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A new evolution in hip-hop and rock emerges from the depths of New York City. The alternative hip-hop group HeistClick sets the stage with hardcore, intelligent rhymes; driven by intense, heart pounding beats... “GET WITH IT OR GET CRUSHED BY IT!”


Heist / ‘hist/ (1865) 1 slang: to lyrically commit armed robbery.
Click / ‘klik / (1581) 1 to succeed.

Their trademark: “No bullshit, No Gimmicks.” Their attitude: “We mean Business.” From the heart of hip-hop and the depths of rock-and-roll soul, the alternative hip-hop group known as HEISTCLICK brings you the next evolution in music. Alternative hip-hop refers to groups that refuse to conform to any of the traditional stereotypes of rap, such as gangsta, funk, bass, hardcore and party rap. Instead, HEISTCLICK blurs genres, drawing equally from a variety of musical influences. HEISTCLICK fuses heart pumping rock beats and hip-hop inspired lyrics to form their unique sound, appealing primarily to alternative music fans. The Bronx-based group is comprised of four emcees: MC CUTTA, COUNT BANKS, PETRO, and FRANK CASTLE a.k.a. FACEMAN representing the birthplace of hip-hop; and KILLAH B spinning wax for North Jersey. Together since June 2000 HEISTCLICK produced their first album SUPERPOWERS in 2002, and is currently working on their second official release. They manage and promote themselves, and create and own all of their music.
Since their inception, HEISTCLICK has been featured in “Word Up!” Magazine (April 04 and April ‘03), “Black Beat” (Aug. ’03), Da Rude (March/Apr. ’03), and The Bronx Times in numerous articles, to name a few. Their television and movie appearances include: The Grammy award winning Angels in America “HBO Special” (movie appearance), Public Access channel 67 “The Gary Axle Bank Show-Bronx Talk” “Live Interview” numerous times (Television), Channel 12 Bronx News “Interview” (Television), Urban Variety “Public Access” (Live performance) (Television). HEISTCLICK takes pride in their uncanny live show. The group has played most notable venues in the tri-state area including CBGB’s, Soul Café, Speed, CMJ Convention, and many others. They have performed with Sadat X from Brand Nubian, and opened for Rahzel at SUNY Plattsburgh Spring Fest. At Pocono’s Mountain Film Festival (PA) they performed for members of the cast of the Sopranos, Jack Palance, and Billy D. Williams. They have also performed at Club Med Cancun, St. Halifax Canada, and other venues in New Jersey and Florida.
In 2003 HEISTCLICK won a Jammy Award for “Best New Hip-Hop Group in NYC.” They are Artist of the Month 48+ months and running on www.Collegeartist.com. Their first single “High Noon” rose to the top of the charts on college radio, played on over 120 stations in rotation with the likes of Jay-Z, Maroon 5, and Jurassic 5. “High Noon” was also featured in two independent films: “Henry’s Heart” and “Mission Idiot.” HEISTCLICK is featured on over 30 websites including digital distribution with Best Buy, CD Baby, I-Tunes and 58 other commercial companies. They have merchandise distribution through www.CafePress.com, and their website www.heistclick.com receives over 20,000 hits a month; live videos and music updates of the group can be seen at www.myspace.com/heistclick.

HeistClick Accomplishments:

Music Distribution Through

Best Buy Online



The Dog house 92.3 free FM (JV & Elvis show)
the www.epicjams.com contest, twice!
Remote Lounge
Broadway Comedy Club
ABC Lounge
Hammerstien Ball Room
The Blue Room
Muzic Unlimited (5x)
Lowdown (2x)
Club Speed (3x)
Limelight (2x)
Down Time
Down Town Bar
P&G’s Bar and Grill
Mcgillicutty’s Bar and Restaurant (3x)
The Saint (NJ)
Orphan Annie’s (NJ)
Club Med (Mexico)
Lion’s Den
Soul Cafe(2x)
Club 1680 (2x)
Village Underground (2x)
The Point
Jerome Ave. Street Festival
Pelham Parkway Youth Concert
Dante’s Bar and Grill (FLA)
Pocono’s Mountain Film Festival (PA) (2x)
Club Mumbai (Ecko Sponsored Clothing for the Night)
CMJ Music Festival 03'
New Paltz University
Westchester Community College
Whisky Bar
New York Institute of Technology (women’s rites awareness) Central Islip campus
SUNY Plattsburgh Spring Fest (opening for Rahzel)
Queens Pride Fest (opening for India) 04', ‘06
New York City ‘STAGE FEST 04', ‘06
13 Little Devils (NYC)
Rally 4 Life…sponsored by The American Cancer society!
Rumors Bar
Music Unlimited
Brighton bar
The Living Room
NY Rock’s TV

Magazines/ News Papers/ Articles

Word Up! (April 04)(April 03,)
Black Beat (Aug.03)
Da Rude (March/Apr. 03)
Bronx Times (March, July, August, Sept. 03)
New Paltz Oracle (Dec. 03) (Aug./Sept 03)

Television and Movie Appearances and (Etc.)

