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Heiruspecs is emcees over instruments over undershirts. The city of St. Paul declared December 22, 2007 Heiruspecs day, but for us, it's everyday.


As decreed by the Mayor of St. Paul, Christopher B.
Coleman, Saturday December 22, 2007 was officially
Heiruspecs Day. Heiruspecs celebrated by playing two
sold out Ten Year Anniversary shows in St. Paul and releasing
a limited edition full length disc with out of print
or unreleased songs and five brand new songs, titled
“Ten Years Strong”. After the merch got counted and the
openers got paid Heiruspecs, and a group of their close
friends, walked the half block back to their rehearsal
space, shared a couple high fives, drank champagne and
celebrated ten years of Heiruspecs. Upon finishing his
second glass of champagne the mayor of St. Paul leaned
over to Heiruspecs and handed them a biography of Heiruspecs
and a briefcase brimming with pardons for unpaid
parking tickets. It goes like this:
Heiruspecs started in 1997 at St. Paul Central High School.
The founding emcee of the group, Felix, had been honing
his freestyle skills in turntable based settings when he
found an unlikely partner in the form of aspiring bassist,
Sean ‘Twinkie Jiggles” McPherson. The duo improvised
music with a rotating cast of emcees and other musicians
four days a week in Central’s recording program and
cheated on theory tests every Friday. After a year of great
freestyle sessions and mediocre grades the nascent group
put together a full band and started booking shows and
writing songs. Heiruspecs was welcomed into the thriving
Twin Cities hip-hop scene and were performing in nightclubs
long before they were drinking in them. Heiruspecs
released the tape “Live From the Studio” to high-schoolesque
acclaim. Their status as successful high school
musicians making no money cemented their faith in not
going to college and seeing how the rap life style would
work out. It worked out pretty well, as it turned out.
Heiruspecs hit the road in 2002 with the second pressing
of a thousand copies of their new record, “Small Steps”,
in the back of the trailer hooked to mom’s minivan. The
record got Heiruspecs some good national press and
people were coming to shows around the country. Heiruspecs
also became the solution to the sick, drunk, late,
broken equipment-having or otherwise occupied DJ. The
band played as a backup band for many of underground
hip-hop’s up and comers including Atmosphere, Aesop
Rock, Sage Francis and The Typical Cats. The group is
featured on Atmosphere’s Live album “Sad Clown Bad
Dub 3” and the Typical Cats/Oddjobs record “Live at
Bryant-Lake Bowl”.
As Heiruspecs continued to tour they solidified their
lineup. Felix on vocals, Muad’dib on vocals and beatbox,
dVRG on keyboards, Sean ‘Twinkie Jiggles’ McPherson on
bass and Peter Leggett on drums. Recently, Heiruspecs
has also welcomed back their on again/off again guitar
player, Josh Peterson, into the permanent “on again” position.
Heiruspecs caught the attention of Razor and Tie records
and in September of 2004 they released A Tiger Dancing.
The record brought Heiruspecs national press and tours
opening for Cake, Lyrics Born, Tre Hardson (Pharcyde)
and Ja Rule. Yes, Ja Rule. Heiruspecs put 130,000 miles
on the E-350 before they flipped their van over outside
of icy Fargo, North Dakota. The band walked away from
the accident and took a much-needed break from selling
t-shirts and losing guitar stands. Heiruspecs retreated
to the frozen Minnesota tundra to get involved in sideprojects,
paying rent, college, cooking, traveling and
weekend touring. The time off from full-time touring
helped Heiruspecs expand their musical and personal
horizons and aided in them not killing each other.
Move forward to 2009 and Heiruspecs has released the
best record of their career. The self-titled, self-released
record came out on December 12, 2008 and the band
celebrated with a sold-out show at the legendary First
Avenue Nightclub in Minneapolis. Heiruspecs is currently
touring the Midwest in promotion of their new record.


1997 - Live From Studio Cassette (out of print)
1999 - Antidisestablishmetabolism - CD (out of print)
2002 - Small Steps CD
ft. Slug & P.O.S.
CD (placements on Roswell, over 10,000 sold, cmj charts in 2002)
2004 - A Tiger Dancing CD
released by Razor and Tie over 13,000 sold, CMJ charts, placement in Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle, Kare-11
2009 - Heiruspecs CD
Over 5,000 sold
placements on Diddy's Making the Band, Bobby Brown Behind the Music, Bryant Lake Bowl add, topped many critic polls for Album of the Year in Minnesota

Set List

All in All
Not You
A Tiger Dancing
et cetera
No bona fide covers 30 minute to 90 minute sets