Heidi Pollyea

Heidi Pollyea


jazz/gospel influenced pop/rock i.e. "funky folk". i am a singer/songwriter influenced by artists like James Taylor, Shawn Colvin, Aretha Franklin and Michael McDonald. I play keys and guitar and love to interact with audiences, hoping that they feel like welcome guests at my "party".


I was raised in the Chicago area where cousins with guitars would sing round my piano. I went to college at Indiana University where I received extensive jazz piano training. Post college I moved to Los Angeles where I became certified to teach music, became a music director for a beautiful little church there and also fell in with some very talented gospel musicians who took me, a young white girl on some crazy and wonderful tours. After that I moved to Miami where more jazz training was infused with the local culture, adding some latin flare to my style repertoire. About this time I picked the guitar back up and got deeper into songwriting. That precipitated a move back closer to the heartland- well the southern heartland that is, as I found a core of Americana players in the Atlanta area that jammed nightly near the funky Little Five Points district. Now I put all of those influences together and look forward to the experiences I hope will take me and my music even further, allowing me to continue to share my life and my craft with fascinating friends old and new.


Sleep Well Tonight

Written By: Heidi Pollyea

Close your eyes little darlin one
Sleep Well Tonight
Knowing you've made my fears fade away- my burdens light

We'd laugh and play - then down we'd Lay- i'm here to say - i'll still be walkin With you everyday

Be at peace, little darlin one
Sleep well tonight.
Go and put on your new set of wings
And take to flight.

I feel your breath.. so steady still-
A journey deep - a path fulfilled

In dreams, we'll meet. And while
You sleep. I'll keep you near-
I'm always here with you.

Our hearts are tied - on either side
My child you'll see - you always be my boy... you'll be my boy

Oh.. children - it's just a shot away..
It's just a shot away (repeat )

You'll be my ....boy.

(If) It's Yours You Can Touch It (justin's pre final mix)

Written By: Heidi Pollyea

When i was no bigger than a guppy
My mama gave me a brand new puppy
When my brother saw it, you know he
Wanted him too. Though i longed to
Pet that puppy doggy, what could i do?

By the time he was ten, by bro was
Big for his age - nearly 300 lbs of
Neanderthal rage.
"You take the dog" i screamed -
Just please don't clobber me. Too bad
Nobody told me this phrase- and that's

(If) It's yours you can touch it (3x)
If its yours you can touch it - and You won't go blind

Some years later when i went off to School-they taught us bout manners
And the golden rule. We were not
To invade anyone's personal space-
Like pullin a pigtail was federal case

Pokin and pinchin were off limits too
So i figured that left only one
Affirmative rule & that's if (chorus)

Now all these years later i still work On my skills - i practice clean living
And abstain from cheap thrills.

I took up social dancin just to meeta
nice girl & then 1 day i met someone Who rocked my whole world

I watched as her hands glided from Her hips to her face. Caressing her
Sweet body all over the place

She said: (chorus)

If it's yours you can touch it
If it's yours you can touch it
If it's yours you can touch it..

and you won't go blind

you won't go blind (if it's yours etc)

repeat til last time: (If) It's Yours You Can Touch It !~

The Longest Morning

Written By: Heidi Pollyea

I spent the longest mornin waitin for You my baby. Waitin for you baby
Just to come on home. We were the
Best of friends - anyone could see~
I couldn't understand why you'd
Go off alone.

I'd wanted for so long to bring you
To this place. A place of love and Laughter and song...
Of campfires and swimmin holes -
Walkin trails and waterfalls.
Of good times and friends to tag along

We were the best friends.
We were the best friends.

I spent the longest mornin waitin
For you my baby
Waitin for you baby just to
Come on home. Went looking
Through back roads adn creek holes
And lovely green spaces~with
Sunlit moss and butterflies i wish
You could see...

But i guess you found those places On your own my son~
And you sensed it from the
Moment you laid eyes~
A purpose i didn't know- you were
Quite ready for but i guess you
Know how much i hate goodbyes

I spent the longest mornin dreamin
Bout you my baby, and just
Beginning to understand this was
Your plan~ Saw you take the
Highest road - just beyond my reach
In silhouette against the summer Sky~ You were walkin towards
The sun your held held high..

We were the best friends
We were the best friends
We were the best friends...

We were the best friends.


I have a CD single featuring my original song "Shelter" that is sold to help spread awareness about animal care during disasters and create donations for the national organization Dogs Deserve Better (www.dogsdeservebetter.com) Since animals (especially dogs!) are very dear to me, I plan to stay involved with animal welfare as I continue my music career.

I also have a full length CD that features 10 original songs and two cover songs to be released July 13th 2008 called Best (of) Friends

Set List

Red Neck Lover, (If) It's Yours You Can Touch It, Longest Mornin', Out On The Avenue, Grace, What a Woman Needs, Whaddya Gonna Do?, Pick a Lane, Devil Down, Sleep Well Tonight, Love the One You're With (kind of a Doobie Bros meets Stephan Stills version) and Home (as I am deeply influenced by it's writer Karla Bonoff) I continually add new originals and/or originally done "covers" to my set list.