The Grammy award winning, Angels in America “HBO Special"(movie appearance)
Public Access channel 67 “The Gary Axle Bank Show-Bronx Talk “Live Heist Interview"(Television) (4x)
Channel 68 (Heist Interview)
Channel 12 Bronx News “Heist Interview"(Television)
Urban Variety “Public Access"(Live performance) (Television)
Henry’s Heart featuring “High Noon"(Movie)
Mission Idiot featuring “High Noon"(Movie)



Written By: HeistClick



We’re the renegades castaways
Outlaws to the game like Thomas Paine was
They masquerade us who’s to blame us
Now I’m set to explode like a hand grenade does
No peace to cease the police to show peace
Unleash beef no relief PEACE!
Underneath the beast it lies dormant
Forced to use force taught to use caution
Tossed to the grind with the subliminal blinded
Like KRS One cuz I’m criminal minded
I run with soldiers amongst the vultures
Now you’re under control cuz ya do what they told ya
It’s the frontlines we’re livin the battle
Slowly I walk through the valley of shadow
And there’s no man that’s gonna keep me down
Said the thief to the king when he snatched the crown

We’re burnin down The Watch Tower
Plowman- Plowman dig my earth
We’re burnin down The Watch Tower
Plowman- Plowman dig my earth


How many stars need to fall before we learn
To burn the hype out and put your lights out
I’m sittin here thinking like who’s the wiser
Then act like Chuck D and fight the power
Who would’ve thought we’d rush the Watch Tower
Then shower the game with acid reign every hour
Devour the corporate politicians in office
They keep watchin you from satellites in orbit
So hold your breath now walk the frontline
The streets are a battlefield this war’s a gold mine
Sent to abuse you here to confuse you
Jokers strategically placed to amuse you
So tell me who knew these thieves would fool you
Too bad none of us act like we use to
We’re crazy now we heard the lie
I see said the blind man when they stole his sight

We’re burnin down The Watch Tower
Plowman- Plowman dig my earth
We’re burnin down The Watch Tower
Plowman- Plowman dig my earth


It’s like your runnin through a dream but you can’t run faster
But I come through to cut the strings of the puppet master
Break the chains Unleash the rage
Smash the padlocks and get out of the cage
Now we’re on the run and we can’t escape
It’s like everywhere you go you get caught on tape
The eyes are watchin they’re looking for you
We walk under the radar they took us for fools
They wanna beef up security and bring more heat
I pull an NWA man Fuck the Police
Now I’m the bad guy on top of the list
Getting followed by spies cuz the government’s pissed
Uncle Sam’s finger’s shakin like “no you don’t”
Holdin HeistClick down I know you won’t
It’s freedom of speech so I’m usin it well
There’s no heaven on earth so I’m bringin the hell

We’re burnin down The Watch Tower
Plowman- Plowman dig my earth
We’re burnin down The Watch Tower
Plowman- Plowman dig my earth

We’re burnin down The Watch Tower
Plowman- Plowman dig my earth
We’re burnin down The Watch Tower
Plowman- Plowman dig my earth


HydroClick: The Remixes (1999)
High Noon: Debut single (2003)
HEISTCLICK: The Remix LP (2005)
HEISTCLICK: We Mean Business (TBD)

Set List

HEISTCLICK'S high energy, Alternitive Hip Hip show, is a mix of all original Hip Hop tracks
as well as new remixes delivered on some of Hip Hop's most infamous beats.
A typical HEISTCLICK set ranges from:
15 min (3 songs), to 45 min, and if requested an hour +.
The show is ideal for entertaining a diverse audience, indoors or outside.
Our rates are negotiable according to venue, occasion and budget.

Original songs:
We Mean Business
Watch Tower
Here We Go
The Story
Jimmy Bizkit
Lose It
The Heist
The Mission
Suck My Click
Last Rites
High Noon
Verbal Chaos
How Ya Livin'
The Bitch Song
New Kinda Flava
Ten Years
Aint Got Nothin
Ghost Track
March Of The Land
We Got Madden

Remix Songs:
It's Over
2nd Chance
What's That Sound?
Gonna Give It To Ya!
Lose It
Didn't Know That
How I Love You
Bronx Graveyard
The Bronx
Sun Goes Down