcoxson, The Louisville Music News

“If you like your music with a Nashville feel, you will love Heidi Howe's first children's music release subtitled "Twangy Tunes About Lovin' the Earth." Favorite songs at our house include "On My Bike" and "Yo Mama." – Fred Koch, The Chicago Parent Magazine

What folks are saying about
A Real Piece of Work.......

“Howe’s songs are balanced with enough irony and downright sarcasm to keep things interesting………….her voice is reminiscent of Stacey Earle.”
-David Todoran, Whatzup, Columbia City, IN

“..on “A Real Piece of Work” she takes a positive evolutionary step with her signature integration of rockabilly stomp, country balladry and smart-ass attitude.”
- Kevin Gibson, Louisville Eccentric Observer

“I really like [Heidi’s] sound. Her... stuff should be on radio everywhere.”
-Roderick Harrington, El Dorado News-Times, El Dorado, AR

“Sweet, spirited and full of fantastic words…”
-David Lindquist, The Indianapolis Star, Indianapolis, IN

“Simply brilliant...great songs, great voice...in short, the bomb.”
-Tracey Guhl, KPFT, Houston, TX

Her songs are “...delivered with an ear for clever language and a nice sense of music history.”
-Jeffrey Lee Puckett, Courier –Journal, Louisville, KY

“Her lighthearted lyrics are brimming with popular culture.”
-Lindsay Riddell, Chattanooga Times/Free Press

“...the way Heidi belts out those songs is truly amazing! She has a ton of talent and enthusiasm.”
-Courtney Kelly, www.Vegetarianteen.com

Her “scalpel-sharp wit...disarms the pain and shoos the ghosts away.”
-Tim Roberts, Louisville Music News

"...a voice big enough to fill a stadium."
-Cheryl Chastine, Louisville Music News

- for Heidi Howe

"The Louisville Music News"

Heartbreak. We've all been there, sometimes more than once. It's as much a part of life as breathing and calls from telemarketers during dinner. The Woman Who Plays Upon the Red Guitar is back to remind us about it, but she also tells us that we have one weapon against it: wit, scalpel-sharp and ready to slice. Wit disarms the pain and shoos the ghosts away.
Most of the songs on A Real Piece of Work from Louisville's Heidi Howe are about heartbreak and dealing with the aftermath, but the wit in her lyrics offsets the pain, and a couple of other tracks remind us there are more things in life worth worrying about than people who are careless with love.
Howe's work is a reminder that we are more than the sum of our experiences and our mistakes. Sure, we're full of doubts, we ask silly questions of the cosmos. Still, somehow, we wobble through it all.
That's what makes each of us a real piece of work.

- Tim Roberts

"Children of the Earth United CD Review"

Article from “Children of the Earth United”
Give a Hootenanny !
Twangy Tunes About Lovin’ the Earth
For Ages 1 –101 CD by Heidi Howe
Article posted March 2004

(Ok, it’s not a book. But it’s so unbelievably good, I want this recommendation to reach as many people as possible.)
I wholeheartedly and enthusiastically recommend the album “Give a Hootenanny!” to every earth conscious kid, teacher, parent, grandparent, and anyone else between the ages of 1 – 101.
In Give a Hootenanny, Earth Consciousness meets Kentucky Bluegrass in a way that will knock your socks off !
First of all, the lyrics are amazing. With great clarity and sensitivity, Heidi Howe managed to write fun and upbeat songs that teach and bring awareness to honoring, appreciating and taking care of the planet, as well as the human body.
Brain-based learning research is continually proving the many benefits of music in learning. This cd is an outstanding testimony to that. The important messages about taking care of the earth are delivered so rhythmically that most listeners will find themselves singing them when they least expect it. The songs are full of so many great earth conscious phrases that will etch themselves into the memory of the listeners in a way that few classroom lessons could match.
The music, the beat, and the rhythm will have even the most skeptical person bopping around in no time. I have to admit, I have never been a fan of country music but Heidi Howe is forcing me to reexamine my beliefs. The lyrics have been beautifully married to outstanding Kentucky bluegrass sounds and rhythms. I can’t help bouncing around when I listen to the music. The music is really fun. This is a great album to enjoy in the classroom, at home or in the car - when you want to bring in a burst of energy. It is really good music to dance or jump around to.
Without a doubt, Heidi Howe has broken the mold of any musical genre that I have been exposed to. It is truly a delight to be introduced to such enlightened music. As an educator committed to helping raise awareness of the planet, it is so exciting to see someone offer such a wonderful creation.
The album is available on her web site – www.heidihowe.com. The cost is $10 and a portion of the profit goes to charity. At that price, I recommend buying as many as you can and giving them out as gifts !
Jennifer Reinfeld
Executive Director
Children of the Earth United

- Jennifer Reinfeld

"For High Resolution Photos"

