Heidi Little

Heidi Little


"Music that echoes the beauty and truth of the rising generation."


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Music that echoes the beauty and truth of the rising generation
Since I havn’t found anyone literarily gifted to write my biography for me, I attempt it myself.
It begins in 1999. When I began my first kick at a solo songwriting and touring career. These hatchlings would turn into a self titled EP. Five songs, produced, recorded and mastered under the mentorship of Jason Plumb, formerly of The Walton’s with juno awards and gold records for songwriting in his recent past. The first single Cowboy, was picked up by numerous television series, independent films and proceeded to sell a couple thousand copies with only Saskatchewan and British Columbia supports, while enjoying some commercial and independent radio airplay, I am still receiving calls from people who want to use Cowboy five years later. Shortly thereafter I began booking more of western Canada, playing major folk festivals, and opening for the likes of Holly McNarland, The Northern Pikes, the Sky Diggers, The Wild Strawberries, Bill Bourne and Jason Plumb and the Walton’s. All the while a documentary called “Karaoke Night at the Plains was airing nationally on CTV and CBC. It showcases my earlier work, and the beginnings of my budding musical career. This show has been airing continuously for two years nationally on CTV and CBC, and most recently SCN television. I would spend the next few years touring, writing, obtaining my theatre performance B.F.A and writing some more. The best of these songs ended up being recorded and supported by CBC radio for there Gallery series, Christmas 2003 and has aired nationally as a whole program three times since. The CD is titled Live In A Shu Box. “A beautiful spiritual empowering and uplifting piece of work, I love every song” Susie B at 91.3 FM Tucson, AZ Radio. A record that showcases my love for vocal style and ability, coupled with my breadth and width as a pop/folk/rock songwriter. Since its release in February 2003, I have toured three countries. Mexico was the start of this tour and would spawn a new round of songs for the next Heidi Little record to be released for 2005, within two weeks in Mexico I had performed live on three television programs complete with a translator, You said was being played on five radio stations in the upper populated regions of Mexico and seven hundred copies of the disc were sold. What would follow that would be an eighteen date independent solo tour of a variety of venues throughout Texas, Arizona and California, in support of Live in a Shu Box and my new material. The web site of Heidi Little has gone up sixteen hundred hits since July. Radio stations across the US, Mexico, England, and Canada are playing various tracks. I recently returned to Regina to prepare for a showcase at the Blue Bird Café in Nashville TN. That ended up being supported by Saskatchewan Recording Industry Association and the Government of Saskatchewan. Currently I am in the pre production process for my next release, and preparing a band for various festivals in the spring/summer for 2005. The songwriting circuit has proven successful as of recently with "ANGEL" coming in 3rd runner up in the Windrift International Songwriting Contest, and a Regional win with "Movin On" off of the new record that came with a chance at a National win in Toronto for Canadian Music Week/Rock 94.5FM March 2-5. A music video is in the development stages for the new track off the upcoming record called “Movin On”. This will be released in March 05. Currently I am involved in a radio campaign for the US and Canada. And a one hour timeslot on the Artmusic Coffeehouses web site out of New Jersey was a prize from a songwriting contest that has spawned the planning stages of an Atlantic side tour to surround that slot. Headed back to rock the US of A for the Spring 2005. For booking information contact Heidi Little at littleheidiband@hotmail.com and check out the web site at www.HeidiLittle.com Looking forward to a great new year of music and people. PEACE.



Written By: Heidi Little

I"ve been thinking lately
we could use a little time.
Just a little something to expand
our minds
I been feeling blessed out
being hopeful and secure
just an open window or a door

Cause I wanna fly
And I will die trying

There is so much sorrow
and the pain inside of me
when I look to the tv or read a
trashy magazine
Beauty all around me in the
people that I meet
everyone is just ramming and
wishing to be free
They fly...fly...
and they will die trying

Don't look up now
the sky is gonna
If you do not remain in
total control
to fly fly
and we fly fly
I wanna fly and I will die
trying whoa fly

copyright Heidi Little 2004

Movin On

Written By: Heidi Little

I sat down to write you
a love letter
but the words were wasted
on the paper
I had to get out now or
I might loose my mind
I did not know where I
was heading with this
train of thought I was
one statement kept ringing
in my mind

got to get away got to get away I'm movin on

Ended up somewhere in Mexico
but the pace there was hellishly slow I freed my heart and mind
and it was time to go

So I
drove my ass to HollyWood thought for sure I would find something good but Life is what you make it so I made it this time
Got to get away got to get away I'm movin on

Well alright now YOu have caught
the energy
Free your soul and set your dancing
spirit free
You feel alive and listen to the beat
and even then you may still loose your mind

Got to get away got to get away
I'm movin on

Well alright now you have caught the energy
Free your souls and set your dancing spirit free
You feel alive and listen to the beat and even then you may still loose your mind

Got to get away got to get a way I'm movin
Got to get away got to get away I'm movin
Got to get away got to get away
I'm movin on
I'm movin on I'm movin on I'm movin on...

Copyright Heidi Little 2004


Written By: Heidi Little

The closer you get
The further you are
If anyone should know
How or when to start
And all through the world
I've travelled near and far
Until I find a way
of knowing where you are

And when to live
And when to try

Everywhere I go
I like what I see
Everyone I know
Is making a fool of me

And when to live
And when to try

The closer you get
love has shown me
everyday I'm trying
not to leave me
Everyday I know
that you'll stay
Until I find a way, Until I find a way
that you'll stay

Copyright Heidi Little 2000


2001-EP-Heidi Little
2001 Single Release: Cowboy
2003-LP-Live in a Shu Box
2003-Single Release: You Said/The Way
2004-Single Release: Movin
2005-Dreams of Grandeur (coming this fall)
2005-LP-Dreams of Grandeur

Set List

I start off with a bang. Followed by a caress. Throw in a couple heartracers, and then break into the goods, followed by an increase in the goods to a swelling, wave crashing crecendo.
Sets from one song to thirty songs.