Heidi Neeley

Heidi Neeley


My heart and soul is worship music. Through trials and tribulations God has restored passion for his name through music in my life. I am honored and blessed to declare who he is and what he doing. I want to sing all the days of my life.


I am the worship leader at this amazing church, which i grew up in 15 years ago. I am 28 years old and have been leading for almost 2 years. God has awakened my soul and the only way i can express myself is to declare praise and worship to my God. My influences in music are Klause Khune from Christ for the Nations, Kari Jobe, Holly and Aaron Snell my sister and her husband whom are also worship leaders in TX., and Hillsong. I'm not sure what sets me apart, but from the heart my music is strictly for the glory of God and my joy.


So Beautiful

Written By: Elizabeth Clark, Klaus Kuehn

Verse 1
You are so beautiful
There is none that compares to You
Who can take my brokenness
And make something new
Only You

Chorus 1
You're beautiful to me
You will be my song for all eternity
You're overtaking every part of me
You're beautiful to me

Verse 2
Merciful Father
There is none that compares to You
Who can take my bitterness
And make something sweet
Only You

Misc 1
I am left in awe of You

Set List

Mighty to Save
Revelation Song
Sing to the King
Beautiful One
So Beautiful
20-25min. long total