Heiko Nephilim

Heiko Nephilim

 Knoxville, Tennessee, USA

Super energetic and aggressive BASS-LOADED beats!!!


Heiko Nephilim Productions was started when Heiko began producing industrial tracks in early 2008 for his solo project Nephilim.
After that he joined with Traumlust to play synths and produce industrial metal on the side in late 2008.
Up to this date, he has produced many tracks in the: (genres)

- Industrial*
- Aggrotech*
- EBM*
- Drum n' Bass*
- Dubstep*
- Electro*
- Hardstyle
- Metal*

(*) Styles currently played.

.. and is still looking to be signed.

Currently producing full time for Nephilim:
[ Industrial / Aggro / EBM / Dn'B / Dub / Electro ]

And full time side project Traumlust:
[ Industrial / Metal ]


-"Hear and Ow" EP