Heidi Pollyea

Heidi Pollyea

 Clarkston, Georgia, USA
BandAmericanaAdult Contemporary

I think I like the term "funky-folk" a lot better than "folk/rock" My songs are a mix of ballads and upbeat tunes that I love for folks to sing or dance along to. ~At the very least, I hope that my stories help the listener savor their stories and that we share many of them along the way.


I'm a study in dichotomy- a Chicago born gal who migrated to the South, a jazz trained tree hugger, an introspective extrovert. My greatest adventure was giving up a rewarding school teaching job to live in a musician's loft with five guys and my German Shepherd. It's obvious my yin and yang require equal time and attention.

My influences range from soul searching singer/songwriters like Karla Bonoff, James Taylor and Shawn Colvin to soulful artists like Aretha Franklin and Michael McDonald. I think it is the blending of sophisticated and funky gospel/jazz keyboards combined with the more down-home vocals and guitars that defines my particular style.

My story includes songwriting,performing,nature and dogs~not necessarily in that order. I love to create anywhere~ but the recording studio's gotta be one of the best places on earth.

I'm looking forward to a life that includes love and friendship, travel and discovery, but always with lots of music making throughout .


What a Woman Needs

Written By: Heidi Pollyea

We need warm looks -
Right into our eyes.

Good Lovin' almost every night
We need you to ask us -
Baby how was your day

And then really listen-
To what we have to say

~What a woman needs
Oh.. what a woman needs

Vs. 2
We need hot coffee,
In the early mornin' rain
We need you to help us~
When we are in pain.

Baby make love to us-
Like there isn't any shame..
In showin' us your feelings or
Calling out our name...

What a woman needs...
Oh.. what a woman needs

We'd watch a bit more football,
If you'd only hold our hand
Try to include us-
Help us understand
You know we wanna please you~
But it's also very true
That is Momma she aint' happy-
Ain't nobody gonna be happy too

What a woman needs...
Oh.. what a woman needs

We need good conversation, Something more than just a grunt.
And tho you might like the chase~
We do not enjoy the hunt

So keep your eyes from driftin'
To the latest 'perky pair'
When she serves you at the cafe
Can you at least try not to stare??

What a woman needs...
Oh.. what a woman needs

(Bridge 2)
It's not that we don't love you~
Or the make-up of a man
It's clear that we're made different,
And it's all part of the plan
I know women aren't perfect~
There's some slight things we do wrong..
But if you wanna tell us
You'll have to write it in your own
Damm song!

What a woman needs...
Oh~ what a woman needs

Oh~ what a woman needs...
Oh~what a woman needs.

Devil Down

Written By: Heidi Pollyea

Run the river - run that water
Rocky river - wiley water
Ain't no way around - gonna
Take that devil down...

Ride the river - ride that water
Rageful river - blows blackwater
Gonna break her down -
Gonna ride that pony round

She got my paddle in her rapids
She got my bottle down her jaw
She got my sandwich in her stomach
This damn river don't get nothin' more
You know she'd like to take me under
- I gotta fight to stay on top
I think she likes it kinda kinky
Can't do nothin' to make her stop

Ain't no way around, gotta take that devil
Gonna take her down - ride that pony
Rider her to the ground, gonna
Take that devil down....


I have released a full length CD called Best (0f) Friends as well as a CD single called Shelter that was recorded and used to raise awareness of animals in need during a disaster.

Set List

My set list depends of course on the venue and setting of each performance. If it is a coffeehouse or listening room I will include mostly original music. If it is a festival or a more party oriented occasion, I do include some covers.

My sets are typically from 40 to 80 minutes.

Here is a semi-typical set list that includes both original and cover material. Covers indicated with an asterisk *

Grace, Touch It, Avenue, Ode To Billy Jo*, What a Woman Needs, Devil Down, Pick a Lane, Red Neck Lover, Worlds Apart, Lo and Behold*, Earth Move*, Love The One You're With*, Home