Heidi Schwartz

Heidi Schwartz


After 2 years of touring with just a guitar and crafting a powerful new album Firefighter, Heidi Schwartz is ready to share her musical journey on life’s emotional roller coaster.


A Fiery-spirit, Heidi Schwartz expresses pain and passion on her poignant debut record Firefighter. Heidi uniquely melds visual art with musical art as she creates an image for each song. This allows the listener to feel it both sonically and visually. With color and sound, Firefighter represents fighting the pain and the shameful things in the past in hopes of change. Like Heidi says in her lyrics on the title track, “I don’t know how I will ever let it go, I don’t know when the red will not show, ashes of the past linger damage I can no longer mask.” She continues with, “Fight for love that will put out the flames, be a shield when the sparks start up my pain.”

Firefighter is a highly personal record. Heidi deals lyrically with the skeletons in her closet from growing up with an unstable father and distorted family life. “I think it’s been a process for me, seeing what’s real and not real and not just sweep it under the rug,” says the singer-songwriter. This record helped her deal with it, mourn it and move on. “Art is a place to be honest about these ugly emotions that people don’t want to acknowledge. It’s a safe place to put it. It’s the ultimate metamorphosis to make ugly things beautiful.” And that’s exactly what she does on her brilliant debut.

After a grueling, yet productive 2 years playing her guitar on the road, the singer/songwriter returned to her home in Nashville to record her first full-length album. She recorded her heartfelt debut with producer Tres Sasser and acclaimed engineer David Henry. The result is a musical journey on life’s emotional roller coaster, beautifully capturing the depths of despair on the ambient “Great Depression” and the strength of restoration on the spirit-filled “Falling Down.” Heidi poured her soul into this record and delivers a full listening experience.

Each song on this record is a painting, but not just in the listener’s head. Heidi actually created a visual work representing each song. As an artist she is a songwriter, singer and painter. She combines all of her talents as she sees them as a whole. In her paintings, lyrics from the songs whirl through the work combining the visual art with her sonic landscapes. It’s a moving experience to listen to the songs and then see the paintings that they inspire. The artwork opens a different door into each song, expanding the album into a cinematic experience. Heidi explains why she merges the two arts, “I think very visually when I write. The illustrated lyrics help me compose the melodies. They fuel each other.” Firefighter confronts pain with passion and leaves one with a sense of hope in the midst of the angry flames of the human endeavor. For a closer look at this extraordinary artist visit her official website at www.heidischwartz.com.



Written By: Heidi Schwartz (Copyright, 2006 ASCAP)

You're my addiction baby
That I can't deny
Sucking me so dam dry
But I still drink your wine

My drug of fiction baby
I take you to make me high
I play make believe pretend
That you're my peter pan

Need an injection baby
Please don't deny
Don't leave me lying on the floor
Crying myself to sleep tonight

You're my addiction baby
I need your high
Don't have the strength to make it
No matter how hard I try
So deeply I crave it
Just give me one more line
You're my addiction baby

Your holy affection baby
Like drinking sweet sweet wine
Do things I can't mention
That keep my up all night

You're my religion baby
I believe and don't know why
Don't ask, don't tell, sittin in the pew
Be quiet and fly blind


I need I crave I plead a compulsion
I need a hit to fix me up right
So I lay in this bed of confession
I'll unmake unmake until I die
Naked and raw with our addiction
I wanna escape escapeᅠ & oh I


Falling Down

Written By: Heidi Schwartz (Copyright, 2006 ASCAP)

Tired of tripping
over my own feet
It’s time I put a bandage on
both of my knees
And pick myself up
from the black and blue falls
I gotta keep going if I
walk, run or crawl

Cause when the walks crumble
Just a mix and match of fumbles
All alone in my why’s
I let tears run dry
Its pieces of the puzzle
That I twist and wrestle
That trip to the ground
But it just falling down
Falling down
Falling down

Tried of hearing doubts
A head full of voices
It’s time I turn the switch
And turn off the noise
Been paralyzing myself
Before I even start
Traveling the hard way
Well it’s so long and far

For Dad (At the Bottom of the Ocean)

Written By: Heidi Schwartz (Copyright, 2006 ASCAP)

When I was a child
You lied to
When I was young
You left me
You told me the world
Then showed me the world
Was not okay
Begging for attention
but you lines were at stake

it’s a hard life
waiting at the bottom
it’s a hard life til we see
somebody gotta come, make it, break it, take it oh all the way
but it’s a hard life til we see

I’m still a child
Stuck inside me
Still crying
Alone and lonely
And I’m still nothing
Thought being grown
Would take it all away
Been waitin on love
But I’m still waiting to see that day

Traveling down the road
Yeah you told me
That life would get cold
Yeah you showed me
But I’m still waiting
On my four leaf clover to come
Until then I’ll remain undone
I’m undone


Firefighter - Heidi Schwartz

Set List

Prison Cell (ep)
I Carry Around (guilt and shame)
Pray for Rain
For Dad (at the bottom of the ocean)
Red Cross
Over and Over Again
Time after Time (cover)
Wild Heart
Wanna Come Back Down

Night Lite