HEKTOR RED is a stunning musical project by musician/producer Ed Bentley. "With infectiously smooth vocals singing cleverly crafted melodies through escapist lyrics, the music of Hektor Red can't help but impress"NME ... ! ...

Recording a debut EP with West London label Mi7 Records, called ''Golden Slumbers'', Hektor Red quickly gained the interest of music industry heavy weights, Ignition management (Oasis / Black Mountain) and 9PR (Santana).

As a side project, Hektor Red is also the lead guitarist in Adam Ficek of Babyshambles' group RKC. The band have just completed a Uk tour and are due to head out to Europe in March 2012.

Ed Bentley is also a producer at the Oxfordshire recording suit Grannyflat Studios. Here he has produced and composed music for TV and film.