Heist at Hand

Heist at Hand


The Heist At Hand puts together a sound of prog-punk complexity. Filled with ambient noises that implements world percussion, electronica and piercing female vocals.


The story so far...
The Heist At Hand has been a band since 2001 with each person being the first or second replacement for the only original member, drummer Matt Valentin.

Influences, which include various sub-genres of Rock N Roll: Prog, Punk, Post-Punk and a mix of Mexican/Latin have given this official line-up its own rendition of "Proggresive-Indie-Punk-Rock N Roll." With a fast growing fan base heavily from all different parts of the great state of Texas, The Heist At Hand has self-booked, self promoted, self released their records all maintaining completely independent from labels and professional representation. "We never thought of the possibility of some person financially backing our band and really it's no problem. I always figured if you can’t invest in your own art, no one ever will. ”-MH "We hope to sell our records with or without help. Whatever has to be done. We've learned there are plenty of people who are intested in what we are doing. It's defiantly different." -BM.

In the fall of 2006 The Heist At Hand spent two month in Phoenix, AZ with producer/Eng. Bob Hoag recording what is to become the first The Heist At Hand full-length due out in 2007. "We can't wait for this record to come out" " It's very revealing!"-MV

With much touring planned for the rest of the year The Heist At Hand remains determined to play anywhere, wherever invited or allowed. “Our goal is to play the music. That’s why we are here.” -MP


LP-"[Live] KRTU San Antonio"
Label: Self Release Year: 2006

EP-"Escucha EP"
Label: Self Release Year: 2005

Compilation-"Zurr! Records Comp Vol.1"
Label: Zurr! Records Year: 2004

Set List

Typical set is up to 12-13 original songs. Complete 45-min set.