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Nature of My Wrongs, released 1999
Dylan for Dollars, produced by WFPK, Louisville, KY 1999
Voices of Harvest Moon, produced by Cincinnati, OH Harvest Moon Benefit Show, 2001
A Real Piece of Work, released on Ear X-tacy Records 2001
Food Without a Face, released 2002
Give a Hootenanny!, released 2004


Feeling a bit camera shy


NOTE: For high resolution photos -www.heidihowe.com/promopics/index.htm

The Short Story:
Heidi Howe is a singer/ songwriter from Louisville, Kentucky, she's recorded three albums in the last five years, all infused with her signature integration of rockabilly stomp, country balladry and sassy attitude.
She currently hosts a songwriter showcase called "Heidi's One Night Stand" in Louisville. She’s won first place in the WAMZ Battle of the Bands contest and in the LEO Reader's Choice awards for Best Country Band. She's opened for Todd Snider, The Be Good Tanya's, Kim Richey, Paul Thorn, Jerry Douglas, Billy Joe Shaver and other nifty folks.
TV’s Rue McClanahan says Heidi is a “real pistol”, and Dave Higgs, host of Bluegrass Breakdown on Nashville Public Radio, says he enjoys Heidi's “unique voice and cool songs.” If you need more convincing, Tracey Guhl of KPFT in Houston, TX says that Heidi is “Simply brilliant...great songs, great voice...in short, the bomb.” Go to www.heidihowe.com and check her out for yo’self.
*Heidi also performs fun, educational programs for children and families. She conducts songwriting workshops for all ages and music workshops for children.

The Long Story:
It would’ve been nearly impossible for Louisville, Kentucky native Heidi Howe not to catch the music bug. Born in 1975 to an award winning music teacher and an ex–disc jockey, passion for music was instilled in her from the beginning of her life. While she learned much by singing in her mother’s church choir, her infatuation with performing really began while belting out Merle Haggard and Loretta Lynn tunes into the microphone her father had plugged into the stereo.
Howe began taking piano lessons as a young child mainly because her brother took lessons and she was envious. Eventually, she dropped the piano lessons and began studying with a vocal coach. She attended high school as a vocal music major at the Youth Performing Arts School in Louisville, KY. During her teen years, she taught herself how to play some chords on the guitar so that she could write songs. After high school graduation in 1993, she set out to become a star, just like everyone else in her high school class. It didn’t take long for Heidi to figure out that there is no such thing as overnight success.
She started from the bottom, playing open stages in the Louisville area. It was after one of these fifteen-minute performances that some women in the audience encouraged her to record a CD. Soon after that performance, Heidi recorded her first album Nature of My Wrongs and released the CD in February 1999. Dan Reed at WFPK in Louisville took a shining to the CD and put it into rotation at the popular local music station. The subsequent calls for interviews and performance requests came as a surprise to Heidi- she didn’t have a band or an audience! She quickly remedied that dilemma by forming a band, Heidi Howe and the Backseat Drivers. Heidi and her band played as often as they could, ultimately gaining fans and recognition within the local music scene. They received awards for Best Original Act and Best Country Band in 1999 in the Louisville Eccentric Observer’s Readers Choice Awards. Nature of My Wrongs, garnered praise for being both sassy and intelligent. Music critic Marty Rosen even picked it as one of the Top Ten Albums of 1999 (Courier-Journal Scene, 12/25/99).
In 2000, Ear X-tacy Records offered to assist Heidi with her next CD project. In March 2001, she released A Real Piece of Work on Ear X-tacy Records. It was immediately well received both regionally and nationally. Kevin Gibson (Louisville Eccentric Observer) wrote, “ On A Real Piece of Work, she takes a positive evolutionary step with her signature integration of rockabilly stomp, country balladry and smart- ass attitude.” Roderick Harrington (El Dorado News Times) proclaimed,” I really like Heidi’s sound. Her…stuff should be on radio everywhere.” “Sweet, spirited and full of fantastic words…” remarked David Lindquist (The Indianapolis Star). Tracey Guhl (KPFT, Houston, TX) enthusiastically said,” Simply brilliant…. great songs, great voice…. in short, the bomb.”
Heidi enjoyed the success of her sophomore CD, making television appearances, recording radio shows and performing on several compilation CDs. She and her band won the 2001 WAMZ Battle of the Bands in Louisville, KY. Yet, as an avid earth advocate, she started getting the itch to do something more with her music. In 2002, she worked with environmentally conscious folks across the country to plan and execute a national tour to promote a CD that she released to raise awareness for EarthSave International. As a result of her tour, she was asked to write a chapter for a book entitled Softly On This Earth scheduled to be published in Canada. Also, one of her original songs was chosen to be the theme song for the “Vegetarian Stew” radio show in Grand Junction, Colorado.
Heidi’s career shows no signs o