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Sirah just uploaded a new joint to her myspace entitled “Day Job or Bust”.The song isn’t exactly new it’s off DJ Hoppa’s 2008 album “Network Networth “ that was released back in April. However, I’m sure it’s new to you. It features another rapper named LaZ from Pusher Price. Underground heads should enjoy it. -

Where & when did 5ek form & what is your music about.?
illz : I met laz back in high school. I’ve known him for about 7 years now. We used to puff blunts during lunch time cyphers(yes, on campus) and we both recognized each others talent and decided to make this 5 E K shit official,and we did. We’ve been going hard since early 2005.
As far as the music goes, we like to keep it fresh and just have fun man. You can’t please everybody so we just do our thing and hope somebody relates to it along the way.

LaZ As far as what our music is about, i think illz hit it on the head, we can’t please everybody. Just like we ain’t really digging any of that nerd rap or that trendy clothes hip-hop, I don’t blame someone for not relating to our music. We just do our thing, and you can’t really pigeon hole us because i think we appeal to a broad fan base of different people from different backgrounds. At the end of the day, we just bring
knocking beats, raw lyrics and a fresh delivery.

The track you guys did with Pumpkinhead is fresh… How did you guys make that collaboration happen.?
illz : We were working on our mix-tape project and we came across that beat. We reached out to Pumpkinhead sent him the beat, he laced his vocals and the finished product is a pretty dope track. Shout out to PH! Remix By Dibia$e will be available soon.

You guys dropped a mix tape last year. Any plans to drop a full album this year.?
LaZ: We got a lot on our plate right now, but we’re hungry so it’s time to eat. We don’t plan on dropping a full length Album this year but we have been teaming up with different producers from around the way and working on EP projects with all of them individually. After the mix-tape drops we’ll be set to drop an EP we’re finishing up with our dude DJ HOPPA from Broken Complex. Which will be followed by an EP entirely produced by the hommie Dirty Herrera. 2009 is the year our official Album.

How did you guys link up to the whole Chinky Eyed/ Pusher Price fam.?
illz: Basically , we were just doing our thing rocking shows locally. The hommie 501ER(what up hommie!)happened to be at one of those shows. They continued to support us and extended
an olive branch and now 5 E K is reppin that PUSHER PRICE CHINKY EYED.

Laz:We’re young, raw, hungry, stubborn, opinionated and most of all talented and at the end of the day i think real just recognized real. The support we get from ChinkyEyed and the Pusher Price family really helped us develop our business game and helped us take 5th El to a different level.

What do you guys have planned for 5ek for 08 & beyond.?
LaZ: I think 5EK is the future of L.A. hip-hop. We’re raw, hungry and don’t deal with bullshit.
In the near future there will be a flood of 5th El muzik in the streets and the internet. We plan to hit the scene hard with our mix-tapes and with continuous EP releases.The goal is to never slow down till the pockets are fat and we’re living comfortable. We just finished shooting a video to “Material Girl” and just started working on a video to “HASHBROWNS”(both songs are up on the myspace page). So be on the look out for those. The long awaited and much anticipated PUSHER PRICE album is a monster waiting to be released. And i don’t think anyone will be ready when we decided to drop the 5TH ELEMENT official Full length album early 09'. Right now, we’re grinding hard, but it’s all just preparation for end product.”L.A. IS GONNA RIOT WHEN OUR SHIT DROPS”


2007 - FILTH "Lost in the Fog"
2008 - DJ Hoppa's Network Networth Compilation album - "Day Job or Bust w/ Sirah" and "Never(5th Element)"

2008 - 5th Element (Smokin' Aces) "The International Mixtape Series Vol.1"




"The truth of the matter is that the music is dope and you'll recognize that if your dig raw hiphop." - LaZ